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I had birth trauma from my first, was DREADING labor this time, esp. a pit induction, and fantasized about a caesarian, too! And then…even induction this time was e.a.s.y. Don't psyche yourselves out! Sending peaceful, calm birth vibes and visions of fat, happy babies



I was wondering about the night pooping today, too…if i didn't have to check diapers I wonder if I wouldn't have to be getting up at all. I also wonder if these first couple of weeks form habits, or if it is just about keeping everyone alive and happy? 


On another front, tendering with my 2 year old dd isn't so bad- except that my in-laws are here and everyone clearly strongly disapproves of still nursing her. I'm really mad that dh insisted they come when they wanted- I feel like the first two weeks should have been ours to bond and incorporate him into the family, and now since they descended on us on day 6 I've just been angry, feeling judged, and trying to get everyone to lay off dd, who is having a hard time sometimes sharing her mom with the baby. oh, and I'm not feeling like sharing him, either. He's a week old, and he is mine to hold!!  

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Ugh! Roisin!! That sounds like a visit from hell. Too bad of your DH not to listen to you! No advice here, just lots of sympathy! And I totally think the first couple of months are less about habit and more about survival.
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oh that was supposed to be *tandem-ing*. spellcheck! 


And thanks Lida. trying not to "sour the milk" lol

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Oh, I didn't even notice, Roisin! Haha!

So during the night DH started violently being sick, out of both ends! He has not stopped for hours. Really hoping I will not be going into labour anytime soon. If I do, I think we will be having a homebirth, as Dh is in no condition to do anything. DDs have both had violent colds this past week, DD2 had a very feverish and restless night last night, so thankfully I was sleeping in her bed when Dh started being sick. I, on the other hand, had terrible wakefulness last night, just kept thinking about things, decided that we need a bassinet and we don't have nearly enough warm blankets for the baby, that I need more nursing tops, etc! Its nesting on steroids, I swear! This morning i woke up with the kids' cough, plus the temperature outside is back to the minus 20s, so going out anywhere seems like too much right now greensad.gif So I did the dishes, vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, did a load of laundry, and am off to hang some pictures. Thank goodness i have so many home projects to do!
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We've got the ends of sickness here too.  

I finished the last of the possible to-do house stuff (framed and hung pictures too!) day before yesterday- the downside of being so organized.  Today I'm going to buy yarn to start a sweater vest for someone- I never know what size it will turn out to be but it'll either fit my 3 yr old or I'll save it for the baby.

Felt very very emotional and down yesterday- my eyes burned as if I was going to cry all day long, and I did do a fair amount of crying.  I wish I wasn't feeling sad.  Now I know what everyone was going through weeks ago when you all got grumpy and negative and I thought, "Oh, how sad they aren't just happy to meet their babies soon."  Dumb me, how easy you forget this part.  I wish he would've just come when I was still happy!  

My kids all at home for break is such a mixed bag- today not so good.  They go back to school in a week, and I'd hoped that they would have a chance to spend some time with the baby before having to transition back to school.  I'm bummed he's not here yet.

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Hugs, Lida! I hope all of y'all feel better real quick and before baby decides to come. I can't even imagine how y'all handle the cold up there...but then I am Caribbean by blood (if not upbringing). So even Georgia winters can get to me. 


Roisin, I applaud you for still nursing your 2 yr old! Sorry the in-laws are being judgmental. When DS was 6 wks old, we took him to visit family, and man, I could hardly bare the weight of their opinions. It really got to me emotionally.  Even now when I got of the phone with my grandma, DH had to remind me to not her psyche me out. To do what feels best and natural, and forget everything she said to me.  (Which in her case, she does not like how much I carry/hold my babies, says I am just making it harder on DH when I got back to work.) The part she doesn't understand is that DH loves carrying our babies, too!


So I can't believe I am actually able to post for a minute. I miss being on here with y'all. I think of everything I want to post, but then no time on the computer. But for now I have the house to myself, and DD is sleeping in her K'Tan. Peace, sweet, peace.  


DS is handling the transition to big brother pretty well. He isn't happy about not being able to snuggle in bed with me and the baby unless I am all the way awake.  But since DH is sleeping in another bed, DS can go snuggle with him any time.  I try to make up for it by offering to read books to DS whenever I am nursing.  My only complaint right now is how DS seems to really ramp up the commentary, suggestions and just loud jibber jabber when DD is crying. I am there thinking, "I mean really?!?! Do you think I can even hear you?!? Do you think we need more noise right now?!?" I resist telling him to shut it. I try to focus on the fact that I want to hear what he has to say, so he could he please wait. But then he says, "i was just talking to myself." I am trying hard to remember to cherish these moments and find the humor in it all.

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Hugs to you, Jenny! My oldest and loudest child is on school holidays until next week too. I am happy to see her, and that she and her sister are able to go off and play together, but she is also kinda driving me nuts. She.never.shuts.up!!! She is a very loving and sweet little girl, but has a ton to say and always wants to control everything. The extremeweather is making it harder, as I can't send her outside to give myself a break.

