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Hugs to all y'all with the toddlers and bedtime issues.  DS will be 4 tomorrow, and we were able to make some serious progress in the past year..mostly due to his age, I think. He was excited and ready for his own bed early on in our pregnancy. Now we all still sleep in the same room, so it has taken the past few months to get him to know that he needs to stay in his bed during the night.  


Jenny, you have me thinking about how I might do the sleeping thing with this baby a little different. With DS I refused to do sleep training until he was 1 year old. DH was ready at 6 months to do something about it. Maybe we will meet in the middle and be more active about it around 9 months. We will continue to co-sleep, but for me the sleep training has to do with not having to nurse to sleep and then the next step of not having to be cuddled to sleep.


So today is EDD. And I am at work. Still hoping I will suddenly have to leave. I have an online ctx timer up just in case. :D

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Earthwalker, that is too funny about the ctx timer online. I have an app on my cell phone for them. But I haven't had to use it yet.

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I didn't realize that there was a new chat month, hehe.

Friday is my EDD, and here we are, still waiting.

Yesterday we had a huge storm here, and the entire neighbourhood got the electricity cut due to repairments. We live in an appartment building, 8th floor, and we were out when this happened. So in order to avoid me having to climb up 8 stories of stairs, we went to visit my sister, then we had the OB's appointment, then we tried to go to the movies but the cinema didn't have the a/c on (bc of the friggin' storm), then we went to visit the construction site for our house, and since the power was still out, we dicided to go stay at our weekend home, like a 40 minute drive, only to find that the house didn't have any power either (it was a big storm) :\

So I had no choice but to go up those stairs.

And still no baby.


So yesterday I saw my OB, I like her better everytime I meet with her. She looks commited to help me have the kind of birth I want. I am getting a little worried about the baby not showing signs of wanting to be born, but she doesn't want to even mention the word "induction", she tells me I have to think positive. 


Any news from Lily? Did she have her baby?

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Up 8 flights at 39 weeks! bigeyes.gif Wowza, Anablis! That is a story for a lifetime. 


Glad to hear your loving your midwife! My DH just realized that my midwifery practice doesn't start to even mention induction until 41.5 wks.  He was a bit surprised, but pleased.


I can't wait to hear from Lilykay either! Trying to be patient....especially since...


Well, I want to go ahead and apologize in advance but once the labor train starts rolling, I won't be able to update the DDC. (I mainly update from work!) But I will be thinking of y'all and wearing my birthing bracelet! 

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Please all (including myself!!), remember that it is quite common for babies to be born at 42 weeks and that's not "late," but just a normal amount of gestation time for some mamas/babies.  I remember waking on my due date and crying because the baby hadn't been born "yet"...I'm going to due my best to not get discouraged.  I like Michelle's approach, counting 42 weeks as when she's due and having that as her expectation.  It's so easy to become discouraged that the baby will NEVER come!  But they always do, even without being induced!

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Well said, Jenny!!! As long as baby and mom are doing fine, its best to let them choose their own bday smile.gif
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Amen, Jenny! Babies come when they come. I do feel really lucky that I've never had a doctor even suggest that I needed to be induced (admittedly, my two latest babies were UC), and this one has said repeatedly how uncomfortable he is with inductions for VBACs.

Please remind me of this in two days when I'm 39 weeks, technically "full term," and fantasizing that my doctor will find some reason that baby needs to come right now (but will be perfectly healthy anyway)! :-P
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Well, I've used my entire allotment of emotional energy for the day, maybe the week. I both asked my mother for a favor (a ride to my appointment tomorrow) and turned down a polite offer from her to help buy my daughter a bike (decided we can afford it ourselves). Not like she threw a fit or anything, but that's kind of the point. We have this emotional distance in our relationship that makes me dread any interaction that isn't perfectly pleasant and entirely superficial.

I'm so glad I have DH; he's the one who helps me not have that kind of relationship with our children. And he's going to be totally understanding when I say that now I need a nap!
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A good reminder, Jenny!
Hugs, Michelle!
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yes, its good to remember that 42 weeks is a real, and fine possibility…I think its harder because everyone around us is getting so excited and ready, too! I mean, when everywhere you go people think you are due any day, its hard not to start thinking like that as well. I'll never forget how miserable those last two weeks past my due date were the last time, as I had completely convinced myself that I would have the baby, if not by 37-8 weeks, surely by the due date. After all, my mother had me (her first), two weeks early. If I had done the Michelle trick...


On the toddler front, oh my. No game last night. She is more attached than ever- I think its the impending new baby, and the fact that at this stage my ardent 26-month-old nurser is no less ardent, but there is just no milk! So she is going through a big change already, on that front. I suppose I'm not all that surprised that she wants to sleep right next to my face whenever possible. Poor dear. I hope this new baby isn't too hard for her- but she's *really* excited. She told me tonight that when she comes to visit me in the hospital she is going to be crying. I asked why, and she said "because Grandma and Anna and Eliza (her aunties) will be holding Gagu (her name for the baby…matched her renaming of herself into Nanu…ooooookkkkk, two-year-old), and he is mine, and I want to be holding him". Well, if thats her biggest anxiety, maybe it won't be so bad! haha

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I think the hardest thing for me is that with twins, I just aimed for 40 weeks, but didn't really expect I would make it that long.


