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Oh and regarding donors, I'm Asian and DW is Dutch/English/Scottish/maybe a little Native Canadian. I'll be the egg donor, so we chose a sperm donor that was Caucasian and an eighth Cherokee.
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sandiegroup woooooooo hooooooooooooo congratulations!!! :joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy


For all those with recent BFP's - you going to join us over at the Queer Pregnancy & Parenting group? please do!!!!!  xoxoxoxo

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sandiegongp woooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats, I am so so so excited for you and your lady and yes please do join us over on QP and P. 

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Sandiego, I am so happy you got the confirmation that everything is right on track. You'll have a beautiful August baby! All the best to the pregnant lady.
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Hi! DP and I are going to start trying in January. I'll be ovulating on the 8th (hopefully) so inseminating the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. It feels so surreal to be starting this journey and I'm so fucking nervous. 

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Welcome Tavi! Would you like me to move you to Waiting to O?

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i'm not ready to leave this group just yet, so i'll be sticking around for a bit if that's okay with everybody.  


tuesday's our 2nd blood test, then 2 weeks after that is an ultrasound, but you all know the stats and how hard it is to ever know what's going to happen next, so...i shall straddle two groups!


darcy, lady is in fact on progesterone, i kept forgetting to answer you.  and, this is a huge overshare, but i feel like nobody else in the world will appreciate this except this board, we recently found out that it makes my tongue go numb, even the day after she's used it!!!  


tavi, that's really exciting!  are you using fresh or frozen?  i assume not frozen, because that seems early for an insem to me, and i have no experience with fresh, so there ya go!  good luck!


mama, what is the timeline for you guys?  how are you both feeling?


fried, liz, and redrock, it's so great to know everything WORKS!  so far!


we are feeling some symptoms so far: lady's got painful nips, "twinges" in her belly, etc.  we have BOTH been having some emotional side effects, like rollercoastering from sheer excitement to sheer panic (mostly panic that it won't stick, although there's a little bit of "holy crap, we've been hoping for this for so long, now what if it ACTUALLY HAPPENS and we have a kid!?!?!).  the excitement wins out, though.  we bought a baby name book and a pregnancy journal.  i had a long session yesterday with my therapist about how hard it is to just focus on the joy part and leave the fears/statistics/very real possibilities for when we have actual reason to deal with them, rather than summoning them up at every turn just to try to be "realistic."  so buying the book and journal felt like a move toward the joy side of things.

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Yes, please move me on over! whoa..... scary!



Congrats to all the BFP's... I'm so jealous! 


Yes, we're using fresh. We have two different donors in town and I think we're going to alternate months maybe? It's awkward to me because my last donor (my now 6 year old son's donor) is one of my good friends and I don't really know these guys (they're my partners friends). We'll see who takes...I got pregnant with Liam on my first month of trying and am curious to see how that works this time around.

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Just a quick check in to say that I've been doing Clearblue digital OPKs twice a day for a few days now, in prep for O-ing probably sometime early this week. Today (12:30pm), I tested with both the digital and an internet cheapie. The digital was neg, but the internet strip was pretty dark (not darker than the control line). So, I let my KD know that there was a good chance that he'd be shipping today, and I plan to test again in the late afternoon. Fingers crossed for better luck with OPKs this time around, and an insem tomorrow!

And I'll definitely be back around to do personals and a better update soon. Life's been busy!
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Hey guys, we so often talk about how crappy our experiences with people in the RE industry are. Well today I emailed my fertility clinic to tell them that we got a positive blood test last week and an ultrasound confirmation of a singleton pregnancy today. Just now I got a very personal reply from my doctor in Berlin how happy she is for the two of us, with many heartfelt good wishes for our pregnancy. Of course with the hormones she made me cry. After my regular doctor also personally called me last week with the good results from the hcg test where she seemed also really excited for me, I now feel really happy about how there are some great people in the profession as well.
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Congratulations sandiegongp! I remember you saying your lady was sure it wasn't going to work this time, and I was wondering why she felt that way because it sounded good to me. So happy you got good news! I hope everything continues to go great!

Good luck, Tavi!
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good luck Tavi!  


isn't it funny, Pokey, how you can totally believe you know what makes a cycle promising or not, and then in the end it's up to things you don't even know about?


i will say that the thing that now seems the most promising about this cycle was that she had one big (25mm) follicle when we did our last u/s.  the other 2 factors we're now praising as key are that thanksgiving weekend was the first time in months we both really relaxed together.  oh, and....in the exam room after the insem, i was playing around with the used catheter and saw that a droplet of sperm was left in it and squirted it up there as a joke, but told lady at the time that if she got pregnant i was going to say it was all my doing!  


i suppose its better than the time when i was ALSO playing around in the exam room before an ultrasound and put my whole hand around the u/s wand to see if we could see the bones in my hand, only to realize that all my hand germs would then be going inside lady!  i had to tell the nurse what i'd done so she would clean it off.  only slightly embarassing ;)


we're getting nervous for our upcoming tests: bloodwork on tuesday, and if we're still pregnant, then an u/s in 2 weeks.  still holding our breath.

