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December chat thread!

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Our last (official) month of pregnancy smile.gif

Lilykay, I was wondering about you!! I kept checking to see if you'd had your baby yet, but congrats on early labour!! If you like Jane Austen, I would recommend one of her books. I just finished re-reading pride and predjudice, and am now re-reading persuasion. I am also trying to get my hands on a copy of death comes to pemberley by pd james.

Party was good last night; my shoe strap popped as I walked in, but luckily we w ere planning on leaving afte dinner anyway. We are not party animals, lol. And DH's chair cracked when he sat on it...I think we both need a diet!!! Food was yummy and it was nice to eat dinner while its hot and without little people!! But I was feeling lots of "down there" pressure all day yesterday, and then lower back pain in waves by the evening. Everytime I cough/sneeze, I feel like I'm sitting on a water balloon eyesroll.gif I am happy that was our only actual xmas party, except for our family dinner, which we'll have December 14th, and will be pretty low key.

I did my GBS swab on Thursday, so we'll see what the results are. My midwife was not keen on automatic abx, she said we'll see how labour goes and decide if its necessary then. In my experience, my water doesn't break until near pushing, and they don't do cervical checks, so I'm not too concerned either way. I would probably do some hibiclens or garlic before labour and maybe ask them to re-check closer to the birth.
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It's our birth month! Yay!! So excited for the ladies experiencing pre or early labor. smile.gif

After doing the zinc plus 1000mg vag EPO for the past two nights, this morning my cervix was definitely more effaced, maybe 50% or more, seems like there's not much more than a cm thick or less and baby's head seemed right there. smile.gif still posterior cervix and high but making progress!

I think next Sunday (like Dec 8th) would be a nice time to birth. I'd be 39+2, and my busy week would be over, lol. My son has two chess tournaments this week, one Tuesday and one Saturday. I have two birth meetings to attend and a doula/photographer interview. My family has a potluck dinner also planned for Sat and a coworkers cookie party on Friday. So I'd like this busy week to be o er first then baby can come on!
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Woohoo, Kali! I have definitely felt more pressure sinc starting the EPO, but since I can't reach/check my cervix, I have no idea whats happening. Not that it matters to me, baby will come when they come. I think maybe December 15th would be good, but I will still be in my 39th week, so I am not counting on being in labor that early wink1.gif
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Ok, I know that baby hasn't dropped yet, because whatever else might feel or look like it, I woke up several times because someone's foot was lodged firmly in my ribs. Ouch! No kicking! 

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oh, and you all are doing evening primrose vaginally? I was assuming orally. I'm still gearing for after the 20th, cause I *think* I don't want Sagittarius boy…although I'm sure if thats what I got I'd be just as pleased. (just superstition, I know :)

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Yeah, I've always done vaginally, the downside being that it leaks back out a bit, so I need to wear a pantyliner 24/7 now. Oh, funny story: my 2 yo heard me asking my DH to pass me a pantyliner and, later in the day, when I was going pee with her, she bent over to look at my undies and said "is that your pancake, mommy?" LOL!!
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Haven't felt baby move all day. I have been very active so she is likely sleeping. But I'm going to drink something with sugar and lay down on my left side just to make sure. I used yo never be concerned over things like that until our friends had a stillborn two years ago... 41 week baby who they simply noticed wasn't moving one day.
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That is horrifying. What had happened? Cord entangled? BUT when I read that I thought of the rest the baby sometimes does just pre labor…a much nicer idea! We were in the ER, actually, with my first at 41 weeks, because she went most of a day and night without movement- I realized at like, 5am that I hadn't felt her in a long while. So, I freaked, drank cold water, drank some juice, moved around and then lay back down, and then the midwife said "just get in now, the triage is nice and quiet." (yeah, 6am on Sunday I reckon it was!). Anyway, she was in a deep sleep! Totally fine. But born a day and a half later :) 

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They actually never fou d out what happened.it wasn't obvious. Probably a cord or placenta issue but thy didn't want to pursue finding out. They were blessed with another daughter last week... A rainbow baby.