Dh's car has a check engine light on.  His is the "better" car between us.  I don't have time to take it to the mechanic today because I am trying to help my brother finish up some college coursework before it is too late to turn things in.  Ugh. I know with my car the check engine light comes on for some stupid sensor that has to do with air quality and if I drive it long distance, the sensor goes off and so does the light. DH's car needs the oil changed too. Hopefully the check engine light is nothing big.

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Porobably just a sensor, Lilac. If the light is orange, its not serious, if its red, it is. One of my lights went off a few weeks ago while I was driving to work, so I texted a picture to DH. His response was "OMG THE FLUX CAPACITATOR IS ABOUT TO BLOW!!!" Luckily, I know his sense of humour, otherwise that would be enough to send any pregnant woman into the river, haha.

I'm torn about wanting/not wanting baby to come early. On the one hand, if he comes after the 31st, he will have to wait a whole extra year to start school (which might not be a bad thing for a boy...), and if he comes later, I will have time to do lots more home-organizing projects, and enjoy xmas with my family, as I finish work this friday. On the other hand, I feel like we should just get it over with and get started on the madness of three kids, so the poor little guy's bday is not at Christmas...one the other hand, having a birthday after Christmas may not be bad from a birthday party perspective...all the kids are on holidays anyways. Whew! I think I'm out of hands! eyesroll.gif
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Roisin, when I had my second baby, at first I thought my toddler was really jealous. Every time I held the baby, he'd cry and reach for me. But then I'd put the baby down, and pick him up, and he'd cry and want down. Turned out that he didn't want me - he wanted "his" baby! All of my kids have been like that. I'm a little worried about my youngest this time, just because he's so much older than the others were (and so much more used to being the youngest), but he's always talking about his baby, and how he can't wait to see her! He even kisses my belly goodnight! smile.gif

Lida, there's a part of me that kind of hopes this baby comes after Christmas. It would drive me crazy with impatience, but a post-Christmas birthday seems so much more practical than right before Christmas, even if it's only by a day or two. Today is my current youngest daughter's birthday, and we always say that the Christmas season doesn’t officially start until AFTER her birthday. I couldn't do that for a baby born on say, the 23rd, and I'd feel guilty about it. But if she's born on the 26th, then Christmas is over and it's her time!

But part of me also kind of wants her to actually come ON Christmas, or at least Christmas Eve, just because it's so cool! orngbiggrin.gif
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Lida, I think my DH is freaking out about the check engine light more than I am.

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I know my check engine light will come on if I put the gas cap back on too tight. And for random other silly reasons like that. I wonder if your DH is stressing more about the impending birth and he's using the check engine light as an outlet.


With this pregnancy I haven't even let myself entertain any thoughts of giving birth before my due date. My first was 3 days "early" (and I was fully prepared to go over with her) and my second was 9 days "late" so with my third I didn't know which one to expect. I spent the entire 39th week on edge waiting for something to happen. I finally hit my due date and just completely relaxed, taking it a day at a time. And I had fun freaking people out for the next week until she was born. I loved going to stores or very public places where I knew someone would have to ask when I was due, then I'd very nonchalantly say, "Oh, 3 (4, 5, 6....) days ago." The looks people get are priceless. It's this mixture of shock, confusion, and horror...like the baby is just going to fall out right there where you're standing because you've passed that magical due date.This time around because of it being so close to Christmas I don't even really want to go early. On or the day after would be ok, just so we can get the tax deduction, lol! Actually, if I was in control of the date I want her to be born on the 28th (2 days before edd.) That would give us about 8 days at home with all the kids before school starts again. But knowing how these things work, when it's most inconvenient of course, she'll wait until January 6th-the day the older kids start back to school from Winter break!   

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Hello Ladies! I'm new to the community. 36 weeks this week with my first and seriously starting to freak out a little 😬
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The funny thing was when i picked up the car, there was NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON!  I am like, what? I took it to the mechanic to get the oil changed and my brother who was following me there noticed that the passenger side tail light was out. The mechanic told me the same thing when I was there about the check engine light - it could be simply that the gas cap wasn't on tight enough or was on too tight.  Seriously, that is a "check engine light" type of thing. Tsk, tsk.

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Welcome kimiann...what are you freaking out about?!


I'm 37 weeks and just resigned to my ambitious creative project and Christmas organization/prep list.  I figure that will keep me occupied right up my due date (Christmas day!), then I will be busy integrating new stuff my mom sent to our house and going to the movies and just hanging out, which I think I'll be really happy to do after the business on my calendar leading up to Christmas!!  What a great distraction : )  

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freaking out about the unknown I suppose. I don't even know how to be a mother! I have no family nearby bc my husband is military and we're stationed all the way in Hawaii, and home is on the east coast.
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Kimiann, becoming a mother is one of those things you learn on the job. Trust your instincts and watch your baby and you can't go wrong!

Yes, I agree that the check engine light is a total cash grab!
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