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December already

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How are our beautiful babies doing?

This time of year is always a bit of a blur, we have my dh's birthday and my eldest sons. So party planning and Xmas shopping are at the top of my to do list now.
Katherine was 9 weeks old yesterday, she is such a sweet girl, she always has loads of smiles. I am trying to savour every moment with her as it is truly going too quickly.

What is everyone gifting their babies for Xmas?
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Gift. Baby exersaucer and playmat
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An excersaucer, high chair, and I'm still building my stash, so probably some cute diapers!!!

Things are going great here! I have to go back to work next week (I can't believe it's been almost 12 weeks!), I'm so scared, but kind of ready to see my coworkers and patients. I miss all the psychosis I'm use to! Haha! Joys of being a psychiatric nurse...at least I won't be listening to all the patients making crazy comments about my pregnancy, baby, and delivery! Lol. I'll miss John but he is going to be with my sister in law those 2 days a week, he will be her only priority, and she will take great care of him!

I love any excuse to show off my family, so here we are...

Front to back: John 11 weeks, Nevaeh 7, Aubree 8, Trent 9, Autumn 11, Ashley (me), and Sean!!!!
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Abk - you have such a beautiful family! John is such a wee darling! He will build such a lovely relationship with his aunt. Y'all must have big houses I am running out of room for everything and this house we've only been in since august is much bigger than our last. Not sure I have time to fit in a declutter right now.
Did you have that portrait professionally taken? It's gorgeous
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Hehe! My house is tiny!!! The 7 of us live in a small 3 bedroom house...it's temporary due to kids not wanting to move from their school and we had to move rather quickly. We make it work. My husband is one of ten children, and I am one of five and we always shared rooms so it seems normal to us. We will have to get rid of his swing to make another toy fit. Lol. The sister that will be watching John is a photographer so she took a few photos for us today. We need to make Christmas cards!

Here is another one she got...

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Great pictures, abk! Beautiful family!

My house is crowded too, Danielle, and we do have a fairly large house. I'm horrible for keeping junk I don't need. It's not hoarder levels of junk, but I am going to have to get ruthless one of these days to make space.

For Christmas, we got Ivy a playmat. We've never had one. I had no idea what to get her since we already have so many baby things. Other than that, I'll probably go "basement shopping". I haven't gotten rid of any toys or anything yet because we weren't done having kids (a huge reason why the house is so crowded!), so for birthdays/Christmas we go through the old toys packed away in the basement and give DS3 his brother's old toys that they don't play with anymore. They're new to him! I should be able to find something good for her, too!

December is a blur for me as well. Other than the numerous Christmas parties, DS1's birthday is on Wednesday. We usually have a family party, for which I usually make pizza, garlic bread, ice cream and some kind of fancy cake. Just thinking about it makes me want to crawl into bed and stay there for a week. We haven't even made the plans yet, so I suppose it might not be happening this year. DS is big on traditions, though (he gets it from me), so we'll see. I can't believe he's going to be 8! I barely remember my life before him, but how's it possible that I have an 8yo child?!
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Forgot to answer your first question! Ivy's a month old now and doing very well! DH and I both noticed that in the past week or so, she's crossed a line from newborn to infant. She feels far less fragile. She stays awake more and interacts with us! She's more willing to spend a little time with her dad instead of needing to be in my arms every second. DH is really enjoying that! He loves being able to make her smile!
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Love those pictures!! I can't believe it's December! This is flying by. I am feeling depressed that ill be back to work soon. Hazel is 1 month old.
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ABK: What a beautiful family you have!

Graci: Basement shopping. LOL. I might have to do that, too. Do you do Santa? I guess I worry my six year old will recognize the baby's gifts are hand-me downs...she already has a lot of questions about Santa, and I suspect this will be her last year of believing...but I wouldn't want this to tip the scale. Otherwise, money's so tight with how much time my husband spent on disability this year that I planned to do socks (since we always lose them) and continue my quest for the hat that will actually stay on his head!

As for the baby: He's only 5.5 weeks, and he slept 4.5hrs straight last night! Of course, my three year old has an upper respiratory infection that keeps me awake anyway. He makes eye contact, smiles back at me, coos; he even has rolled from his back to his tummy a few times. He gets fussy in the evening and in the car, but he spends his time mostly happy nursing and sleeping in my Boba.