I drank ice water then hot chocolate (only sweet thing in the house). Lying on my left side. I felt one tiny movement so far. Will keep an eye on it. My midwife lives less than two miles from me and I think she keeps a basic kit at her house so if I need her to one check fetal tones at east she is close. I am having lots of BH contractions and round ligament pains though, was out all day on my feet.
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I nearly had a heart attack with my third baby. My water was broken but no labor, we were sleeping and planning to be induced in the morning if labor hasn't started and she wasn't moving. I have a hand held doppler so checking her heart beat was the only thing that kept us from running to the hospital. She must have just been sleeping and gearing up for the big day ahead. My MIL's fourth baby was stillborn so it has always been on my mind.
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Yeah, that happened to one of our neighbours...baby passed away at term...so heartbreaking...thats one thing I've gotten more paranoid about with each pregnancy greensad.gif
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She moved after eating ice, lol. Goofball baby girl.
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Glad she's ok, Kali! I try not to think about things like that; I have enough anxiety as it is.

So, a friend of mine came over today and brought me a really nice glider. It's used, but expensive, and I've always wanted one! Not only will it be nice for the baby, for now it gives me a place where I can sit and put my feet up in the living room (our coffee table has a raised edge that makes it uncomfortable, which DH did on purpose so the kids wouldn't put their feet on it).
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Relieved to hear all is well, Kali! I am much conscious of baby girl's movements - or more specifically her quiet times with no movements.  DH and I have taken to poking and prodding her -- just to get a reaction. (She might as well get used to it....I am sure DS will be poking and prodding her a whole bunch once she is out.)


Michelle, YAY for the glider!  I am hoping for a new rocking chair this time around. We bought one when DS was born and spent what I thought was a decent amount of money on it (around $200) --- and the stupid thing just fell apart bit by bit after 6 months of use. The wood was strong, but the construction was super-shoddy.


So tomorrow is my EDD. I never thought I would get this far based on my limited experience with DS..shows you what I know! :lol

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new thing to worry about- my 2 year old has never not slept next to me, and is a fretful sleeper, and also won't be put to sleep or back to sleep by anyone else. She is in there howling now after waking, with her dad trying to soothe her down. Its not working. So, someone is in for a heck of a night when I am in the hospital, and then, poor tot gets to associate it with the new baby? Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to just do a home birth after all…or recommend Calliou on repeat until she just conks on her own (never happened, but hey, she couldn't last all night, right?)

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Ah, roisin, I don't envy you on that front!  It's very satisfying to have more babies so you can not do-over the things that made life harder!  I remember us walking our two year old back to sleep in the middle of the night, for goodness sake!!  By kid 3 I was sleep training in the crib at 9 months and since then the babies have gone to sleep and slept through the night on their own (usually) from 9 or 10 months on.  My oldest STILL has issues going to sleep, poor thing.


Hang in there- put in headphones or go out for a late walk maybe?!  Good for papa!

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Hugs rosin.. Hang in there. I transitioned my just turned two year old to a trundle in his older siblings room two months ago. I didn't want to be dealing with his sleep issues and a newborn. It was a great decision. He went from having to be nursed or held to slep (by me) to laying down in bed like his siblings having songs and prayers and us leaving the room. Yay!

Ugh. I feel really nauseous tonight. Anyone else?
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And diarrhea. Hooray. :/
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I keep hoping and praying that today will be the day.  I guess not yet. No new action for me. DH and I went to bed at 8 pm last night, then his sister called at 9 p.m.! She just moved to the U.S. from Canada and got married in Missouri. She invited us to some sort of reception for this Saturday night, um, yeah, 8 hour drive, no.  She is 46 years old and doesn't have any children.  Love her, but I hope to be holding two babies on Saturday night - my babies! We shall see.  Took me until 11 p.m. to fall back to sleep though. That was annoying.

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Yeah, one thing I changed with baby#2 was getting dad involved in getting baby to sleep from a very young age. Baby is fed, then dad rocks or soothes to sleep. However, my 2.5 yo still wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to be snuggled back to sleep. This weekend, I started working on taking her pee, and putting her back in her bed and leaving. I'm also talking during the day about her not getting out of bed when she wakes up and telling her that mommy doesn't snuggle at night, so we will see how it goes. The other night she cried until DH woke up and went to her, because my back hurt so much greensad.gif
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