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December Chat

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Another month closer!


Let's have a roll call for everyone who has been active lately so we can keep track as we get closer and closer.  I'll go through last month's thread and add everyone who mentioned their due date and if you remind me if you know the sex, I'll add that too.  And if you have a color preference, I can change it.


January Due Dates


1st   - opheliajoy

3rd   - Kellyshea82  babygirl.gif

5th   - Sparatikness

         mcimom   babygirl.gif

7th   - iowaorganic


10th - tspencer


11th - OrchideZ   babygirl.gif

13th - milomama

14th - MyKittysMew   babyboy.gif

15th - JustJenny


mid  - rebekah7

16th - irishmomma10

20th - love bug

21st - pommegranate79

23rd - Neaera  babyboy.gif

24th - yummymummybump  babygirl.gif

25th - Catwmandu

         Serenyd  babyboy.gif

26th - pamelaRRRR

         polyhymnia   babygirl.gif


         kelseywhitney   babygirl.gif

28th - MrsCalvi   babyboy.gif

29th - alisondarling  babygirl.gif


So that's not quite everyone who was active last month.  If you're still around and want to be included, let me know.  We are a small group, aren't we?

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Wow, three of us on the 26th!!

Can we talk birth plans? Dh is a visual/process oriented person and he really wants us to put together a flow chart style reference sheet, more for him/us than the care providers, we have a standard format from our hospital for that. I'd love to see examples of ones like this if they exist! Things like, if induced, then this. If fetal monitoring is needed, then this. Etc.

Also, I ordered the glider this weekend on sale! Should be here soon! That's the last big baby room thing although I still may decide to refinish the dresser.
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irishmomma10--16th :-)

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Can't believe I only have about 6 weeks left! And I know this month is going to fly by. I haven't even begun Christmas shopping,  money is tight this year so we can't do much anyway but I just feel so behind on everything. I'm planning to make most of my gifts this year so I really need to get on it! I still need to order my birth kit and get everything ready for baby. I am finally getting over this cold so hopefully I can make this week super productive! 


Cwill- Thanks for doing this! It is nice to be reminded of when everyone is due. :thumb So exciting! 

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irishmomma - added!


I'm hoping for a productive week too.  Work should be slower.  My boss has 2 back ups for me even though I'm on the schedule and they will be covering almost everything that requires major driving.  So nice. 


I started and should finish a hat for DH today.  I'm going to knit my niece some fingerless gloves and her mom a matching pair.  Then a sweater for DS.  Then I think everyone else is either going to get some apple pie moonshine or some biscotti, maybe with a selection of coffees and teas.  Or I found these super cool DIY candle holders/lanterns/luminaries: http://www.familycircle.com/home/crafts/projects/lanterns/


polyhymnia, I really don't have a birth plan, so I'm not much help.  I like the idea of a flow chart though.  And I think it's a good idea to ask yourself how you will deal with less-than-ideal situations, both emotionally and practically.

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Cwill- Those candle holders are so cool. Wish I have the patience to do that! My sisters went on and on about how much they love the necklace I made from the bead swap on here, so my plan was to try to make them similar ones. Hopefully they weren't just trying to be nice and say they like it hahaha I am also going to make them some marshmallows and dip them in chocolate. I will probably do a little something else but haven't decided yet. I want to make DD an apron because she loves to bake with me. I will probably try to make a few other things. 


Polyhymnia- I haven't made a birth plan yet. Of course mine isn't going to be as big of a deal since I am planning a home birth and my midwife is amazing. But she has asked for me to make one up, things like who I do and don't want to be there, who I want to catch the baby (if there are no issues) things like that. Also, if there is a big problem and I need to go to a hospital and which one.  I guess there is more than I thought.. Hmmm... 

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8 weeks left.  I am in denial.  I cannot bear to start getting out baby stuff until I have dealt with Christmas and all of the mess involved with it.  Sigh.  I suppose I need to get a carseat and pack a birth center bag prior to Christmas.  I can handle those two things.  And a little emergency delivery kit in case baby comes on the drive to the BC.  LOL.  Then I will clean up Christmas the day after and get ready for baby.


