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Birth Center/Hospital Bags + Essentials for 1week at Home

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Have nesting instincts started to kick in for anyone else? I know we all still have some time but I had the urge to start packing a bag to have ready for when it's time to go to the birth center! What will you be bringing in yours? 

So far I have:


-tiny baby outfit w/hat

-bigger baby outfit w/hat



-hair ties

-arnica massage oil



-vacuum pack container of coconut water

-hard candies

-TJs unsweetened chocolate, honey and peppermint oil paddies

-Soup bowl (just add hot water)


I know there's a lot more to add, but it felt good to start it! For those of you who have already gone through the birth process, what did you find invaluable? And what items did you need at home for that first week? 

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For the birth center I bring food for everyone. Snacks/sandwiches for labor (I don't ever want to eat), and then a big casserole or something for everyone for afterward. I also bring everything to make a cake/cupcakes for a birthday party. It gives the kids something productive to do. Other ideas are music, activities for the kids, toiletries for DH, going home outfit for mama, camera, lots of drinks...

For the first week I needed that squeeze bottle thing to pee, tucks pads for my lady parts, very large pads, nipple ointment of some sort (I'm going to use coconut oil this time), some sort of stool softener, some sort of pain reliever. I also plan to have the freezer stocked with bags of frozen peas to use as ice packs when my milk comes in.

I'm looking forward to following this for other ideas because it has been 6 years...
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I am following this thread since I've never had a hospital birth and have no idea what I should do or bring.
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Totally feeling you on the nesting kick already! I have already gone through my girl's clothes NB-12m and given away the ones I wasn't planning on keeping forever (cause we're having a boy and this is likely our last). I've been making lists of stuff we need to get before baby arrives and going through stuff/cleaning like crazy!


As for birth prep, I'm having a home birth so mine will be a little different. I plan to have the following ready:

birth supplies

hypnobabies/music playlist

rebozo, exercise ball, heating pack

food and drinks for people

stuff to make cupcakes for birthday and other activities for the big sis (who will be 3)

just making sure I'm stocked up on all normal essentials


For the week after:

lots of ready to heat and serve meals

stuff for a sitz bath, herbal supplements, squeeze bottle (as mentioned above), pads

breastfeeding "kit" - basically everything I may need when I'm relaxing wherever nursing for a long time and no one else may be around. like and basket of chapstick, nipple cream, granola bar, book, water bottle, etc.

warm compress


I'm trying to remember everything from last time but my brain is fuzzy. I just remember I needed a warm compress on my right side each time I had to start the nursing session on that side because my let down was slow on that side only. and I spent a lot of time on the couch nursing so it was nice to have a bunch of stuff to do /eat/drink/that may be needed within reach (before I was good at babywearing). And we had a basket of diapers, wipes, and everything by the bed (we co-slept from day 1) and in the living room so we weren't running around getting something each time. I'll post more if I start remembering things from last time that were helpful or that I wish I had!

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I'm already nesting. My DH found a changing table someone was throwing out. It was missing the middle shelf so we fixed it up and put shelf paper on it to make it look a bit nicer. I got baskets and set it up with the cloth diapers and swaddle blankets so far. So now I get to stare at it for the next 14 weeks!!! LOL


As far as the hospital list, I have to remember what I want to pack. I had a homebirth last baby so I had different preps. This one I have to be in the hospital so I'm trying to remember what I want to pack. I would totally pack and make the list for the bag now lol. Just because I am so anxious for it to be March. Some essentials I know I will be packing:



Computer (maybe)

Chargers for comp and phone

Gowns to labor in (I dont want to use hosp ones)

Couple outfits to wear after birth

Undies/Nursing bras



Stuff like hair ties and chapstick and meds, I keep in my purse and that will be with me.


Small and larger outfit for baby. Maybe a couple onsies for daily wear.

Swaddle blanket


Maybe cloth diapers

Money for parking ( :-/ our hosp charges as it's downtown)

Change for vending machines

Change of clothes for DH



I'll use the pads they give at the hosp but will buy more for home. Hoping to just stay the minimum 24 hours and go home.

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