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Actiasluna we got our sprayer online and it's so easy to use and Noor's poops are 100% formula. And we have carpet in our bathroom and spraying still works so easily. Get yourself a sprayer and cd will be no problem (at least that's been my experience). I'm kind of wondering how much worse/different solids poops will be.
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So Julia's first poops after eating about 1 oz sweet potato 2x are actually her smoothest poops to date. Whaaat?

I did accompany it with about 1oz prune juice. Could that have helped so much?
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Elliott is 100% formula and we're getting a diaper sprayer (my husband can't handle the poop anymore) Acti, if your husband is slightly more than handy, you can pick up everything you need from a good plumbing store. All you need is a sprayer w/hose (like the kind for kitchen sinks) and a three way valve. 

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Alright, great, harmonious, good to know! im getting one. Rainbow, my boyfriend is extremely handy (he is a roofer and builder) but detests plumbing, hahaa! But I'll talk to him about....he might make an exception.
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I honestly have been using my shower head. Then when the big chunk of poop plops out i have been taking toilet paper, wiping it up and putting it into the toilet. I ordered a diaper sprayer online but it hasn't even shipped yet.... so in the meantime shower it is. Mason is probably25% formula fed but I didn't really notice a change in poop until solids.
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We've been having a lot of fun with solids this week. Julia is taking to eating and drinking like a champ.... A messy messy champ. I found that a small spoon loaded with naturally mushy foods about an hour after her first nursing meal of the day works great. So far she's had, in this order, sweet potato, persimmon, bandanna , apple (which she hated) , avocado, egg yolk, lentil stew. She had liked most of it. Loses interest after about 1oz.
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Anyone else forging ahead? I personally find naturally mushy food to be easier than prepping the not too hard not too soft sticks of food BLW recommends. However, I will also try that sort of thing soon. But spoon feeding is working for us.
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We've only done a few finger fulls of sweet potatoes at Christmas dinner, boy-o about chewed my finger off but then got the nasty cough /cold going around so we haven't done more. I might try a bit of egg yolk next time, just to keep him occupied. Eating with him in my lap has become a wrestling match.

The poo thing is holding me back too. No sprayer in a composting toilet. I've been using my garden hose outside when it's not frozen and my bathtub when it is. It's all gross.

I love how this conversation is covering both ends of the eating.
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Hubs tried to give Jaya the leftover avacado from Mexican night. I've never seen a funnier face on her when she instantly spit it out. So far the only thing she likes is apple sauce and gnawing on apple chips. 

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Iris seemed to like avocado--after her first giant 'weird' face. You'd think the girl who has eaten paper bags, wrapping paper, and stolen bites of green beans, salami, orange peel, and tortilla chip would like real food a lot more than she does. Banana was delicious though.
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Originally Posted by Ruheling View Post

Iris seemed to like avocado--after her first giant 'weird' face. You'd think the girl who has eaten paper bags, wrapping paper, and stolen bites of green beans, salami, orange peel, and tortilla chip would like real food a lot more than she does. Banana was delicious though.

Lol. No dog hair? You're depriving the poor kid!
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I noticed Julia does OK with the lumps in sweet potato mash, so I tried a spear of pear for her to gnaw on and she did ok with that until she gagged pretty loudly and violently coughed up a little chunk. I know this is common, and she was great about takin care of the chunk herself, but It is seriously disturbing to watch. I much prefer giving her lumpy mashes on a spoon and letting her feed herself that way. So I mushed up the pear and mixed it with some over cooked oatmeal, and she loved that! I loved it too, as a matter of fact. Never thought to try pear and oats before!
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So, do you gals know: is there a reason, ergonomically speaking, that I shouldn't sit griffin in his highchair until he can sit unassisted? Because he is really digging the highchair. I lay his toys out in it and he smashes them against it and has a great old time. And it's a new thing so it's fun. We haven't started food yet still. You all are making it sound fun though.

Cynthiamoon, Julia's little face is too cute!
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we do the same thing with Elliott Acti, he loves it (until he doesn't!)

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I've never heard that you shouldn't put a baby in a high chair if they can't sit unassisted. Especially those high backed, padded ones. We have an old school wooden one that ruby still slumps over in so I will wait a while longer before putting her in it.
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we found a high chair in a dumpster last May!  pulled it out and put it in the garage; still have yet to clean it and do a couple of little repairs.  it's one of those wooden ones that pulls up to the table, like the kind they have at restaurants.  I figured I'd just wait to start including Oliver in meals 'til he can sit in it at the table.  he likes tasting food, though he hasn't really gotten the hang of swallowing.  he's tasted an apple, a chicken bone, some pineapple, a pickle, and a prune, and he loved them all.  just licked and sucked them until he got bored and moved on to something else.  he also likes to hold my water glass and suck on the rim - he's gotten a bit of water a few times, and while it doesn't seem like he enjoys the taste, he keeps going back for more!

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nice, rf! We're visiting California and Iris stole some fresh grapefruit and absolutely loved it. We gave her a second piece and she sucked that one dry too. So funny. She's definitely had some constipation associated with her limited solid food intake, so we've been moving (very!) slowly, but she definitely likes feeding herself (and wrenmoon, I'd we had a dog, I'm sure she'd have eaten his hair already. She certainly enjoys chomping on mine. )
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ooh, fresh grapefruit!  my husband has family in Modesto, and since his parents spent Christmas out there with them, they brought back a big bag of grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines for us.  Oliver loved the piece of orange that I gave him!  does Iris mostly just suck on food?  that's what Oliver does with everything.  I figure whenever he gets the notion to bite and chew and swallow, he'll be ready to do it.  I don't think he's actually managed to swallow anything that's crossed his lips!

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Ruby has been working on her pincer grasp today.  She managed to pick up a crumb that big brother dropped by her.  Seriously...pincer grasp is the most adorable thing to watch.  She's sitting up on her own as well (as long as she's not distracted by something out of her reach).  So I think we'll start sitting her at the table with us in the next few weeks and giving her a few things to experiment with during meals.  

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Kalista, that's great!  my friend was just commenting how much she loves watching babies master that delicate maneuver - she said, "it's like you can hear their brain working."  we're waiting for Oliver to be able to do those things before sitting him at the table.  I am working on fixing up the dumpster-highchair right now so it's ready for him, though!  I'll post a photo when my dad and I finish it.

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