Christmas.  Yes.  I need to get presents for just about everyone without any money to do so.  Plus the grandparents need nothing so it is just a complete waste.


Birth Plan.  The Birth Center keeps asking me for one.  Is it really necessary?  This is baby number three.  I plan to show up and have a baby,  if I get transferred then it is really out of my hands anyway.  I have a hard time believing that they read and use a birth plan at the hospital in an emergency, in any case.  But I suppose I need to get around to it.


Hypnobabies.  I am really putting off starting the program.  It is ridiculous.  I have to get started tonight.  I did at least get everything loaded on my ipad this weekend.  Baby Steps.  I did use it with my last birth, so I am hoping it is like just a refresher and not relearning the skills. You know?


Has anybody ever dealt with homeschooling and having a new baby?  I HS a K'er, but she is really doing first grade work, so I figure I will just put it aside for a few weeks until I feel like dealing with it again.  SHe isn't going to get behind, I just am not a naturally laid back person so I feel obligated to have school. . . I need to just get over it.


I really cannot believe that there will be a baby in 8 weeks.  I wonder who this person will be?

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This is my second baby while homeschooling.  I am very very laid back about it though.  We do a lot of "life skills" lol.  My oldest is about to 3rd grade work and I have a first grader.  I have a lot of good read alouds ready for when the baby comes so we can just snuggle and hang out and read aloud while I am nursing or whatever.  My kids are doing Singapore math so they are pretty independent on their workbooks for that.  I use the read alouds for a lot of our LA and have my oldest write summaries and my 1st grader illustrate- so it works pretty well.  Also I have readers set aside for my oldest to read to me :)  I have some science books ready to go too that won't be too heavy on experiments.  


I posted some crafty ideas on the tail end of the November thread- maybe my broke cheap ideas will help some of you?  Ohhh- I made my grandma a cool bracelet using an old charm bracelet and some cool shank buttons- that one was completely free :)  


5 weeks and 2 days left for me- but I almost always go late- so likely you all will have had your babies and I will still be sitting here waiting :)

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Add me please! Baby girl due January 29th :)


Now that I've got 8 weeks left, I'm finally starting to "feel the burn" as far as realizing ALL I have left to do. Tons! Going to compile a list this week. 

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I had back to back to back appointments this morning -- chiro, ultrasound and OB so I feel plenty looked after today. 


This was my second chiro appointment.  I'm trying to get some relief for my pelvis/pubic bone because I did a dumb thing and ran after the mail carrier to deliver an order for my etsy store.  Big dumb idea. I could barely walk after that!  I'm on the fence about how much the chiro is doing to help, but it's definitely not hurting anything.  It's definitely helping with the constipation!


My follow-up ultrasound showed my placenta just isn't going to move up.  It's still 2.5 cm away from my cervix. Thresholds usually hover around 2 cm.  My doctor says it's far enough away for a vaginal birth, but we haven't talked about what this will mean for all the scrutiny I'm likely to be under at the end.  Blah. 


I still am -1 lb from my pre-pregnancy weight (I'm a big gal -- so this is not unusual). Part of the reason is that I can't eat anything -- ANYTHING -- without getting super uncomfortable heartburn.   It doesn't matter what I eat -- acid, non acidic, small bites, slowly -- it all gives me HB.  All. Day. Long.  I had this with my first, and I dread the next 8 weeks.  I barely ate anything on thanksgiving because I just can't. 


I've tried a lot of remedies for it -- natural and otherwise -- and nothing's helping.  My next step is pepcid AC. 

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PamelaRRR- heartburn here too. Is there anything worse than being really hungry, while burping and feeling the acid from a meal you ate 6 hours ago crawling up your throat. Ugh. Horrible. Mine hits worst about 4 pm and into the evening. I am dreading the next 8 weeks too.
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Still here. Due with baby boy around Jan 23rd.

