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Looks like the average doubling time for 25,000 range is 73.31 hours (but there is a very wide range )  http://www.betabase.info/showDoubling.php?type=Single

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Originally Posted by KelliHope View Post

It was 25,000 at 6wk2d and 36,000 at 6wk4d (I think those were the days). According to some internet chart, the #s are totally average, but I wasn't happy that they didn't double. She told me they don't need to double in 48hrs at this point, but that combined with no symptoms feels scary.

Well, those are much better than mine. 

5w5d (26DPO): 12,732

6w5d (33DPO): 26,821

It took almost a WEEK to double! I've read that it can take 4 or more days after the level gets above 6000, but it's still not encouraging!


I think you will get good news tomorrow.

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So I arrived at the ultrasound today completely convinced we wouldn't see anything but an empty sac. In fact, the tech turned the machine on and said, there's the sac. And I sighed, knowing I was right, it was empty. Then she says, and see that fluttering flicker? That's the heartbeat. WOAH I was so shocked! So, I guess this is just the best baby ever, leaving mommy alone and not making me sick!  Here's a pic of little Blobby ;-)

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Congrats KelliHope! I am SO very happy all is well with the little one! Now you can relax and enjoy it all. :)

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Yay! I knew you'd be all right!

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Yay! Congrats!
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.....and this morning I fought off puking during my son's preschool circle time, lol! I couldn't get home fast enough! Then I took a 2 hour nap while kids were in school instead of cleaning. Guess baby is going to get the best of me after all ;-)

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Yay for a great looking little one! Congrats mama!!

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with my daughter i had NO sickness! This time around i feel like i am getting sick for both pregnancies! started getting sick at 7 weeks, i am 10 now and still get sick regularly

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It really kicked in around 5.5 weeks this time, and feels like it is getting steadily worse.... I'm just 8 weeks today. 

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I had m/s for 1 whole day during my first pregnancy. Second time around I started m/s at about 7 weeks me feeling nauseas 24/7 plus puking a few times until about 8 months. This time it started at 5 weeks and has been getting slightly better already but peaking in the evening now.

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This is my 3rd pregnancy without ever experiencing morning sickness!  Its nothing to worry about if you don't have it, enjoy it! 

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