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What's different with a summer baby?

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My first was born during a cold September, and my second in February. And I realized, I don't have a clue what it's like to have a newborn in the summer. There are definitely some advantages, like using the sun to get rid of jaundice naturally (I've got an ABO thing going on so all my kids are jaundiced). It seems like snuggling would be hard since it's usually 90 degrees in my house. 


So for you moms out there who have done a summer kid, what's it like? Any special things we need to be prepared for?

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I think its the best time to have your babies in either the spring or summer, I just found that my son was so foldy he got quite sweaty, so I used a corn based natural baby powder to keep the humidity under control. Its also a fine line of keeping them covered but not too hot, having a nice assortment of lightweight gauzy cotton receiving blankets can be great to use either as a light weight blanket or tied on the stroller as a sun shade . Infinite uses! 

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I think the biggest difference is hot sweaty mom and baby.  Especially when baby wearing.  We don't have central air and only have a small window a/c in our bedroom.  I expect it to be quite uncomfortable.  We also have a small homestead that requires tons of outdoor work, so  babywearing is a necessity in order to get my everyday work done with a little.  Hot cars in parking lots after shopping, things like that to consider.  But it will be nice to have access to lots of soft sweet baby skin without lots of clothes to keep them warm.  (I have 3 sept. babies and 1 april baby)

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Thanks for posting this. My daughter was an October baby, so I've been wondering about this too. What do you dress your newborns in during the summer?

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ecnarwold......I bought cute summer outfits from my favorite stores. I personally love rompers so I got the terry cloth ones from baby Gap and others from Gymboree. A onesie and shorts works too. I really liked the ones where you could buy a sweatshirt or sweater too, they come in handy if you're out later at night, if you go somewhere air conditioned, or to make the outfit last into the fall a bit.


A Heads Up for anyone who is finding out the gender, usually at the beginning of January Gymboree runs a big red balloon sale and has lots of items $6.99 and under. I got full summer outfits (hat, romper, socks, accessories) for $3.99 and under per piece. Usually they have tons in newborn and 0-3 so even if you're waiting to find out, it's pretty reasonable to buy one of each! 


As for other things not mentioned, you might want a swimsuit to take cute pictures in :). Also, depending on your lifestyle and summer plans you may want a sun block that is safe for infants. Big floppy hats to cover baby's bald head while outside are nice too. 

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DH and I are SO HAPPY that we're having a summer baby! My first three were born October, November and December and it's SO HECTIC because it's during the holidays. I also don't know what to expect and I feel that everywhere I go in the car, I'll have to have the AC on and the windows down just to keep the baby cool and not over-heated.

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I think it will be difficult to keep the baby wrapped but not too warm, and trying to keep you both cool while breastfeeding.


On the positive side it's a much calmer time of year without it being near the holiday period, plus the weather will be lovely to go for gentle walks after the birth and just to sit outdoors without being cold. People seem in a better mood generally when the weather is good, so that should help us all in those first few weeks/months.


It will also be near to the school summer vacation period when my son will get to spend lots of time with the new baby as well :love

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A summer baby is just what I had hoped for. I love the summer so much and am happy I'll get the opportunity to spend a lot of it outside for once!


I plan to EC so I'm going to have a lot of baby naked time or baby just in a prefold. As for baby wearing I plan on using a cool pack on really hot days..something like this:



I love the idea of the big hat! 

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I am so happy to have another summer baby!  My dd was born in July and my youngest ds in August.  My oldest ds was born in October and that was terrible - just in time for the flu season.  My dh, ds and I all got the flu when he was just over 2 months old.  He slept in his swing because I was soooo sick and he needed to be upright.


June is perfect - summer months off from taking kids to school and doing homework with them.  Beautiful weather with pick nicks and beach visits.  My sister is a teacher and she will be off as well.  Looking forward to time with her and the kids!

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My first 2 are summer babies and my last 3 are winter babies.    I'm so excited for another summer baby.  IMO, it's so much easier.  There's no bundling.  We do a lot of cloth dipes and t-shirts.   Gauze wraps are nice and airy.     I love being able to go for walks without bundling.    I'm soooo happy that our last is a summer baby.

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Where I live summer is the time where you don't really want to be outside b/c it's so HOT! By the time June comes even the evenings are still hot. My oldest was born in July, and we didn't leave our air conditioned house for a couple of weeks. I am glad though that the kids will be out of school, so there is no need to rush around getting ready in the mornings. My DD wore lots of simple onesies and light muslin blankets are nice for swaddling.
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I love all the tips from experienced summer mamas! DS was born in late November, so I am looking forward to being able to go outside in the warmer months, showing off all those colorful diaper covers that were hidden, and lazy summer days this time around.

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DS was a June baby as well. We went outside all the time with his little bonnet hats. It was great taking him to the beach at only 2 months old to put his feet in the sand for the first time. I also loved being able to nurse and feel comfortable around the house in just a little strappy nightgown. I have nothing to compare it too, but I am really happy to have another summer baby.

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