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Starting solids

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So...I know the AAP and CDC recommend waiting until babies are 6 months before starting solids. But Iris is really really interested in food. She wants to put her mouth on the rim of any glass anyone's drinking from and is starting to lunge at food people are putting in their mouths. We can dissuade her by giving her a spoon or the top of the glass, but holy cow, she's interested! What are other people planning to do?
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Rowan is lunging for whatever anyone is holding, big time. Can't hardly get the kid dressed cause he's so busy trying to eat the collar eat the sleeve eat the blanket eat my hair eat his feet.
I waited with my others until 6 months. One went crazy for food, the other just smeared it all over the place until she was almost a year old.

I imagine I'll try a little something like egg yolk or avocados around 6 months but I'm in no big hurry.
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Mine's big on shoving stuff in her mouth too but she's teething as well. I'm not going to offer anything until 6 months but she did get a sticky, jam encrusted kiss from big sis so I think she's had her first taste lol
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Waiting until at least 6 months. At least. I find solids to be a big PITA so in reality, it will probably be more like 8-9 months. 

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let us know what she likes!  as for Oliver, he expresses the same level of interest in food as he does in everything else, and like Rowan, he just grabs anything and puts it to his mouth, so I don't think it's the *food* he's after, just the new object in his line of sight.  I have held a glass of water for him while he slurped at it, and I did let him taste some turkey, but his reaction in both cases was to grimace and stop trying to get that stuff in his mouth!  I think we'll wait to offer food in earnest (at every mealtime) until he can sit in a high chair at the table with us and put things in his mouth himself.  like the other ladies who've chimed in, I'm not in a hurry to make more work for myself, and I'm not trying to deal with food-poops either!  Oliver still only poops once or twice a week anyway, so I hope food doesn't slow him down even more!

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Mason is 5 months and we started avocado. I don't think he actually eat much of it but he plays with it and gets to taste it.
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I've been enjoying giving foods to Julia for sniffing and licking so far to see what she thinks. It's so funny to see what is appealing (bannana, leeks, apple) and what makes her face scrunch up (orange, pickle juice) she seemed indifferent to bread and a myriad of other things I've placed before her nose.

I only let her give it a lick if she sticks her tongue out for it, like with the bannana, etc, an if it's in a safe form. To me safe means either super mushy, like smashed bannana, or very large and firm, like a hunk of peeled apple. She gnawed on that apple for like 10 minutes.

I don't think she's swallowed any food though. I see it as more of a sensory experience at this point.
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I've allowed ruby to lick a raw carrot. And that was mostly to give my poor bruised fingers a break from her gnawing! She was indifferent to the whole experience. I love watching them explore and discover with food! It is one of my favourite things!

In this house, later is better for solids. My older three all have tummy issues that started after we introduced solids. Ruby is already showing signs of some food intolerances (dairy for sure) so I'm betting she will be just like her siblings.
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We gave Jaya some apple sauce. She LOVED it. I had to cut her off at an eye-balled ounce. DH wanted to keep feeding her. I told him he can give her apple sauce once a week because he loved feeding her. I also give raw fruit and veggies to gnaw on but she's more interested in her store bought teethers. 

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We were at a family Christmas party and one of the uncles gave Ruby a big finger full of whipped cream.  WHIPPED CREAM...to my highly sensitive to dairy baby.  Ahhhhhh.  Not what I would have chosen for her first food.  

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Oh no Kalista! My FIL tried to give my first baby a finger full of chocolate ice cream when he was barely four months old. I grabbed his hand like a ninja. He still talks about it. I think I scared the tar out of him.
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Ugh sorry Kalista and well done wrenmoon, the ninja wink1.gif. My MIL practically forced a finger covered in cool whip (so pretty petroleum) into DD1's mouth when she was 4 months old. I was LIVID.
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I've had the "Elliott is not getting solids not matter what" conversation with Hubs and have gotten the doctor to back me up too. So hopefully it will be okay

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I didn't see it or I would have slapped his hand away so fast it may have flown across the room! Lol. Thankfully Ryan saw it happen and scooped most of it out of her mouth.

We still ended up with bloody, mucousy diapers and a very upset baby the next day though. Poor girl!

I'm thinking of having a short made for any future parties. "If you value your life, don't feed me!"
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Maybe you could spoof the zoo and park signs "Don't feed the babies."
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-ok. The image uploaded must be broken for all. Darn. Just google images that phrase to see what I am talking about.
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But anyway, @Ruheling, the mama'good in the highlands has a great Baby Led Weaning class with baby buffet included! Fun fun.
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when my 1st started he was around 6 months...i wanted to wait but he insisted. grabbed my hand with a nectarine in it and went at it. kept at it for a long time. we did baby led, and he had a hard time for several months/yawning during eating, regurgitating a bit. but he was very insistent and happy to try everything. he particularly liked avocado and banana at the beginning. and had not much success with salad for the longest time. anyways, before he was 1 he had his first cavity...and for this reason i hope zoe is less insistent and eats later. i don't want to deal with another cavity in a 1 yr old--anything to help avoid that sounds good to me!

:) but we'll see. she's 5 months & very interested in everything, even food. but she's pretty laid back as long as there is something for her to play with when she is at the table with us.

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My BIL gave her a taste of whipping cream at thanksgiving and I let her lick some homemade applesauce off my fingers last week. She loved it. However, Iris took matters into her own hands and got her first solid bite yesterday--part of the paper bag my breakfast was in. *sigh*
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Oh so its not neccessary to start at 6months? Is there a latest time, like 9months? I am following their pushy vaccines schedule so now itd be another thing to fight for since they really pushed starting by our next apointment.
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