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thank you, PokeyAC!  I love your avatar, by the way.  What a cutie!

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Welcome lrex99! I hope you have a short stay on the TTC board - IVF has such great odds that i have a feeling it will be fingersx.gif


Let's see, what's been going on with the rest of you?


Hopeful - You should be testing soon, no? fingersx.gif 

Darcy - I know you think this month might have been a bust on timing - but I'm rooting hard for you fingersx.gif When do you hope to test or expect AF?


:goodvibes Sending good vibes to you both!


The board is so quiet right now - everyone already caught up in the holidays?


AFM - I got my pos OPK today, so O on Monday. It was the clearest pos I've ever seen on one and I'm taking that as a good omen. We got tries in Fri/Sat/Sun and I'll drive up to SF to see KD for one more try tomorrow after he's done with work. Go ahead and move me to the TWW  :D

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Welcome Irex! 


Good luck to everyone in the tww - hope you all continue the good luck streak so many people had over the last few weeks!


Hope everyone else is doing well too! Personally, I'm looking forward to a fresh start in 2014. 

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Thank you pookafaye and lea2012!  Here's hoping we all move off the TTC board.


Good luck everyone!

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Welcome Irex. Good luck for the IVF. It is a very stressful procedure, but the odds are great. Hope you get lucky on your first try!
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Hey everyone! So the beginning of the month was rather rough but we got through it and got the ok to move forward. Clomid and hcg again this month. We did the IUI today so please put us in the 2 week wait. we had 3 follicles at 19 22 24 yesterday on the left and 16 mm on the right. So we'll see.
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I think I moved everyone to where they are supposed to be! Will be back tomorrow with personals. Beta is tomorrow so we should know by tomorrow afternoon or Thursday at the latest!
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agrex - yay for TWW buddies! I'm hoping to be distracted by the holidays but no real luck with that so far. Let's close out 2013 with some exciting news orngbiggrin.gif
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Agrex - so sorry to hear about earlier this month but so glad you got the okay to move forward. Those follies sound great!

Irex99 - Welcome! Do you want me to put you under working on IVF?

Lea - you will be getting started so soon! Hope it flies by for you.

Pook - thanks for the good vibes! All those tries sound promising!! How did your trip to SF go? And yeah the money thing is tough. I would love to go low tech but it seems my eggs have other plans.

Fille - how is everything going? Did you insem yet?

Sandiegongp - how are you two doing? Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. I am really excited to graduate you! Let me know when you want to be moved.

Fried - glad to hear about your wonderful experience! It's nice to hear good reviews.
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Pook- Thanks so much for checking in on me. My test was a BFN and AF showed up this weekend. Your positive OPK sounds like a good sign and with so many insems this cycle!! My fingers are crossed for you!


lrex- Welcome to Queer Conceptions. I hope your stay is short and sweet!


Agrex- Good Luck!


Sandie- I'm not sure if I have said it yet, but congratulations on the BFP!!! I'm sure going through the 5WW till the ultrasound has to be agonizing, but it's getting closer and closer! Hopefully the holidays are keeping you at least a little distracted. How did the other 2 interviews go?


Fille- How did the OPKs and the insem go?


Tavi- Welcome!


Darcy- Any news?!


AFM- Could you move me to Waiting to O? AF showed up this weekend so now we are just waiting. I should O right around Christmas. I realized the other day that December marks two years since the first time we insemmed. Thinking about that makes it hard to not get discouraged but I just try to think about all of the things that are different from the first time I was trying and all of the things I have learned. Also, even though it's been two years, there have only been about 10 times that we have actually tried.... Ugh! Is it just me or does 10 seem like a lot? :irked

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Hopeful - So sorry to hear about AF. 10 times is a lot. Are you working with an RE? On meds? Do you know of any reason why you might not be getting pregnant? This process can be so exhausting and the only thing that helps me is having a plan going forward. I see that you are trying with a KD now? The odds seem much higher with fresh sperm but I heard it usually takes a few tries.

AFM - Beta was negative so now we just wait for AF and then start all over again. I emailed RE a bunch of questions so hopefully I get some good answers from him. I am mainly concerned about ovulating so early and quickly. My surge seems to begin naturally as soon as my follie hits about 16mm-17mm which is odd to me. It's making the timing of the trigger really hard because RE wants to see bigger follies before triggering. I asked for more monitoring and blood work so let's see what he says. Also, we are shooting for two insems this time around - one being at home. That should help with my O most likely falling on New Year's Day when my RE office is closed. This will be our last try until we get a better handle on our finances. 

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and good luck to all of you in the TWW and all of you with upcoming insems!
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Thanks, Friederike and Hopefull22!

And yes, DarcySD thanks - you can move me to working on IVF.


I'm still new here and trying to figure out how to keep up with everyone, but so grateful for this space and getting to know each of you and your journey.