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PamelaRRRR: Heartburn here too- it is the worst! I am also still weighing less that my pre-pregnancy weight, and also started on the plus-size end and the babe is measuring slightly large, so no one is overly worried.


Please keep me updated if your chiro is helping at all with the pubic pain, I am having it as well. The only relief I have found is a hot rice sock. I walked around a downtown strip of mostly small businesses for 4 hours this weekend while visiting my sister and family this weekend, and my body is still punishing me for it! DD was good about reminding me to slow down and rest, but I tend to want to keep up with the group.


I am feeling a lot of pressure surrounding my office job, (self-imposed mostly,) and tying up all loose ends before this baby comes. There is so much that exists only in my brain which will have to be somehow documented so that someone else can fill in if need be. It almost feels easier to just continue working-- it is flexible part time work-from-home admin stuff for a non profit, so in theory it is possible if conditions are ideal.


I am finding myself wonder about this little guy all the time. It is funny that he is always here with me, but I still have no idea what he is like. I am still putting off decisions about all of the stuff we will need until I meet him, because I feel like I will only know those things once I figure out his temperament. He is definitely more active than my daughter was, but that is all I can tell. He seems like he is on track to be larger, too. (She was 6 lbs. 14 oz.)


Three of my closest friends, (one of which is my midwife assistant, another my doula, the other will act as my birth photographer,) are giving me a small family baby shower this weekend, and a friend baby blessing after the holidays. I am feeling so fortunate, grateful and nurtured by these three people, and am so excited to have them as my birth team. I wish I could fast forward to the birth and labor. My body is doing generally fine, just feeling impatient and curious!

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Sorry for the heartburn ladies.  :(  That's one thing I haven't had to deal with much, thank goodness.  Actually that or much pain.  My hips/pelvis/pubic bone hurt so bad last time.  And my ribs.  My ribs are just starting to hurt occasionally and my pubic bone will hurt if I walk far and fast, but everything else is pretty ok.  I was much more conscious about exercise last time and I think it helped in some ways, but hurt in others.  And the pelvic pain was a pretty big hurt. 

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I have had horrible heartburn this entire pregnancy as well. It doesn't matter what I eat, I always have it! I found that Alo juice really helps me but is too expensive to keep up with. Too bad because I love that stuff!! 


I feel very unprepared right now but yet antsy to meet this little one! My DD keeps asking to "watch baby" all the time now, which is us watching birth videos. It is so cute, once the baby comes out she says, "Ohhh there's the baby!!!!" I feel like I have done about all I can think to do to prepare her for being a big sister. 


Yesterday I was having some crazy BH contractions. Just one after another after another. They were not pleasant and reminded me why it will be for the best to have my parents come get my DD while I am in labor. I had to lie down during them and she wanted to climb on me and if I made a noise she would be like, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, You ok?" "You ok, Mommy?" "Mommy, you hurt??"  Very sweet but I can't imagine having her ask that through my entire labor and delivery. I am not always the most patient person. Especially not through this pregnancy. 


Anyway, can't wait till all these sweet babies start to arrive!! We will have to start another thread for baby pictures!!! 

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Every once in a while I get excited to meet the baby.  Finally, in the last 2 weeks, s/he makes movements that feel baby-like.  And I can feel the head and butt and feet and know there is a real person in there.  But mostly I'm just excited to not be pregnant anymore.  I was at work today thinking how everyone says how much harder it is once the baby comes.  Exciting and wonderful, but harder.  But once the baby is born, I won't have to take it to work anymore, LOL.  He's weighing me down!


I've tried starting hypnobabies a few time, thinking that doing the visualization of meeting the baby would help me feel closer to this kid, but it is driving me bonkers.  I can't stand that lady.  I'm at the point where I need to accelerate if I'm going to do it at all.  Maybe if I listen while knitting. I told DH I'm going to knit through early labor because it makes time go so fast.  So I must be in a slight state of hypnosis while I do it.


