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Welcome, kimiann! I'm a first time mother as well, and I guess none of us know how to be mothers until there's a little baby in our arms and we have to deal with it. I'm sorry you have no family around, were you able to make some friends while in Hawaii? If you want, you can connect with other moms at la leche league, so you can be around mothers for some support.


About due dates and such, YES you are all right... but it's hard not to become anxious! Especially for first time moms. I wanted my baby to be born in november, because we are moving to our weekend home for the hollydays and for january, and I wanted the baby to be as old as possible, but meh, it is what it is.

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yes, I've made some friends here but not many mothers, I guess it's harder for women without children to understand most things.
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So, after my ultrasound today the doctor said that my baby is measuring behind. He seemed concerned, but didn't suggest doing anything about it. He didn't even schedule another ultrasound for next time. He did say that the placenta and blood flow through the umbilical cord were good. I've never had an ultrasound this late before - isn't it possible she's just a small baby?
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Michelle, the accuracy of ultrasounds to determine weight at this point is truly terrible and unreliable.  I've seen them be off by more than a pound.  So I don't believe that their guesstimation at this point alone can determine anything.  Are there other concerns?  You've been pregnant before, how does it seem to you??  


Becoming a mother for the first time is incredible.  In my opinionated yet educated and experienced opinion, you'll be best served as a mother by working hard to bring your baby (i.e. avoiding meds or interventions) as the hormones your body naturally provides you are your best allies in avoiding pp depression and feeling the natural fierce mama bear protective forces over your little one.  The postpartum time can be challenging for new moms, as they sometimes don't realize how exhausted being a new mom can be, and how exhausting it can be to have visitors (just the social interactions are too taxing, or having to get dressed!).  I feel the best pp if I stay in bed for about two weeks- nursing, falling in love with my baby, reading a good book, writing in my journal, and eating lots of food that my dear husband brings me.  After that time I find I'm ready to re-enter the rest of my house (and pitch in just a little), receive visitors and take little walks.  By 6 weeks I feel "normal" so up until then I try to take it easy and make plans to be out for just short periods as I find my babies sleep through stimulation (farmer's markets, parties, etc) and while they are being "so good" at the time, they don't wake or nurse and then I find myself with a breast infection :  /  which sucks big time.  I really believe in taking it easy pp to enable you a good start to mothering.  Besides the lack of sleep, it's the most awesome time : )  I can't wait!

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Late ultrasounds are notorious for being extremely off regrading weight. Unless there were other risk factors/concerns I wouldn't be worried, how are you measuring (fundus height)?
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I can't believe I made it to 38 weeks with my twins today. mataji, the recommendation to basically spend 2 weeks in bed sounds like an excellent one.  I hope my babies come soon so my mom can actually be here to take care of me for 2 or 3 weeks. I will have her attention from this Saturday until Dec. 30th when my sister who has an 8 month old has foot surgery, then my mom is going to help her. With twins I think I will need even more rest to recover.

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Michelle, as someone who has been ther with two small babies, and another small one on the way, your logic is good. My midwife at my last appointment was very clear that as long as the placenta was functioning well (doppler cord flow on the u/s), eventhough I'm measuring 2-3 weeks behind, there is no reason for concern. Hopefully since your doc is not suggesting a follow-up u/s, he is in a "watch and wait" mode like my midwives.
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Typing with one hand here :love Baby boy arrived on Dec 2nd after midnight. I had no internet access. I just got home and was dying to tell you guys / see who else had a baby! I'll post details and pics on the announcement thread soon!

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yay Lily!!!!! I think we all assumed you were in the hospital! Can't wait for pics and to hear all the details! Congratulations!!!!!

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Yay, Lily!! I was hoping that your baby had arrived since youve been quiet for a few days. Congrats and welcome to the world little one!!


Michelle, at both my 28 week and 34 week u/s (which were to check the placenta but they did the full growth scan as well) baby girl was measuring about a week behind, although the doctor wasn't concerned and said it's completely in the normal range. I find it interesting that she's a week behind because my last two were 41 weekers, weighing in at 7lb 15oz and 8 lbs 4oz, yet my first who was born at 39.4 weeks was itty bitty and looked like she could've used an extra week in there (even though I went into labor completely naturally.) This is the first time I've had a growth scan in any pregnancyl, so I think my babies just need that extra week in there. If we changed my EDD based on the u/s (neither the dr or my mw feel it's necessary) I'd be due on 1/7, which I find amusing because I've been saying this entire pregnancy that I'll probably have her on the 6th. I know you've said it's normal for you to go 42+ weeks so you're babies obviously need a little longer too....we're slow cookers, lol!


