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help baby wount feed unless asleep

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Hi there i have a 15 week old baby. For the past 3 weeks he wount take his bottle. He screams if i try to give it to him. He used to be on 7oz 4 hourly but now im lucky to get 3 0z down him. Can only do this when he sleeping as i Cant go through All the screaming and fighting tryin to feed him felt like i was abusing him. Been back and toward to doctors but coz he puttin on wait they say he is fine. He also been diagnosed with reflux he on gavascon and Zantac he also pepti1 milk. But he still wount feed. He will go to drink it and cry for it but then he flaps about when u try pittin it in mouth. Even tryed spoon feedin had the same reaction. Doctors don't know why!!! Got a 2yr old 2 so is hard to go through it. My health visitor says that feedin him asleep is a big no no. But at the same time she wount tell me what else to do...
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Hello Shazzer.  I moved this thread to Life with a Baby in the hopes that you will get more responses.  Is pepti1 formula that you are feeding the baby?

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Thank you. Neva been on sites like this so not 100% sure what in doin. Yea pepti 1 is the formula he is on x
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I know from moms of babies who transitioned to bottle feeding when they went to work and so on that many babies just don't like drinking from a bottle as much as from the breast. If you are formula feeding because you don't want to breastfeed, then you can try things like warming the bottle, different formula, or different bottles with a more natural slow flow, like Playtex Wide Slow Flow bottles.
If you might be open to breastfeeding (even if your supply is gone) you can try at breast supplementers like Lact-Aid and Medela Supplemental Nursing System. They are like a pouch with a tube you then put up to your nipple. Baby still drinks formula, but feels the comfort of nursing. And it might revive your breastmilk supply, not sure though.
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I wonder if the reflux was/is painful for him and now he is associating feedings with that discomfort? Once he starts eating does he calm down or no? Perhaps the medication and the current formula are not helping with his reflux like they should and you need to try something else? I would bring that up to the doctor, maybe try feeding him when you are there to show them how he is acting so they can see it for themselves.


How about trying other things to calm him for the feeding? Doing some skin-to-skin snuggle time and then bring in the bottle? Maybe try feeding him while you are taking a warm bath together or in a rocking chair to soothe him? Does he take a pacifier?

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I was breastfeeding but struggled with him he wouldn't latch on properly. Had to give up in end. Was expressing for 3 weeks then came ill so had to give that up. Had a speach therapist come see us yesterday coz she an expert on the mouth and feedin. She said he chompin on bottles not suckin so he not getting much milk from bottle's. He on dr browns bottles. She gave me a different bottle witch is soft and an orphapedic teat. Supposed to squeeze bottle bit he ended up bein worse coz he was chomping and takin in loads of air so couldn't get wind up. The bottle would deflate while drinkin then inflate when let go. So we r back to square one now. And typical its the weekend so cant speak to speach therapist. He takes a dummy. He knows the difference between dumny and bottle!! Ive tryed lots of different relaxin thing's to get him to drink. I video recorded him feedin and the dicctors were quite shocked!
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A lactation consultant might be able to help you even though he's on bottles. You can also ask for a consult to a speech/feeding therapist. Other things to ask for are a modified barium swallow test (which is very simple and non-invasive) and a gastric emptying test.


 If those feeding issues have been ruled out, time to get a referral to a GI doctor. My baby had *severe* reflux and feeding aversions. Had to be tube-fed from 3 months on, and was eventually found to have a rare condition that took the right doctor to look for (a good GI doctor). I know how frustrating this is for you-- believe me, I know. The sooner someone can take you seriously the better.


How has your baby's weight gain been since this started? Has he had the same amount of wet diapers? Is the urine darker? If he is showing signs of dehydration please take him to the ER at a children's hospital. 

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Thankyou for your advice. He has just started seing a speech therapist so fingers crossed we get some where. His waight gain is ok coz im bein really persistent in givin him his feeds. Mostly when he is asleep. Apparently he doesn't suck bottle he keeps chomping x x
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How stressful for you!! :(

Could it possibly be a tongue tie or lip tie? My baby was about 15 weeks old when I discovered his feeding problems (among a host of other symptoms we both had) largely were stemming from a posterior tongue tie and upper labial tie.
This website was very helpful for me in looking thru symptoms:  http://milkmatters.org.uk/2011/04/15/hidden-cause-of-feeding-problems-however-you-feed-your-baby/
Just something to keep in mind. :)
I bet your speech therapist could help you with that too. I hope you can get to the bottom of this quickly!!! :)

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Thankyou very much blessed23 for that link nearly every symptom was my baby's. Some i didn't even realise were symptoms like the gaps in mouth when he drinks with milk trickling out. He has now got appointment on Thursday with specialist so feelin hopeful and excited about it x x thank u x x
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Oh, I'm so glad I could help, and I hope your sweet baby will find the help he needs!
I know what you mean - I didn't even realize some of my baby's symptoms were not normal until I did some research.
Was your appointment this past Thursday? How did it go? (Sorry, just moved across the country so a little out of the loop..) :)

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Well my appointment on the Thursday didn't go very well. Left not knowing if he has or hasn't got a tounge tie. I have to go bac in 6 weeks for a secOnd opinion which seems like forever when dealing with this stress he is nearly. 5 mths now and still the same. Sorry i ain't been on here for a while only get a bit of internet every mth and im busy with my 2 Lil monkeys. LOl x x
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It sounds like it could be reflux. I had two babies with reflux and both developed a feeding aversion. My dd would only eat if tightly swaddled and walked while I held the bottle in her mouth. My ds flatly refused both nursing and the bottle so I had to resort to spoon feeding him. Is your son still taking reflux meds? (Zantac). Zantac did not work for my dd. My son finally got relief with Prevacid, but sadly his feeding aversion was entrenched by that time so I had to continue spoon feeding him, but at least he was not in pain anymore. 


It's common for babies with reflux to refuse bottles or nursing unless sleepy, and it's also common for reflux to not start until the baby is 2-3 months old. It started at 10 weeks with my dd and at about 12 weeks with my son. Before that they both ate normally.


Here's a website that may help you. I hope you get the help you need very soon. I know how hard it is to have a baby who won't eat. 




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i'm sorry :( it sounds very tough. I don't really have a ton of suggestions because it could be a number of things, but I would recommend speaking with a lactation consultant. Sometimes they just have great advice when it comes to feeding issues... could be worth a try! good luck momma!

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I'm sorry your appointment didn't go so well. :( If you're on Facebook, there's an awesome group that could possibly lend you some support in finding out more about if your son has a tongue tie. It's a closed group - look for "Tongue Tie Babies Support Group". The ppl here are amazing and well versed in tongue and lip ties and the many accompanying symptoms.
Trust your instincts, mama! :)

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