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So what is the real scoop on caffeine?

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Not just the so-and-so's talking points but like how much is really too much and what happens if you were to drink too much? I am not looking to push the limits of safety, more just curious.

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I know your question is more serious than this, but I just keep thinking about too much caffeine in one day feeling like this: :energy 


But anyway, I think it's a miscarriage risk in the first trimester at more than 400mg a day (about 100mg in a normal 8oz coffee). After that, the only thing I've seen is that babies are born stimulated if you had coffee recently. 


I skipped it until 20 wks, then no more than one a day. Sometimes none for days. 

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For me, while pregnant, when I have more than one cup it runs my heart rate sky high - like 150 and up.  So I am not drinking coffee at all right now.  Tea and hot chocolate is the extent for me!

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I think it's only a risk in excessive amounts, and mostly in the first trimester.


I was a crazy coffee drinker (about 2-3 double shot lattes a day) before I found out was pregnant, and went cold turkey once I fell pregnant, and since about 20ish weeks I started having a coffee every week or so, just because I miss the taste! It doesn't do anything for me really now though!

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I just stay away from caffeine. prior to getting pregnant i would drink apx 2 cups of coffee a day. it took a good couple weeks for my body to adjust to the NO caffeine reutine :) hope that helps. I do know its safe to drink apx 1 cup of coffee or caffeinated drink  per day.

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My friend's high-risk OB says not to drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day.  Caffeine is really a pretty minor risk.  I avoided it completely in the first trimester of my first pregnancy, but now I have a toddler and first trimester insomnia and a full time job, so I drink coffee or tea depending on the day.  If you read the new guidelines, the no more than 4 cups of coffee a day is what all the research supports.  Since most of us are 1-2 cup a day drinkers, there's no risk.

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I seem to recall that excessive caffeine intake was also linked to low birth weight, but you'd have to research that as I'm not positive if the source was reliable or not.


Personally I go with one cup of coffee or black tea per day during pregnancy. I know that the risk of miscarriage is higher with caffeine consumption and coincidentally I couldn't stomach coffee during the first trimester as it really upset my stomach.

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I can never stomach coffee in the first 10 weeks or so either. I think my intake is in the higher end of safe. Thanks for the responses. It just kinda always bugs me when doctors or advocacy groups tell something is bad for you or your baby but then don't tell you the reasons or are just really vague.

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yeah, i skip it in the first tri out of paranoia really...i'm drinking one cup a day, i have noticed my uterus gets really irritable if have more than two cups of coffee and am doing anything at all. so I have no more than one cup on work days and two cups on days that i know i'm not really doing anything physical and want a very special treat.

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Great book that covers this and other myths backed by data! Emily Oster - Expecting Better. I was too sick for almost 6 months to drink coffee but then was able to more. I didn't go over 1 cup per day though and now at 36 weeks am weening off again to relax things for birth. This country is too fearful for many things which is why I love that book - it talks about these things with actual studies done to back it up. 


Oddly enough, a half or 3/4 cup of coffee for me would actually help with the morning sickness from month 6-7.5 (yep, sick the whole time so far). 

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