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"Create Your Own Holiday Cards" Giveaway

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WE HAVE OUR WINNERs! Congratulations goes to Alaskanmomma, Anamaarie, and iansmommaya They each win a set of 24 greeting cards courtesy of Social Print Studio.


Thank you all for your lovely entries! It's always nice to see a bit of your creativity and a glimpse of your lives, interests, and families. A special thanks goes to our sponsor Social Print Studio for the wonderful prize.


Happy holidays everyone! :love



Printing your own personalized holiday cards shows your relatives and friends that you took the time to create something nice just for them, plus it allows you to show off your beautiful family - or the new addition to your family! We teamed up with our friends at Social Print Studio to bring you this fun little giveaway, just in time for this year’s holidays.





Three lucky participants will be randomly selected to win a set of 24 greeting cards courtesy of Social Print Studio. The winners can order their own custom cards from one of the Social Print Studio’s sites or from their iPhone app.


The contest begins Thursday, November 28, 2013 and ends December 13, 2013. Our three winners will be drawn at random and announced December 14, 2013. 





  1. Follow Social Print Studio on Facebook.

  2. Follow Mothering on Facebook.

  3. On this thread, post one of your photos that you'd like to turn into your holiday card. Also post to let us know that you've completed the two steps above.

Please note: Read the Contest Terms and Conditions before you participate. Post one image per post. Winners will be randomly chosen by staff members. Your pictures may be copied elsewhere by others, without your or our knowledge, so please be mindful when posting pictures of your child, here and anywhere else on the Internet.



About Social Print Studio


Committed to understanding the cultural and artistic ways in which a business and people can interact, Social Print Studio has created a family of services to print your favorite photos from any of your social networks or devices. Print your Instagram photos, Facebook photos, desktop photos, or cellphone photos and receive them with in 2-4 days with our priority international shipping. Any questions, comments, jokes, problems, dreams, dilemmas, anecdotes, cat pictures, or life changing ideas can be sent to our customer service mavericks at hello@sps.io.


Check out our company homepage for a peek at what else we've been working on!

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I "liked" on Facebook! I'd love to print greeting cards--they look so lovely! I want to print my own artwork onto cards to give to my family and friends. Here's one :)

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I'd make art greeting cards to use for multiple events I'm inviting people to this year.  Baby announcment...

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I liked everyone and shared on facebook as well.  

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scavanger hunt at the beach :)... these would be perfect othand out the directions with clues!

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or general adorable greeting cards.  so many choices!

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joke cards!  DH is always joking about sleeping on the couch when the new baby arrives...

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baby announcment idea #2, five little nuts and a whole lot of laundry coming our way in May

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reformation night invitations that the little kids can color in 

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we're moving cards!!

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take me to your leader... bwahahaha!


I would also like to make prank cups for our family, one for each person.  This one would be mine.

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thinking-of-you greeting card!  Or one of a many-pic tile set for the kitchen (a truly custom backsplash).

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what time is it?  baby time.  gosh there are alot of options with these cards.  we are going to need a custom photo box for them :)

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vintage toy cards.  Or we could do some small canvas wall art for the new baby room.  

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could be a card or a funky purse wall collage

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more on the funky purse wall collage idea

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still toying with the toy wall art idea.

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the how-to card, a series of cards with projects that I'm trying to get done.  Sis is always wanting to see pics and I never email her, so this would be perfect.  except I need only one of each card, hmm.  

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vintage card series?  or a wall mural of all my projects ofr the new shower?  

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project cards, agh, lots of choices

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