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I been TTC for 2 years + but nothing.i dont think i O on my own.or if my tubes are damaged or scarred.i have molina which doesnt really cover anything.is there anybody that can help .btw my name is shae
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Hello Shae,


How long are your cycles?


Have you read about charting your fertility? Are you taking your temperature or using ovulation predictor strips?  


These things will tell you whether or not you are ovulating. 


For the rest, you may need to see a specialist, but with cost as an issue, it would be good to figure out what you can on your own first.

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Yes i still learning how to use fertilfriend & another one but they both have different days that it says i Ovulate.& my healthcare says they will cover a radiology (sc) and testing (certain test) im not interested in IVF or adoption.kinda wanna have my own ya know.my chart says im fertile bit the other shows im not its veryyyy confusing.
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Hmm... Can you post links?

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Hi Shae! I moved this to the TTC forum where I think you will get more responses.
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No i dont know how to post links
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