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Queer Conceptions December

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:rotflmao Welcome to the December Thread! :rotflmao

Let's make some early fall 2014 babies

Please put your updates in BOLD.

GRADUATES: Please click here to share how you got your BFP!

Waiting to O whistling.gif


Fmorris28 chartnew.gif










Waiting to Know... Braving the 2ww fingersx.gif




Working on IVF



Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be readywave.gif





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Thanks for the shiny new thread Darcy!
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hi all, Happy December to you! Just to let you know I had my scan this morning and I'M HAVING A BOY!!! Pretty excited, just need to find a name now. Baby dust to you all and great news about a couple of BFP's xx

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Congrats Liz!! So excited for you! Did you think you were having a boy?
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A boy, hurray. That is so great. How are you feeling Liz?

Welcome everybody else to December. Thank you for the new thread Darcy. It is a busy month, which should make any waiting to O or to know a bit more bearable, right? I really net to get started on my christmas shopping though. Time will fly.

Afm, one week until my ultrasound. I can't wait. I am feeling pretty good mostly, can't sleep on my tummy due to killer boobs, pretty tired and a police dog nose (my wife's perfume is the most disgusting thing I know right now *lol*, she had to take it to her office today so it's finally gone from our home). No cramps or bleeding, although I am still majorly paranoid about any twinges in my lower abdomen. Oh and taking 6 progesterone a day, sucks a bit, but I am too happy to complain.
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thanks Fried! We're both very excited. TBH I think I'll cope better with a boy, particularly if it's sporty as I was very much a tomboy growing up! I'm feeling great, relieved now that scan's over and everything seemed to be OK. Still better on energy, expecting it to decrease soon. A couple of twinges in stomach but no official kicks yet. Isn't progesterone the most disgusting thing ever?! Great things are going well for you, I didn't have any weird aversions or cravings so it's pretty much been business as usual for me, with a bit less exercise.

Darcy - yep had 10 dreams I was having a boy (none with a girl) and all the'wives tales' symptoms pointed to a boy, including the chinese gender calendar.

Baby dust to everyone else! xxxx
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ps the first and only time I'll ever have a willy inside me wink1.gif
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Hi, ladies.  Huge congrats to Fried and Agrex!!!!


Darcy, shoot me a message with some contact info and we can commiserate in person :)  I'm not the most available these days, but definitely after the new year.


The good news is I got an interview this Friday, which is great, but it's also when we should know the results of our TWW, so lots to feel anxious about.  Lady was convinced this was not the cycle, but now for some reason finds her temp chart to be promising, so seems to believe she is pregnant.  We don't have a single test in the house, which is blessing/curse territory, but I've ordered some more (thanks Amazon Prime!) so tomorrow we will be able to start POAS like the nutcases we seem to be right now ;)

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PS Huge congrats Liz! 


and also, Fried, SIX PROGESTERONE!?!?!?  holy [expletives].  we're barely managing with 1/day.  how do you do it?  are they pills or suppositories?

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Friederike - I hope this week flies by!! So excited for you!

Liz - wow that's so cool re all the boy dreams. I have had dreams about twin girls before so I guess only time will tell. Too funny about the willy inside of you - haha!

Sandiegongp - congrats on the interview. FX for a bfp! I will send you my contact info.

Afm - went for blood work and US this morning and news wasn't good. Lining was really thin and and only 1 follie at 13mm. Today is CD8 and I will be going in for another US on CD10. RE gave me estradiol to help with my lining and upped the Menopur to 3 vials per night. Looks like best case scenario will be 1 good follie with an insem around Friday. I am hoping my blood work comes out normal so that we can continue with this cycle.
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It is so fascinating, that dreams can come true like that. I am curious when I'll have my first baby dream. So far I either woke up in the middle of the night scared of miscarrying or in the last nights slept like a stone, but apparently tossing and turning a lot without me noticing. My wife decided to move out of the bedroom today, because last night I kept her up for hours kicking around. Her first grumpy words this morning were, that we should just forget that crazy idea of a family bed.

Darcy, thank you. It feels so great that you guys are all so supportive.

Sandiego, I hope her intuition is true. And good luck with the interview. I hope you double lucky.

Also TMI warning
Sandiego, yes 6 twat stuffers a day, 2 every 8 hours. The mess is unbelievable. And it is sometimes a bit scary, because it feels like bleeding on the way out.
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Congrats Liz!  I'm not sure what I'll do if I end up with a more feminine child.  I guess I'll have to learn :)  I was, and am, a tomboy.  So excited for you.


Sandie- good luck and hang in there! I actually started running regularly recently which is helping my anxious feelings during this whole thing.  Plus I quit smoking over the summer to prepare so I figured I'd continue down the "healthy stuffs" path. But regular physical exercise has been helping me cope.  I found an awesome app that's been keeping me motivated to run more frequently (I used to get bored during runs). and it involves zombies, so I figure it is a win-win.


Darcy- Good luck and hang in there.


AFU- So she went for blood work today to check her numbers and we will get the results tomorrow.  Just hope everything is going ok.  I feel like I'm walking on egg shells right now.  Good thing I have finals and craziness at work to keep me busy all week :)  And I decided to get sick so I am avoiding getting too close at the moment.  Plenty going on and super excited for the holidays.

