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Sns preemie/cardiac baby

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Hi, hoping for some support - maybe others are going through/been through similar.

My baby girl is now 13 weeks old after being born at 30 weeks, so 3 weeks corrected. She's been home 2 weeks. She is breastfeeding. She has a PDA which probably kept her in nicu for so long, no plans for surgery as hoping its closing by itself, being monitored and she's on diuretics to help.
However, her weight gain isn't great. She is now 6lb11 and was born at 2lb13. She was tube fed ebm with added fortifier to help her gain.

Now she is breastfed and gained 23g per day for 4 days, then static for 3. Today she gained a55g in 3 days. So we are looking at supplementing. We have a medela sns. She doesn't like bottles (which may be a blessing in disguise as it means we're really trying with bf) she gags/chokes on them.

I want her to thrive, she's otherwise well, plenty of wet nappies, but not dirty ones regularly (another issue. - shes on lactulose and glycerine chips)

Any support/tips/help? Thank you x
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Congratulations on the birth of your baby!
I don't have any preemie experience, but I do have lots of supplementing experience.
I did not like the Medlea SNS at all.
After trying several ways of supplementing, I ended up using the Lact-Aid supplementer..
There is a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of it, but there are lots of videos on youtube, and it truly is worth the initial effort in order to have the most supportive nursing relationship for the the length of time that you'll bf.
I loved that I could do side-lying nursing & nurse in public, especially.
Good luck!
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What didn't you like about The medela? And what did you like about the lact aid? We r in UK so not sure where I could get lady aid from.
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Lact-Aid will ship, although it might be steep. It was pricey to get then to ship to Canada too, but so worth it.
We also found a few sets on Craigslist.
The medela was clunky and the suction
was testy. It wasn't discreet, either, and I
wanted to be comfortable nursing in public
without having to answer questions
I loved that I could nurse lying down with the
LA too.
I love that the suction is consistent, and that it also maximizes and supports building your
own supply.
I just set the LA inside my nursing tank, and latched baby on. Easy as that, once you get the hang of it.
I had 8 sets, and it was my partner's task to fill them in the morning and clean them at night. That way I could just put the empties in the fridge and grab the next one when it was time to nurse again.
It was easy and discreet and I'm sure it helped me nurse for so long.
Once my kids moved to whole foods (we didn't do purees or mash, but we did offer solids earlier than I'd planned) I ditched the LA, and offered an open cup for supplements and kept nursing without the LA.
I nursed DD until she was three or so, and am still nursing my 26 month old, with no bottles or sippy cups.
Good luck!
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Thanks so much, so hoping to make this work, she loves to bf so fingers crossed.

Had to laugh at auto correct lady aid ha!

My milk supply is good just not enough calories, sadly.
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If you're looking at a short term solution, and anticipate not needing an SNS long term, there are youtube videos on how to make your own. Pretty neat!
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