Happy holidays and happy baby progress to everyone!

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Pooka, good luck with the insems!  


lrex, welcome, and good luck with the IVF ramp up.


Agrex, thinking of you!  it's hard to imagine what it feels like to get the hopes up this high and then have them dashed, but i'm glad to hear you're trying again.  


Hopeful, thanks for asking!  one interview was today and boy oh boy do i want that job.  i have 2 more in early january.  it's nervewracking.  Also, I don't know if this helps at all, but at our last insem, our RE told us about a couple that had to do 12 insems to qualify for their insurance, and got pregnant on their 12th one.  i don't know what we should take from this except that this is a crazy game with no rules.


Fille, how was your insem?  hope it went great.


Tavi, welcome to you!  


Darcy, i don't know much about injectables and stuff, but there should be a way to lengthen your follicular phase.  i'm blanking on what it is.  crap.  i hope your RE gives you some good advice.  i felt like we always had to kind of do our own research and ask for things, but when we did, they were always receptive.  still, sometimes you just have to lean on their expertise, i suppose.  hope it works out!


afu, we have our first ultrasound on monday, and i'm super anxious.  i don't even want to write too much about it because i'll just go nuts.  but oh boy monday cannot come soon enough.  also, lady's parents arrive saturday to stay for a week.  if we get good news on monday, we plan on telling them right after.  if not, there will be some tears for sure.  angst!

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It's been so long since I wrote personals that I have a lot to write and fingers crossed for so many of you, for fruitful TWWs (agrex, pookafaye) and sticky babies (sandiegongp) and great job interviews (sandiegongp again), for trying again when things are so, so discouraging (DarcySD, BByH1Pr). fingersx.giffingersx.gif

Mamaetmaman: any progress with your RE? They're sticking by their demand for a donor-surrogate agreement? Have you figured out when you'll be able to try again, with that in the timeline?

Lea2012: Did you end up trying a shipping cycle this month? Or did you decide to wait until January to try again? I hate the shipping process-especially feeling like I have no control over what happens at KD's end of things (did it get cooled, packed and shipped properly). Still glad I can do it, but yuck.

Hopeful22: I'm totally bummed for you about AF showing up! I'm 99.9% sure I'll be there with you in a couple of days. I'm at the 1 year mark of trying and even though I can back through the months and say "okay, there were only a couple months where there was really a 100% good try," the fact that it's an anniversary of my first try really bums me out if I think about it. So, trying not to think about it.

Welcome to Tavi and Lrex, and all my hopes for very short stays. Lrex, I'm particularly happy to have another single parent-to-be join us! I'm 35 and not will to wait anymore to start a family just because I haven't found a life partner, so here I am....

I have updates on how things are going with me, but it's sort of long and ramble-y, so I'll post all that separately.
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Thanks for all your inquiries and wishes for good luck! Even testing twice a day, I again didn't end up getting a positive OPK this month, and there were some issues with my KD being able to ship when I thought I was about to O last Monday, so I held out, and ended up asking him to ship too late. Basically, I insemmed a couple of days after O (for the second month in a row!), and am expecting AF along early next week. (Darcy, you can move me to Waiting to Know, but I really am quite sure I'll be back in Waiting to O in about four days, so you can just leave me there, if it's easier.)

I was less frustrated with the whole (too long to report in full) debacle of this cycle because the day before I insemmed, I had my follow-up appointment with the RE to discuss the results of the testing I did in November--bloodwork, ultrasound, HSG--and my KD's semen analysis. I was super-nervous, but a (lovely, loving) friend volunteered to go with me, so I had some emotional support in case of bad news. Which I did not get.

First off, KD's semen is excellent. This is awesome, because not only do I not have another KD option, I really, really didn't want to ever have to tell a guy he was shooting blanks. (In a bit of amusing heterocentrism, the SA report had me listed as his "wife". Apparently, this is the only configuration of people that are supposed to be doing semen analyses.)

On my end of things, even though only one tube actually spilled dye during the HSG, RE thought that both tubes are probably open. The only actual irregular result across the testing was high levels of male hormones, indicative of PCOS. (My AMH was good, actually a bit high, also indicative of PCOS.) The possibility that I have PCOS is not surprising as I have Type 2 diabetes and PCOS is strongly linked to insulin resistance. That said, since the issue with PCOS and TTC is that you typically don't ovulate and/or have long/irregular cycles, and I have neither (BBTs show consistent ovulation and labwork from last year shows my post-O progesterone levels are consistent with O), it doesn't seem like this is actually going to be a barrier to getting pregnant. Though, who knows, I have heard that less than ideal blood sugar levels (mine are okay, but not non-diabetic) can make getting pregnant difficult. Anyway, even though there was no clear infertility, RE gave me a Rx for letrozole (Femara) and said it might help things happen faster (by making me ovulate multiple times per cycle), and it might also make the OPKs go positive as well, making it easier for me to time insem. (I'm already taking the other drug they give women with PCOS TTC, Metformin, to control my blood sugar.) He suggested I take the letrozole without any monitoring, 5 mg/day CD3-7. He also said letrozole has about a 5% incidence of multiples, but otherwise minimal side effects (it's a different mechanism than Clomid, so doesn't lead to thinning endo linings and things like that). He said if I was worried about multiples, I could go with a half dose (2.5 mg/day). I took the Rx, but haven't filled it, and am not sure what to do with this new option.