Earthwalker, I have lived here all my life and I should be used to the winters by now, but I am a tropical being as well (only in spirit), and I just can't get over the weather being so cold. cold.gif I remember DD1 doing that talking thing too with DD2 as well; I'm pretty sure I lost it on her more than once. But then again she was only 2 and I had no other help. It didn't help that I have *really* struggled with breastfeeding each child.
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Roisin I'm sorry your babymoon has been interrupted. I felt the same way about not wanting anyone here for at least the first week. That's our time with the new baby and other people do not need to interfere.

Earhtwalker our older two girls do the same thing, and they're 10 and 7! I try not to snap but it's hard not to sometimes when the baby is crying and they're throwing out "suggestions" on what I should do to make her stop.

Jenny, maybe being grumpy and emotional is one of those last signs of impending labor. I know I was not pleasant (to put it mildly) those last few days.

Today was my due date. I can hardly believe I have a 12 day old babu instead of still being pregnant! She's such a tiny little thing still too. I hope everyone dealing with sickness in your homes makes full recoveries before the babies arrive.
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I have a bassinet set up next to the bed, but I have a hard time sleeping if she's there. I just worry too much! So she's napped in it a few times just to give me some time to myself, but she sleeps in my arms at night. I don't even fully wake when she's hungry, just roll over with her so she can have the other breast. Although last night she slept straight through from 11 pm until DH woke her at 5 am! Crazy, right?
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yeah, wow! This guy sleeps almost constantly, actually. I am getting more sleep now than I did with the first one at a year. Its heaven. He's ten days old today (whoa!), and I feel so alright that I even bundled up and went out for a walk! I need to figure out how to wear him, because I want to keep him close, even if he's sleeping. Its too easy to sit this easy baby down somewhere (ahem, dh) and let him sleep. The two year old is getting really tough, though. She's having a lot of meltdowns and its hard to stay patient with her, and remember that she's still a baby, too. 


Fil and wife finally left today, after such helpful comments as "so…if you nurse her, is there enough left for him?" (umm, no. I am needlessly indulging her and letting the newborn go hungry, obviously), and "wow! its like you have a flock of servants!" (at the fact that they did dishes and a load of laundry after dinner, and went to bj's for diapers. yep, servants. Doing what I would normally be doing unnoticed while you sit in the living room and drink...). Ok, sorry for the rant. I should relax. Now for the mil visit, which she graciously postponed for a few weeks. 


sigh. The good, the bad. 

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Thank goodness your visitors are gone, Roisin! I swear, some people!! I hope my DS will be as good a sleeper as yours! I will gladly plunk him down anywhere!!! After two terrible sleepers, I think I've earned a good one wink1.gif

My 2yo has been tearful and more clingy than usual today. Cabin fever got us badly, so I took the girls to the mall for the morning while DH recovered from his flu. He is finally able to sit up, eat and drink liquids. Poor man!! I have never seen anyone so sick. Thank goodness baby is still tummy-side! But I have caught the kids' cold and am feeling worse by the hour. I have lost it with the kids far too many times today. Oh, well, can't be much longer now.
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I'm pretty sure people who are rude enough to intrude during the first two weeks are suppose to be servants! At least in my opinion they should be.

I really love my Moby wrap right now. It keeps her nice and secure on my chest. The only thing I don't like is having to put it on and take it off. That's a lot of material to deal with. I also like my Baby K'tan carrier. I've figured out how to slip it on while I holding her against my chest and not having to put her down to do it.
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I really need to check out once upon a child for a carrier and or ring sling. My baby Edward really likes to right up next to a warm body.
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Yeah, I really liked the Moby except DD1 was an up-down baby, so it was a PITA taking it on and off.
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Half the time I just leave the wrap tied on me and wear it around the house for when I need it. I got it from someone on offer up for cheap and it's pretty much brand new.
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I've tried many carriers and I prefer ring slings for the early months. They are quick and easy to get in and out of. My favorite is a handmade one that is very thin silk but it's getting worn so I got a new one off Ebay for Christmas. It's muslin gauze and will fold up to fit in the diaper bag easily and will be easy to adjust. Can't wait to try it. They are only thirty bucks if anyone is in the market. She's on Etsy too. Bibbettes slings.
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Someone on here was talking aBout the k'tan. Pros and Cons?
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I'm liking baby k'tan so far. It feels more supportive being over both shoulders than just my ring sling. I can usually get it on and positioned right without having to put DD down. Plus you can put them in for skin to skin time. My only complaint so far is it seems a little big but that could be because she's still itty bitty (under 7lbs) or I need the smaller size (I bought it 4 years ago and I've lost weight since then.)
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is a ring sling like a pouch sling? I have a pouch, but he can't quite hold his neck up yet, and when I tried him in it I couldn't stand the anxiety of thinking he was being squashed. he's almost ten pounds now, though. K'tan, moby, or ring? hmmm…I'll hit the baby consignment up the street tomorrow...

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A ring sling is sort of like a pouch, but adjustable. I'm not sure how baby sits in a pouch exactly, but I've been carrying her upright on my chest in the ring sling, where her head lies on my breast (high enough to kiss).

I bought a brand new wrap, and I was so excited to use it, and I did use it to wear her home from the hospital (down to the car, that is, which was quite a long walk). But ever since I got home, I keep thinking, "Yeah, I'll use the wrap next time," and I end up putting her in my 10 year old ring sling. :-P
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