Postpartum rest is so important! I learned the hard way with my first that even if you are feeling good you cannot be up and about trying to resume normal activities 3 days after giving birth. I ended up with a fever and being totally laid out because I thought I was super woman and tried to do everything. My DP doesn't really understand why I'm so insistent about having no visitors for at least the first 3 days (i'm pushing for a week but we'll see) and when the grandparents do come over they better be prepared to help out with some house work. (I did threaten to just sit in the living room totally topless since it makes nursing easier....I think he finally gets it that I'm serious!) I just want to lay in bed with my baby and snuggle and nurse and rest. I never really understand why relatives think they need (or are entitled) to see the baby as soon as it's born. It's not like they change that much in the first week and it's more important for mom and baby and the new family to bond than for every one else to get a chance to see and hold the baby. I'm kind of hoping there's a massive blizzard or something that makes it impossible for our parents to come over (we live on opposite sides of the state and they have to get over the mountains to get here.) Even when they are here I'm not planning to put real clothes on and I'm keeping baby in my moby wrap or baby k'tan and on the boob as much as possible. I'm definitely feeling very mama bear protective already!

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I totally agree, Trish, I never get it when I see a mom with a tiny baby in the mall. And you wonder why you're having trouble nursing?! Just stay home and relax! Especially when its your first, there really is not need to be rushing around.

CONGRATS, Lily!! Enjoy your newborn snuggles!!

37 weeks today! Woohoo! I have my midwife appointment in an hour andI should have my GBS results. I hope all the "quality time" I spent last week with DH means a -GBS status...
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Congratulations, lily!! So happy for you!!
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Yay Lily! Congrats!

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Congratulations Lily! I hope you and your new little man are enjoying life at home now.

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Lily, congratulations! Things are really getting started now!

I completely agree about taking two weeks to rest in bed. I just like to lay around and snuggle my baby, and do NOTHING for a while. smile.gif My DH's family will be here for at least part of the time -- MIL will be watching the kids while we're gone, and then I'm sure others will come and go -- but they're happy to hang out with DH and the kids and wash dishes for me and just let the baby and me sleep. They're super awesome. smile.gif

AFM, honestly, even if the ultrasound measurements are accurate (and we ALL know how unreliable they are), I just don't understand how "small" in and of itself is even a concern. Not getting what she needs to grow would be a concern, but that does not appear to be happening. On top of that, the tech estimated this baby at 6lbs. 9oz., which doesn't even sound small to me, considering that both of her sisters were just over 7lbs. and born three weeks later than this! And totally healthy. Meh.
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Hooray for lily!!  So exciting!


Sounds like you have you have a good attitude about it, Michelle.  It's like the last ultrasound I had to check my placenta a couple of weeks ago- baby was OA with his foot above his head, which was no big deal because he wasn't low in my pelvis/engaged.  So afterwards I got a call from the doctor's office that they wanted to do a follow up appt to discuss the baby's "unstable lie."  I said, "The baby was OA, so then what are you referring to?"  and they said, "Well, I guess there was an issue about the foot."  I said, "The foot moves all day, I'm sure it's moved by now even.  It's not like it was growing out of his head."  Before hanging up, she agreed they really didn't need to see me about it.  Crazy people, I tell you.  Do they not have any people to take care of with real actual issues?  Whey would they want to make more work and worry for all involved?  Beats me.


I am starting to feel incapable of keeping pace of my normal life.  My balance is off, I'm tired and sore.  ugh.  I am starting to get that "I want to crawl in a dark warm place with soft music and candle light and lots of food and knit" sort of feeling.  If only!!

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Just got my GBS results back-negative, YAY!! I decline the abx in labor unless I have risk factors of an infection (water broken for 18+ hours or fever during labor) but it's nice to have a negative status on file. The hospitals here will automatically treat you as being GBS+ (pushing the abx in labor and monitoring baby in NICU) if you transfer with an "unknown" status.  

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Trish, glad that your GBS is negative. I was so happy when mine was too because I am allergic to at least 3 different kinds of antibiotics.


AFM, made lasagna for supper. Trying to keep my mind off the back ache that has started even though it seems that my shrink wrap feelings have become less often. Sitting on my exercise ball as I wait for laundry to finish, lasagna to be done cooking, and DH to be home from work.

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Woohooo!! GBS negative here too! Yeah for DH's magical sperm orngbiggrin.gif
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Yay, Lily! Congratulations! :joy


So I had my 40 wk appt. Did the biophysical exam and nonstress test. Baby girl passed her tests, and all is well. I got a sneak peak at some chubby cheeks. :throb  Both the back-up OB and the midwife said that they see no need to talk induction until after 42 weeks.  There was no cervical check either.  Apparently i have ample amniotic fluid...so baby girl is very comfy.

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