So, here's where your wisdom, experience and hopefully advice come in:
It turns out that a month's supply of letrozole is now super-cheap (yay for generics!), so there's no financial barrier. What would you do if you were me? Try the letrozole? Keep trying without? I'm pretty terrified of having multiples, for both health reasons (I'm already going to be "high risk" because of the diabetes, my age, weight, etc.) and the reality that having twins as a single parent would be a whole magnitude more difficult. Two babies, one parent, oy vey. That said, I'd take raising twins on my own over never getting to have kids. And I'd really like to have 2 kids but have resigned myself to just one because of my age and finances and all that jazz. So, yeah, twins, maybe hard but not a disaster? I am getting pretty tired of trying month after month. Maybe a 5% chance of multiples is worth it, if it means getting pregnant faster? Or does it not make any sense at all to risk multiples, when I have time to keep trying and no definitive need to take the risk? Have any of you had experience taking letrozole, with or without other drugs/monitoring? How did you weigh the risk of multiples when you were thinking about different fertility treatments?

Also, looking back at just my last year of charting, I've O'd on CD15-18 every single month (in previous years, my cycle varied a little more in length). So, instead of screwing around unsuccessfully with OPKs, or going to trying the letrozole, I could try shipping twice a month and insemming on CD15 and CD17. That'll give me pretty good timing most months, and lead to a lot less stress than now, trying to predict when I'm going to O in the face of obstinately negative OPKs. I think my KD might like it as well, since he'd know his shipping day(s) in advance instead of having to wait for my text.

Option 3, I could consider combining the timed approach with taking the letrozole, but I wonder if the letrozole might make me ovulate earlier in the cycle and screw up the timing. Anyone who has tried letrozole, did it make you ovulate earlier than in unmedicated cycles? I tried to get Dr. Google to tell me the answer to this, but couldn't find anything that said one way or the other. It seems like a possibility.

So, yeah, advice...?
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Fille - no experience with letrozole, but wanted to chime in regarding your consistent O-ing. Since you are using fresh and sometimes O-ing on day 15, I would not wait until day 15 for the first insem - swimmers might miss the egg. Day 14 would probably be safer. I would then maybe move the second one to day 16. With fresh, it's going to stay alive inside you for up to three days, so you should still be fine to catch a day 18 O with a day 16 insem.
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Fille, I didn't take those drugs either, but we had to think about the multiples issue as well when deciding how many embryos to transfer (1-3). We too only plan on one pregnancy, also because of age and finances. For me, the 20-25% chance of twins was worth the risk because it heightened the overall chance of getting pregnant at all. Like you, I was so over trying again and again with no result. And it would have been neat to get two children and be done. We thought that if it happens, we'll need prepare to let go some of our ideas on ideal parenting and do stuff like scheduling their sleep and eating times and probably not carry them around as much. Of course there is two of us, but in your place I would evaluate what your support network looks like. Are there friends or family near who could help you when things get tough? I read a lot about families with twins in the last months and many of them stressed that it is the first two years or so where it is really hard, but after that, it get's increasingly easier than with one child, because they have someone to play with and entertain them.
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Hi everyone! Things are busy over here, so I will be back with more personals on another day.

fille- I have been on letrozole 3 times. All three times, it has significantly shortened my follicular phase (like from day 26 to day 16). I only ever had one dominant follicle, never multiples. It isn't very similar to clomid, which tends to encourage multiple follicles to develop as the dominant one. Letrozole will also not thin your uterine lining as much. It did give me hot flashes though! Lol. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
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Hi everyone - sending happy thoughts to all of you.  I am surfing the mdc site instead of wrapping Christmas presents and stalking threads with baby pictures and dreaming of my own one day. :2whistle  So Cute!   Argh. I am impatient for IVF to be rolling and know it won't be until April probably until implantation.  


Oh - has anyone doing IVF done the CCS chromosone test?


Happy Holidays to all!

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Hello everyone, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! We have been enjoying our time in Michigan with family and haven't had much time to get online. I have much to catch up on but I wanted to say congrats to those who got their BFPs and Welcome to those just joining.


With the new year finally coming along I am happy to get moved back to waiting to O! We are anticipating AF in the first week of January and are anticipating our IUI by the end of the month. Very excited and also nervous to try again.

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