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Thank you for keeping me on here. I've been trying, but found it emotionally challenging to keep up. I'm glad to hear that there have been some pregnancies and I hope your pregnancies are easy!
I'm on a break this month due to holiday travel. When we start again after the holidays, we'll be doing medicated iuis with monitoring and also a new sperm donor. I'm excited, our new donor is gay and that makes me really happy and he has prior pregnancies. I have my fingers crossed.
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Hey everyone. Please move us to waiting to O. The tests weren't good, hCG was down to a 3. So, now we wait some more.  Guess we won't be having an August baby after all.  I think the hardest part is not having a clear reason or answer.  Ahh well, no one said this would be easy.


Hope everyone else is doing ok.

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Darcy- the estradiol should thicken your lining up nicely by Friday. Good luck on Friday!

Liz- a boy! Congrats! How exciting to find out. I have always thought that I'd know nothing about raising a boy (only ever had women around me- no brothers!). Obviously, I'd be happy with either.

fried- lol with your description of the progesterone. I've been on it too before, and it is a yucky mess. Especially when it melts and you're scared that the entire volume has gone to waste in your underwear.

agrex- I'm so sorry to hear about your HCG. I can't imagine how you and your DP are feeling. Hugs.

afm- saw the endocrinologist today and got the results of my full endocrine and thyroid panel from last month- completely clean and normal. The endocrinologist questioned the reliability of the RE's lab, as my levels were all excellent. Just in case, she repeated the bloodwork today, so I had 9 more vials taken from me this morning, and I am scheduled for a head MRI in a few weeks.

However, she cleared me to start IVF again, so I called the RE's office and spoke with the nurse about getting back on our plan. She said she was going to "review my chart" and call me back in a few minutes. This was at 11am. I never heard back from her. I am shocked and appalled by the lack of professionalism at this clinic. I emailed her as well, because I'm on cycle day 1 today, and will need to get my cycle synced with DW's again soon- with those damn oral contraceptives- if we are to salvage this cycle. I'm so frustrated because this whole "endocrine scare" was unnecessary and has wasted 3 months!!
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agrex - so sorry to hear about the dropping hcg levels. It is such a hard thing to go through. I'm sending lots of good thoughts to you.


mama - I can't believe how frustrating your experience with your RE's office has been. I hope they get their act together and that you're able to proceed with IVF this month!


Sending good thoughts to everyone else out there - whatever stage you're at in this process. 

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Agrex, I am SO sorry to hear that, and can only imagine the frustration and disappointment.  


Mama, I honestly can't even handle how awful that practice sounds.  I would just give them hell.  I mean, I know you need to be collegial and whatnot, but if they actually fuck up your cycle, that's just not worth preserving niceties.  I get overassertive sometimes though, so ignore me ;)


fried, your comment cracked me up!  good for you for doing all that twat stuffing and getting through it with a sense of humor :)


AFM, we just got a 11dpiui very, very faint bfp...we are being very cautious because it could be/mean anything, and agrex's situation is a very timely reminder that the stats and whatnot are not in favor of the sticking, however, just knowing that it can even faintly show up is exciting.  she poas at 9pm, so it was not a very accurate testing time, either, we know, so we're going to do the proper fmu test tomorrow and of course see what happens in the days to come.  this sort of reminds me of how it feels to have a skype interview for a tenure track job my first time on the market--it's such a great sign that it could totally happen for me/us, even if it's not going to turn out this time.  it's great to have something to reignite hope when you've been slogging along.  now to go try to focus on grading even though all i can think about is lady's first pee of tomorrow morning!


we had a funny moment where lady took the test, then another one to make sure, and then made me take one to make sure this batch of tests wasn't messed up--since i'm not as skilled at poas, i peed on my hands, dropped the cup in the toilet, and lady was outside wondering why i was shrieking and screaming.  my test did not have any faint lines, so we know there's something in her pee that's making that line show up.  and now i have a deeper appreciation for what all of you go through with all of the opks and other tests.  

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San Diego - I had this funny feeling when I sent you those OPKs that you might not need them. I still have my first, very faint BFP stick from 10 DPO. Is it weird to keep something with pee on it?? Anyway, best of luck with the FMU!
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Agrex, I am so sorry to hear that. Chemical pregnancies just suck big time. Hope and healing to you and your wife. It seems like you'll try again right away? I heard that this is a good chance to get a good positive just after a verry early mc because the body was already exposed to hcg. I wish you all the luck in the world!

Mama, yessss, you're back at last. How frustrating that it was unneccessary, but great that you can finally do the IVF cycle. I look forward to hearing how the reciprocal procedure works. It is a great solution to share the misery of shots. It was our back-up plan as well to try with my wife's (better quality) eggs. I am very happy for you. And at least you have the full panel done proving you're in excellent health.

Sandiego, how exciting though. Will she get a blood test? Stick little baby stick.

Sphinxy, yeah, it is a bit odd, but who cares. It just shows how loved and treasured our kids were right from the start.
I think I'll just photograph all tests (15 internet cheapos, 2 CB digis, 2 regular drugstore dye tests so far) and then trash them. Later we can put this picture in the baby album next to the photograph of the embryos from transfer day. We also kept the pictures from the loss in April and plan to write a little note about how there was an embryo that didn't live, but that the little star is still in our hearts. I think such a fact can be tastefully included in a baby album and it can help overcome the shame and silence that surrounds the phenomenon as a whole. I never realized how prevalent losses, early and late, are until we started TTC.
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this morning the second line was even fainter.  boo!  we'll see what happens in the next 2 days, but before anybody (me) gets too excited, there's today's dose of reality.  reality sucks!

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