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Being "that" mum with extra wishes in the hospital. Experiences?

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I have to have a section, but still want it as... I don't "crunchy"? Natural? as possible. 


The hospital is very, very good. They have birthing pools and hypnobirthing and aromatherapy. But all of that is for natural birth which I won't have. 


I know that if I ask for too many special things and doctors or nurses disapprove or roll their eyes at us, THAT would spoil my birth experience more than not asking in the first place and go with the flow. 


I don't want to make the procedure more complicated than it is, don't want to cause extra work, but I also want to bf as early as possible and let DH be as hands-on as possible, want a little delay in the cord-clamping, skin-to-skin, etc.


Is this common now or will we be the exception? I really, really don't want to anger staff or make it harder on them, I have already been inpatient for more than a week there and know how awesome they are, how professional and caring. And super-thorough and safe. 


How were YOUR special wishes received? 

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Will you do a tour of the hospital before the birth? If so, you'll get to talk to a hospital staff member. That is probably the best way to get a feel for how the staff will receive your requests. Also, do you know in advance which doc will be doing your c-section and can discuss with them specifically? Getting those specifics is probably the best way to answer your questions, since it varies a lot from country to country and region to region. You could also try posting in your tribal area and see if anyone there has experience at the facility you are using.


I didn't get eye-rolls, but I had to repeatedly ask and be prepared to argue for the stuff I wanted (primarily, for my daughter to not be whisked away to the nursery). 

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I think you need to figure out what are your non-negotiables and what are you "would be nice" issues.  I was able to breastfeed on the operating table.  I do not think they can delay cord clamping with a c-section.  They are not going to let dad in the surgical area, ie the other side of the drape, but they should be able to give baby to him before anything else is done with baby (weighing, etc..)  I refused baths with my csection babies - we just wiped down.  And had rooming in, etc...  Good luck.

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Thank you! My grand tour will be on the of the section, two hours before. Different again fro natural birth, as you obviously don't exactly know when it will happen, so you go in before. So... the "feel" for the done thing will be a bit short notice. Can talk to the midwife a week before though. 


Non.negotiable will be rooming-in and breastfeeding as soon as possible. We will also opt for the private room and DH can stay for the first night. Did that last time, it was awesome.  If it is not possible to feed in theatre, I think we will cope, but I don't want it to be hours and hours. About the bathing, not sure. The midwives might be a bit faster than DH would and would prevent DS from being too cold? 


If skin-to-skin with DH is the done thing, he will do it. But as he pointed out, he has a hairy chest. :P

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My babies LOVED being skin to skin with DH on his hairy chest as newborns. I could tell they distinguished us that way, mom's the one with milk, dad's the hairy guy. They clung to the hair sometimes lol.

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I haven't had a c-section but I have read a couple of articles on more gentle/family-centered practices that are starting to happen. Let me see if I can find them.

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Page 4 - The Importance of Skin to Skin, discussing promoting it immediately after Cesarean, from a hospital local to us.

This is a pdf so it might take a bit to load... http://www.bannerhealth.com/NR/rdonlyres/9D0E6E68-60AE-4D1F-A244-6A9184BBF85C/61948/FNLHC_NCMC_Sum12.pdf

(If that doesn't work try http://www.bannerhealth.com/Locations/Colorado/North+Colorado+Medical+Center/News/Newsletters.htm and click on Summer 2012)


She has some stuff at the bottom about what she requested during her surgery... http://www.improvingbirth.org/2013/04/a-family-centered-cesarean-taking-back-control-of-my-sons-birth/

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