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Revolting, we do do Santa. My almost 8yo still believes, as far as I know. He's always been kind of young for his age. I suspect something will tip him off this year. In our house, Santa really only brings one gift and stuffs the stockings. The rest of the gifts, the kids know are from us, so it hasn't been an issue for us. We don't (usually) spend a lot on stuff from Santa, but DS3 does get something new. We actually ask the boys if we can give him their toys and they like passing them on to him. As my older boys get bigger, they outgrow less of their stuff (mostly games and Lego these days), so I probably won't be able to do this much longer, but I'll take advantage of it while I can! I hope your 3yo gets better soon!
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Ava's doing well. We have her 2-month appt on Thurs. I'm curious to see how much she weighs now. I think she's on the low end of weight gain, but she seems happy and healthy. Actually, I think she might be a little under the weather atm. She's been pretty fussy the last few days and wanting to nurse/suck almost constantly. She randomly/accidentally found her thumb today and LOVED it. Too early for her to be able to find it repeatedly though.


I dunno if I'll even buy her anything for Christmas. It's not like she needs anything or will care, lol! Maybe a cute outfit or something.

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slammerkin - my kiddo has been SO ecstatic to be able to find her fist and fingers regularly lately!  She can't do it very consistently, but when she does, oh man - so much better than the binky, lol!  I can't wait until she can just comfort herself that way from time to time.


We are doing fantastically here!  Norah is growing like a weed, she went from swimming in most of her newborn clothes at a week old to stretching most of her 0-3 month clothes to capacity now!  She's definitely not a chubby baby, but she's growing very tall very quickly.  I'm actually completely fed up with the comments about how tiny she is, I think they're total crap.  I get people who think that I'm toting around a 2 day old baby when she's almost 2 months old, and she's in the 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight - not underweight at all!  I wouldn't mind the comments so much, but they always sound so accusatory.  I'm not sure what our obsession in this culture is with gigantic babies - it's as if they have to be massive chunkers to be healthy.  There's nothing wrong with a chubby baby, but there also isn't anything wrong with a skinny one!  And Norah isn't even that skinny.  


The smiling and cooing started this week.  I nearly died from the cuteness.  Most rewarding moments of my life.  :)  She makes me feel now as if she truly loves me, she looks at me with such devotion in her eyes.  Her head control is great at the moment too, she holds it up quite consistently.  It's still a bit wobbly, but she can hold it up for a very long time.  


The holidays are well underway here, as we are nearly done with Hanukkah.  I'm not thrilled with how early it was this year, we didn't even manage to get organized enough to light our own menorah.  Luckily, we went to a family friend's last night, so we at least got to have the experience for one evening.  I didn't want Nono's first Hanukkah to go completely uneventfully!  The family we visited has three special needs kids, so things get very rowdy there at times, but Norah did fantastically.  Now, on to Christmas.


I'm buying her a playmat and a tummy mat for Christmas - we have a playmat someone gifted us that has all the toys missing, and she loves it so much I want to buy her a proper one!  I didn't buy any toys at all before she was born, and now she's rapidly needing things to look at and play with.  I finally got a couple of toys for the carseat handle and she absolutely adores them.  


Here's a pic of the playmat fun!  :)


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Rainy - You still have a couple nights left to bust out that menorah! We're an interfaith couple, and my husband is a pretty secular, assimilated Jew, so Hanukkah has always been pretty low key here. The kids always really dig lighting the menorah, and my six year old started talking about it a good week before the holiday started. I have a stack of Hanukkah library books we probably won't finish (though we have read a lot). My daughter plays the dreidel song on her uke, though we actually have only played one night. The kids ate gelt while watching the Polar Express. (My husband's grandfather rolls in his grave.) We had jelly donuts and veggie latkes one night. I've really enjoyed the holiday coming early: I'm a Pagan, so we celebrate the winter solstice. And my husband grew up in an interfaith family, and I was raised Christian, so we still celebrate Christmas... having this holiday separated from the other two makes it feel more special.

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revolting - I know!  I have promised myself at least tonight that we'll light them.  :)  Our situation is almost exactly the same as yours - my husband is Jewish but essentially secular, and I grew up celebrating Christmas with my mother's German Catholic family.  My husband also did celebrate Christmas, since his father was Christian (and his grandfather was a minister!), but converted to Judaism when he and his brothers were teenagers.  But my preference is to also celebrate the solstice.  So, we just celebrate it all, lol!  That's so wonderful how your kids celebrate, I hope our family will end up doing the same.  :)

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...and I'm just getting around to saying hi! I've missed being here.

