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Frequent colds

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Hi all, my six month old has just started with his fifth cold. He seems to manage them relatively well when he does get them, but I'm concerned that he's sick so often. I breastfeed and he's home with me, although we are out and about in the community. I've been reading a bit about higher rates of chronic disease in adulthood correlating to frequent childhood illness. That freaked me out a bit and so I'd like to support his body in any way I can to be stronger in fighting bugs. I think I may make an appointment with the naturopath to see what we can do. But I thought I'd see what people have to say on here - anything that might help? What about chiropractic adjustments? Would that help? I'm making elderberry syrup this morning, lots of breast milk and rest for this round of germs...
He also has a diaper rash that just won't quit, he's had it for two months now. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing...allergy or something that's stressing his body.
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How is he otherwise?  Happy?  Developmentally on track?  Any other signs of an allergy (rashes, digestive upset, hives, etc)?  If there are other concerns, I would take him to a doctor and see if there might be something else going on.  But if he's otherwise happy and healthy apart from colds, I wouldn't worry too much.  Some kids just have less effective immune systems for whatever reason.  You could try probiotics and see if those help.

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How was his delivery?  Did you have antibiotics?  I know there are lots of things that can wipe out gut bacteria for the little ones, maybe you need to get a good probiotic?  I had abx with DD1 and she got sick quite a bit for the first year or so.  It got a bit better at 8ish months when I introduced probiotics.   DD1 also had terrible yeast that was so hard to get rid of.  Is your LO's rash yeast?


Good luck.

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His delivery was extremely gentle, no antibiotics. He was given one dose of antibiotics at a week old, which he threw up soon after receiving it. That was for cold #1 and a slight fever. The paediatrician told me not to continue the meds, which was music to my ears, so I didn't give him any more.
I think I'm dealing with yeast these days but he seems to be yeast free...I think. He has a persistent diaper rash, that he's had for two months. That is starting to concern me too as no cream will settle it. He also had mild reflux for the first five months or so. So probiotics may be a good idea. I'll pick some up.
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Keep nursing, maybe delay solids. Look into allergies. Also if vaxing maybe start spacing out more. Try coconut oil on his bum or kissas diaper rash mix, even breastmilk smile.gif
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