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Think I got air in cervix from HP douche - what now? Worried...

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Hi there,


The chances of me getting pregnant this cycle are slim, but possible. I would be 3 dpo today.  Anyway I've recently realized that I've had an ongoing problem with Bacterial Vaginosis.  I didn't want to take antibiotics in case I do conceive/implant and get pregnant. For the longest time its just been a yellowish watery discharge which comes and goes and I feel stupid now for not knowing how long its been going on (my guess is 3 months) but finally a couple days ago I started noticing an odor. I was HORRIFIED and worried everyone could smell me!


I read up on hydrogen peroxide and water douching being extremely successful.  I think the last time I douched was like 10 years ago.  Well then I read somewhere that the only thing you DONT want is to get air in your cervix. I bought a reusable douche, sanitized it and last night in the shower did my first go round.  It's like a pink balloon with a screw on douche tip. I had no issues slowly douching the area. Went to bed and I cannot belive how quickly the odor vanished upon waking this morning! I was thrilled and I had read to do this morning and night for about a week with no sexual activity and to also put good bacteria up there during the day for a couple days to keep the good bacteria growing (have not actually done this part yet). Also taking garlic tablets along with my prenatal. 

ANY way...this morning I did it again but there was air in the balloon twice that made these gurgling air bubble noises and I would assume pushed air into my vagina and maybe cervix? I'm now worried about two things:

1) Why is it bad to get air up there and wouldn't it come back out say if you pooped or had to bear down a bit? What is teh danger of it getting trapped?

2) If I am implanting (because of course I'm crampy today!) have I done damage? What if the air bubbles happen again whilst I douche away this BV? Is it safe to do this during this next week? I'd rather clear up the infection now then be miserable and smelly...


Distressed Doucher!

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Oh my, that's quite a tale. 


I wouldn't worry too much about the air bubbles, as you'd have to push them in there pretty hard for them to get up into your cervix. 

I would think twice about douching. Most doctors don't recommend it anymore, as it can push bacteria further up into the vagina/cervix. There are antibiotics that are safe for pregnancy, and that is probably a better solution. You definitely don't want the BV to get out of hand while TTC or pregnant, as infection can mess with your fertility if it moves up into the uterus and tubes.


Good luck; I know this is a tricky problem that is chronic for a lot of women. I had a bout with it at the beginning of my pregnancy with my daughter, and my midwife prescribed antibiotics. They didn't cause a problem with the pregnancy.

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Yeah, I would not be too worried about the air in the vag issue, it happens during sex too, you'd probably feel it if it was there. There is a danger in someone blowing air in there because it can cause an embolism apparently.


Ditto pp on the douching. Everything I have read says it is bad for your ph balance and can make things worse. I had the same kind of infection last month and took baths with apple cider vinegar and topically applied coconut oil. It took about a week to clear up I think.

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Thanks ladies! 

I am honestly NOT a fan of douching but also a even bigger NON-fan of antibiotics. I must tell you - the BV is GONE. Not a hint of it.

My friends midwife had advised her to use the hydrogen peroxide douche method during her pregnancy because supposedly HP balances the ph also wiping out the bad bacteria but the normal good bacteria produce HP naturally.  Not sure if this is all proven information but I will say that I stopped douching Saturday eve and haven't had even the faintest slightest hint of fishy smell, yellow discharge, or ammonia like smell. Feels WAY more normal down there, whew! I'm hoping that its gone for good. 

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I'm glad it worked for you!

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