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Placenta Encapsulation

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Is anyone doing this or have any of you done it with previous births? I've been hearing/reading more and more about it and have decided to give it a go. I thought it was totally bizarre when I first heard that it was something that people do, but now I'm kind of excited about it. I've heard it really helps increase energy and hormonal balance much quicker after birth, which I think will be great.  

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I did it for the first time after my third and it definitely helped with my mood postpartum. Dh thinks it's a placebo. But if it's a placebo it worked anyway so I don't care. :-)
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I did it after my last two and I felt like it really helped with my mood. My milk also came in in like 3 days, but I have no idea if it has anything with the placenta consumption. I'll definitely do it again with this and future births. I did it myself and it's actually a fairly simply process.

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I did it after my last two births since I had PPD after my first child's birth. It radically helps IMO! I offer it to others as part of my doula services. I had a friend who had ppd/ppa SEVERLY after each of her kids births, he just had her sixth child, did encapsulation and said it was like night and day difference! I cannot reccomend it enough.
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I did with my last one. The first couple days I had a smoothie with a frozen chunk and then I had the rest encapsulated. We can't afford to do it this time right away, so the plan is to have two weeks worth of chunks cut and then put the rest in the deep freezer to be tinctured later or something for menopause. I still have capsules left from last time because honestly, the smoothies worked so much better for me but at least I have those for after the first few weeks.

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Oh wow! This is great to hear. Some people look at me like I'm crazy when I mention wanting to do it, but I love to know that you all have seen some benefit. This is my first pregnancy, so I have no idea if I would have PPD, but why take a risk if this can help?  


I've heard it's easy to do yourself, but I'm still going to pay someone else to do it for me. I'm a vegetarian and am a little squeamish about handling organ meat. My birthing doula doesn't offer it, but we found another doula in town who does, so we'll release it to her.


The only decision to make now is whether to try the raw dehydration process of the Traditional Chinese Medicine version, where the placenta is first steamed with a few spices and herbs before dehydrating. Do any of your have an opinion on which is the better way to go?

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I also did smoothies the first few days after (strawberries really help with the mental ick factor if you think it'll be a problem.) A few hours after I gave birth to my second I was super pale and just feeling out of it despite not losing much blood and having eaten shortly after the birth. I made a placenta smoothie and literally while I was drinking it my color came back and I felt like normal again, I didn't have PPD with my first, just the normal postpartum emotional rollercoaster (think severe pms mood swings) but after consuming placenta with the last two my mood stayed very steady and I didn't have all the ups and downs.


I used this encapsulation machine to make mine: http://www.bulkherbstore.com/The-Capsule-Machine It makes it easy and cheap to do it. I dehydrated it by just cutting into thin strips and putting in the oven at the lowest temperature I could set it at. When it was dry I ground it up with some herbs that help with milk supply. 

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