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Hello my name is shae i been ttc for 2 years + no luck .somebodyyyyyy please spinkle baby dust lol.
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Hi Shae! I am new to this forum and also been trying to concieve for 2 years! Have you seen a doctor? If so, have been diagnoised with any reasons of infertility?
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Thankkk god i got a response . I went for a pelvic exam. Now trying to be seen for not being able to have a baby.i have molina Healthcare which doesnt cover any meds or surgery for infertility.
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Sounds like you are heading in the right direction! Have you gotten your husband checked out either? We went through ALL the testing and our insurance doesn't cover any of it either! It's such and expensive and emotional journey!
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No because i think its me.in i have molina health care
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Have you called Molina to ask about coverage? Some plans cover diagnostic procedures, testing to see what's going on, but don't cover the actual fertility treatments. I would also suggest having your partner tested. It's easy and, I think, not terribly expensive to do a sperm analysis. Good luck to you!

Welcome to Mothering! I hope you find a supportive and knowledgeable community here. We would also love it if you visited this link below to tell us how you found us. Thank you!
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They said they do cover testing .
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