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What are your favorite baby products?

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I'm building my baby registry and would love to know what YOU love!  Necessities are what I'm most interested in, stuff like diaper bags, car seats, cribs, strollers, etc, but I'd be happy to hear about anything you love!  Thanks!

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A great sling was my very favorite product! THe one that I loved is no longer made (Dr. Sears version) but there are many other ring slings available!

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Lullavibe.  It's a sleep bad that vibrates and is wonderful for soothing baby.

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I recommend going to the store and trying to put the car seat in your car to see how it fits before you pick one. Also practice using the buckles to see how easy they are to use. I wish I had done this. I might have purchased a different car seat separately from my stroller. I have the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe combo. The stroller is great, easy to maneuver and open and close. I find the straps on the car seat kind of annoying. I borrowed my cousin's Chicco keyfit and it seemed smaller and easier to use. Most strollers have adapters so that you can fit different kind of infant car seats on them. For strollers, I also recommend going to the store and playing with them. See how easy they are to maneuver and to adjust the seats and such. I really liked the Uppababy Cruz because it's so easy to use and push but it was a little more money than I wanted to ask people to spend. Have fun building your registry!
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Necessities for me were:

Footed pajamas (hard to dress a newborn, they're so floppy!)  Way easier to wear pjs for about the first three months.  After that, regular clothes seem fine and dandy.

A really good carrier:  absolutely essential.  Babies that aren't mobile yet are notoriously uninterested in anything except being held ALL THE TIME.  If you want to honor this need while still getting on with your life, a carrier is mighty handy.

Car seat:  I like having both a bucket and a convertible.  Infants are easier to "stage"  (get all strapped in and situated) in the house, especially if you live somewhere where it rains 9 months of the year! 

Never had a crib...never had a baby that would sleep anywhere other than right next to me until at least one year of age.  It's nice to have a bouncy seat or something to put the baby in when you need to set them down to do something though.

I like going on loooooong walks, so a stroller is nice to have.  I like the all terrain capabilities of a jogging stroller.  Baby wearing is easier when they're little but once they get over 20lbs, it's nice to NOT have to carry them everywhere.

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These are things I had for my son (now almost 9!) that I plan to get again for my new baby:


Maya Wrap ring sling.


Mother-Ease one-size fitted diapers with snaps.  (These are very bulky for a newborn; plan to use smaller diapers for the first couple months.)


Dappi nylon pull-on diaper covers.  Very effective yet inexpensive!  These come in sizes, new size every few months as baby grows.


Cloth wipes that are flannel on one side and terry or sherpa on the other.  Assorted cute prints are vital to my happiness.


Several wetbags made of waterproof fabric with toggled drawstring or zipper closure.  You'll want these even if you're using disposable diapers; carry one in the diaper bag so that if baby gets messy and has to be changed into the spare outfit (always carry a spare outfit!) you can put the messy clothes in the wetbag.  It's much sturdier than a reused plastic shopping bag.


Gowns with elasticized bottom opening and fold-over mittens.  These are perfect first outfits around the house (they don't work in a carseat or any carrier that separates the legs) because they make diaper changes easy yet stay down over baby's legs.  The mittens protect everyone from getting scratched by fast-growing, strangely sharp little fingernails.


Plenty of 36" square flannel blankets for swaddling baby burrito-style.

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GMD prefolds, covers, favorite is Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, and cloth wipes

Ergo type carrier

Baby swing 

Big bed for co-sleeping

Stroller- my favorite is the City Mini as it's lightweight, simple and durable

Simple baby clothes, most starting at size 3months, size newborn is often too small to last more than a couple weeks especially with the bulk of cloth diapers.

           -Carters brand onsies and one piece suits are good quality and fit well for the price

           -Hanna Andersson's wiggle pants fit great over cloth diapers

           -I like pilot caps because they stay on

Simple baby blankets made of flannel or muslin are used for everything- wrapping, spit up, diaper changes when out, laying on the floor...

A big bag that is not an actual diaper bag.  I hate all the waterproofing and compartments in diaper bags, and they can be so ugly.  Just a hobo or messenger type bag with a few pockets is all I need.

Breast pads.  I like Lanisnoh disposable for the first few super leaky months, then Bravado's pads for when things calm down.  Also Bravado makes great bras.  

Think ahead with a registry- you will need a high chair later and larger clothes for different seasons.  Babies outgrow their wardrobes every few months!

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My favorite diaper bag is a school back pack with exterior pockets. At $80, its a much better deal than proper diaper bags and much easier to carry around, especially if you are baby wearing. 

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Anyone ave a bassinet they liked?  Preferably not frilly... I'm rather fond of our very modern design aesthetic in our home. XD  Picky, I know.

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Arm's reach co-sleepers are UGLY… but awesome! I ranted about them back on the I'm Pregnant board once because it wasn't *perfect* but now that I see how much I use it, it's great. DD falls asleep in our bed and then I transfer her over to make room for us :). 

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They actually have some new co-sleepers with cute fabric on them so they are not as ugly, but they are still not very modern-looking. I was just looking on babies r us and they have a few modern looking bassinets and travel bassinets. Very sleek!
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