Acelyn is awesome, and growing so much. Even though like with your little Norah rainyday everyone says "she so little", or "oh that's a new baby!" DH is already sick of the so little comments, now he knows how I've felt my whole life. Lol. She will be 8 weeks old this Friday and it's amazing how much she has changed! I've got her in mostly 0-3m clothes, she can still fit a few newborn things depending on the brand and fabric. She has been cooing, and smiling, and laughing from the first week, but now it sounds like she is trying to jabber. Even when she cries, it's not just a sounds. And is starting to try to reach for things. I love it! And I think watching her suck on her hand/thumb is most amusing. She hates her little bath tub tho, and don't like trying to hold her in the sink by my self. So yesterday I put her in the big tub with me. Now that was one happy baby. I want to get this thing for the sink, it's called the blooming bath or something like that, just search for flower baby bath.

I am getting my house organized more like I want it. We didn't get to pick our home, DH's family is letting us live in one they inherited and it has taken a full year for it to feel like it is my home. I'm glad things don't go back to the same "normal" as before baby came, cuz this is so much better. Some days Acelyn is a little more demanding, so the cloths, or dishes, or what ever get left as they are. I'm glad my family doesn't care. My mom or brothers will even give me a hand with house work...my dad would too if I asked, but other then building a fire I'd have to be right there showing him what to do every step of the way. Lol. DH comes home every morning and changes Acelyn's diaper and loves on her. I love watching him make a fuss over her, it's so sweet. He was so proud of him self the other day, he went to the store and pick her out an outfit on his own. It's really cute too.


I can't really think of anything to get Acelyn for Christmas. I did find a onesie that is a western shirt while I was shopping for my DH. So I'm going to wrap it up and have him open it for her. He'll get a kick out of that. And one thing I did think of doing, and would like to make it a tradition is buying a savings bound for her. I want to get her a stocking too. I can't decide if I should just pick one out for her, or get a "baby's first Christmas" one.

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OklaMama - hi!  So glad to see you check in and that things are going well!  It seems that our experiences are so similar - we're also living in a home that was my parents, and I know exactly what you mean about not quite feeling like your own.  I still have a garage of things from my mother who passed away 2 years ago, and it's so hard to get the motivation to go through all that stuff.  Most of it is junk, and I want to get rid of it, but it takes time, effort, and a truck, lol.  :P  I'm also really loving my new day-to-day life, I was awfully bored and restless beforehand.  That's so sweet about your husband!  Mine is absolutely in love with his daughter as well, and I love watching them together, it makes me tear up.  :)


I'm not sure about the stocking thing either, I think I'll get an ornament with the Baby's First Christmas thing but pick her out one next year when she'll be old enough to enjoy it.  But I am getting her a few toys for presents, things I wanted to get her previously anyway.

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I can't believe it's December already! Where did November go? It feels like it was skipped over this year! I'm glad to see everyone seems to be doing well and enjoying their little ones smile.gif Lily is 7 weeks old now! It's so fun interacting with her , she's started to coo and laugh, and is so smiley! For Christmas so far we've gotten her a few little outfits, some natural/wooden toy rattles, and a few other little toys.. I'm still looking for a stocking for her. We're definitely getting her a baby's first Christmas ornament as well, but haven't chosen one yet.

I get tons of comments about how small Lily is too! It doesn't really bother me, I just think it's weird since I can tell how much she's grown!
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I started looking for baby's first Christmas ornaments yesterday and have a few contenders. smile.gif

Ava had her two-month appt yesterday and she weighs 10 lbs 4 oz now. The doctor said she looks great. orngbiggrin.gif We don't see many people these days so no one really has an opportunity to comment on her size, though the family does have a good time looking at her compared to her 4 month old cousin who was 10 lbs 2 oz at birth and is over 17 lbs now!
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16 pounds here! Chewable books are baby's gifts, mainly. :-)
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It seems like things have been crazy around here, but other than a Christmas party yesterday and a couple of appointments, there hasn't been much going on. December's just flying by, much like November did. I still have gifts to buy/make. I've given up on the stocking I'm making for Ivy being done in time. She'll just have to wait until next year, but DS2 is a little upset that she doesn't have a stocking, so I might sew a quick, plain one for this year...I suppose I could buy one.

Yesterday we went to a Christmas party for my extended family and everyone was fawning over Ivy. It's been a long time since a girl was born into our family, so I dressed her in a very pink and girly dress, which everyone loved. I was afraid she would get overwhelmed, but she didn't until right near the end.

Ivy's 6 weeks old and doing very well. She was 11lbs. 9oz. last week. She's smiling and cooing and just in general, a pleasant baby. I, on the other hand, am exhausted. I have zero energy and a huge appetite, mainly for junk food. The scale (and my clothes) reflect this. I'm feeling very negative about my body. I know I just had a baby 6 weeks ago, so I should probably cut myself some slack, but it's hard.
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