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Lizbian - congrats on the boy! I died on the willy comment


Fried & Sandie - Congrats!!!   


Fried - Aww - I'm glad your RE sent that note, so very sweet. And yes, it is nice to know there are some good docs out there.


Fille - Crossing my fingers for a good inseam this month!


Tavi - Welcome back and here's to a short stay on the boards - good luck!


Lea - I think trying is a good idea. It might be $175, but that's "just" money, right? You can earn that again but you'll never get this month to do over. Having to skip a month is very frustrating to me so my opinion reflects that, your mileage may vary  ;)


Darcy - I've been there on this process making you broke. It was one of the things that led us to becoming foster parents. I couldn't wrap my brain around going in to debt for this. It's also why I'm keeping things low/no cost and DIY this time around. We're not broke anymore, but I don't want to get there again. Besides, we need a downpayment for a bigger house if Mr. A stays with us and we get pregnant. I'll cross my fingers extra tightly for you this month!


Mama - Ugh - We had to go through infertility counseling when we went through an RE and it made me so mad. It's the same sort of heterocentric BS. I really feel for you!


Hopeful - Good luck in your remaining 1WW :) DW is Indian so finding a donor with her features would have been very limiting. Our DD does have black hair and darker complexion though. We mostly chose him because he's one of our favorite people. I guess that's the difference with a KD - you go with whoever works and have to accept a lack of choice.


Agrex - I hope you're back on track soon - I'm so very sorry things didn't work out for you guys this month.


AFM - Did I get everyone? Woo! Sorry I've been quiet - end of term rushes and all. It's CD 14 and I'm still expecting to O ~CD 20, Monday. KD is on board to start trying Thursday or Friday depending on CM. I was talking to my sister over Thanksgiving about TTC and she was giving me an earful about not lying around with my feet in the air and my hips elevated after insems. I was amused. Anyway, with school out for a bit both my Dec and Jan attempts should be much easier to schedule. Here's hoping that all it takes is Dec. Good luck to everyone in the TWW!

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Tavi - good luck!


Sandie -that's a natural reaction. I've not been wanting to think too far ahead this pregnancy because of the 'what if' and 'this might happen'. I am always naturally cautious and it's only now, half way through, that I've started to think it might actually happen. Just know it's completely normal but don't let yourself stress about it too much xx Also know you can join Q P&P and stay here as well, it's not all or nothing xx


Fried - what lovely reactions. I had a great email back from the clinic as well and even though it's a job for them, it's also personal.


Fille - good luck!


pook - I know!! rude. My MIL wasn't impressed, and nor would my mum be but you know what? I don't really give a shit!!!


BTW - equal marriage has just been passed officially in England and Wales from 29th March next year, and Scotland looks to be going through - woo hoo!!


baby dust to all and all the best for Christmas and New Year for those who celebrate it xx

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fried, that's great that the practice was kind!  you know our story of when our last RE's office gave us a cupcake and all signed a card when we had our appointment the same day as our courthouse wedding.  that made it really hard to leave them--it's so nice knowing you're people to them and not just patients!


afu, we just got our results from the second hcg test: 1508, so the double rate is every 33 hours!  i can't believe it's still going on!  so amazing!  we'll see where we are in 2 weeks when we have our first u/s!  now to grade finals for one job and get finals ready for another job..also i got another interview for the second week in january!  things are crazy!

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Good morning! I'm so happy to finally announce that I'm officially weaned off progesterone! Yay! And also that I have three boxes of unused endometrin suppositories that I'd be happy to send out to any of you who need them. Just say on here that you want them and then PM your address and I'll get them in the mail!

Congrats, Sandie! I hadn't been keeping up as much, but so exciting for your BFP and the good beta numbers!

And Fried! I'm so happy that one of those little embies took! You must be so thrilled!

Hello and good luck to everyone else! Hoping for a lot of good Christmas/Solstice/New Year's surprises on this board!
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Isa - congrats! If they're still available, I'd love to take that progesterone off your hands. I'll send you my address! 

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no baby news (except that we are still pregnant as far as we know?) but i just got 2 more interviews!!!!  this is insanity!  if i get a job, i'd be moving literally right when or slightly before the baby is due aka not ideal, so if i don't get a job, at least things are easier that way, right?  yikes!  Now I feel like we are in another 2WW, as we have our u/s with our RE on the 23rd, and then meet a possible OBGYN on January 13, so that will be a 5WW.  hoping hoping hoping!

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Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself on this thread. I'm trans - FTM, but pre-everything, and starting IVF in January. I have a lot of ladybit issues that make IVF the only way I can conceive. I'm single, but 38 so not willing to wait any more.  I'm using donor sperm from European Sperm Bank.  I'm hoping to do the implantation around March?  So maybe delivering a year from now?  I'm really excited to finally be moving forward.


Sending happy baby thoughts to all of you.

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:w to Queer Parenting lrex99!  I hope everything goes well with your IVF and you are welcoming that babe in a year!

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