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What date do you put up your tree if you do? Just curious!

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I could do it tomorrow or the next day, but that's a looooot of Christmasy days, and maybe some needles falling off close to then end (we thin a crowded stand of fir on our driveway, and those don't seem to hold their needles so well--maybe those store bought trees are infused with plastic somehow and hold onto theirs forever!). Or, could wait until my ds's mid-December bday week as we sometimes do...What do you do about when to do the tree, and why?

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Probably the middle of December.
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My daughter's birthday is December 4th, so we decorate for Christmas on the 5th. I like the idea of making a distinction between a December birthday and Christmas, but this baby is expected to come Christmas week, so I have no idea how we'll work that out in the future!
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Usually mid Dec. for the big tree because we get a cut one so I don't want it to be dried out by the big day! The girls have small fake ones for their rooms that they'll probably put up tomorrow.....after I, *ahem* finish putting the Halloween decorations away.
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We decorate for Christmas the first weekend in December (next weekend this year, the 1st came too quickly after thanksgiving for us to be in the mood to decorate). But we wait until mid-December to get a tree so that it's still fresh for Christmas Day.
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We always decorate on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This has been our tradition since before my husband and I got married. We always get a fresh cut Fraser Fir from Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago. We decorate the tree, listen to Christmas music and put up all the decorations in the house. And we eat up the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers - usually either turkey noodle soup or turkey noodle casserole. 

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Our tree is plastic so we can put it up anytime. Usually we do it the first night of Christmas break.
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As children we always used to decorate the tree after my brother's birthday in mid December. As well as not wanting to mix his birthday in with Christmas too much we generally had parties at home. Lots of young boys running round = need every inch of space available. I have another brother born on the 27th, generally his parties were after the schools went back otherwise people are too busy. Again it made for a bit more separation from Christmas, I've spent many a boxing day making his birthday cakes.


We have a plastic tree so no real limit on when we can put it up. I still like to keep it till mid December though, as it does take up quite a bit of space. The children on the other hand want it up NOW so we'll see.

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We used to put it up a couple days before Christmas and decorate on Christmas Eve. It takes a full day for a real tree's branches to settle, if has been wrapped, before you can put on the lights. Even though we have a fake tree, now, we put it up close to Christmas. And we never take it down before 12th Night.

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We're going to cut our tree (on the national forest) on Dec. 16. 


We'll have it in water within 30 minutes of cutting it and keep it drinking the entire time it is displayed.  No fallen needles in our house (even with a wood stove)!


We usually get an 18' tree for our living room.  We'll decorate it the same day we cut it.  Just bought all new LED lights to use.


Our ornaments are combined from both our parents (the same ones we used growing up in the 1950s and 60s).  Some of them are really old, 100 years old (from my Mom's side of the family).  Beautiful blown glass and they look so lovely on the tree.  Our manger scene (though I am atheist, dh a former Catholic and ds leaning towards atheism, we still think it is beautiful) was my grandmother's when she was a girl and dates to the 1890s. 


There's a lot of decorative history in our home at Christmas!!


We'll take it down sometime during the first week of January.

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We put up the tree yesterday, because I love the holidasy and don't mind the needles that much. We do a u-cut, so I haven't had problems with needles in the past, though this is the earliest we've ever done it.

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We put our tree up yesterday, and will decorate it tonight. I've never had a tree up so early, but I think it will be okay.

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We always get our tree right after Thanksgiving. It's DW's tradition. She loves a real tree and having the house all decorated. I grew up with a fake tree, but I enjoy having the real tree and how festive the house looks. We take everything down at the new year.
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We don't have a set date, but not before the second week of December.


Growing up, we always put ours up on the 16th or 17th. My mom liked having the tree up, but my sister's birthday is the 15th, and mom didn't want the tree up until after that, so that Christmas didn't overshadow her birthday any more than necessary. (My mom's birthday is between Christmas and New Year's, and it got lost in the shuffle a lot when she was growing up.)


The way the dates work this year, we may put ours up this Sunday. Waiting until the 15th is a bit late for me, and we generally do it on a weekend. OTOH, we may pick it up next Wednesday or Thursday and give it a couple days to settle, before we decorate it on the weekend. We'll see how it goes.

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