As of last night, I'm wondering if we're having a girl.  Not because of any motherly intuition, but because I was looking at our ultrasounds and realized we have a few thigh pictures with no other apparent appendages in the background.  Would you always see a penis in a femur shot?  Or not necessarily?  I know most sexing pictures are taken kind of from the butt up.  I'm going to be bummed if that is how I find out the sex. 

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I'm kinda here and still lurking in December's DDC. My EDD is 1/1/13. As of tomorrow, I will enter the last 6 weeks.

For various reasons, mostly financial, I will be switching from a water/ home birth to a hospital with a different midwife. At least that hospital allows (supposedly) laboring in the water until crowning. It's hard to wrap my mind around, but it seems the best option for us. Ugh! I had such an easy recovery with my last, which I attributed to water birth, BUT I realized today that there were other things working for me: I was fed and hydrated, I gave birth to a baby a full pound smaller, and most of all: it wasn't my first baby!!!

I'm in a mad rush to finish Christmas purchases and crafting and get the house in decent shape. I've been SO behind! I feel like a narcoleptic- I fall asleep anytime, anywhere. It's scary! Sometimes there is NO way of escaping it.
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in my last 7 weeks now, super excited, i am not even a little bit nervous.

im suffering really badly with heartburn and acid reflux any ideas other than gavascon and anaceed (they just make me sick).

also when should i start writting up my birthing plan and pack my hospital bag??

due january 24th

started to get a awful pressure this week since she dropped and some horrid twinges and sharp pains .. also pretty convinced i lost my mucus plug the other day (tmi sorry)

any advise for preparing for next couple of weeks.



belly.gifEvelyn-Isobel Moss .. DD- 24/01/2014 stork-girl.gif

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opheliajoy, I think it's really common for subsequent babies to be easier.  Pregnancy is harder, but labor and recovery is easier.  At least that's what people keep telling me and what I want to believe!  So hopefully this birth will go just as smoothly as your last, even with the change of plans.


yummymummy, If I were writing a birth plan, I would do it now.  I'll wait until the New Year to pack a bag, which will be about 2 weeks before my EDD.  If I need to go to the hospital before that, it's not a big deal if I don't have anything with me.  We're about 10 minutes away so DH or a friend can bring stuff to me.  That's crazy that your baby dropped and that you've seen mucus plug already.  I know stuff started fairly early for me with DS.  I was 1 cm dilated at 36 weeks, which was around when he dropped and 3 cm by 38 weeks and stayed there until labor started at 39+6 when my water broke and labor started.


Next week I'm going to finally preregister and do a birth center (funny how hospitals have co-opted that term) tour.  I start weekly appointments next week!  Making progress on the to-do list though Christmas gifts are going more slowly than I would like.  Ugh, and getting insurance figured out has been stupidly complicated.  I'm hoping to get it worked out today.

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Originally Posted by cwill View Post

opheliajoy, I think it's really common for subsequent babies to be easier.  Pregnancy is harder, but labor and recovery is easier.  At least that's what people keep telling me and what I want to believe!  So hopefully this birth will go just as smoothly as your last, even with the change of plans.

I sure hope this is true!!! I have had lots of people tell me this too. Really hope it is true! 


yummymummy, Wow that does seem early! I can't remember exactly when that all happened with my DD. i am so foggy on it. But she did drop early and at 35 or 36 weeks she was so low I had to sit on a boppy at work. I was 3cm for 3 wks before she came at 38 wks. I can't remember when I lost my mucus plug but I just remember it being so gross. lol I would probably write your birth plan now. (I say this and yet I haven't written mine yet and I am almost 35wks) For heartburn I have either been drinking milk or Alo (brand) juice or chewing on a few Tums here or there, Most of the time I just try my best to ignore it. 


So I finished my sisters necklaces today and am getting ready to start on my sewing projects for gifts. At least I feel a little more accomplished now that something is done! Of course I finish those and then add another project to my list because I decided I wanted to make a few burp cloths for my SIL's  baby shower this Sat.  I also finally ordered my birth kit. woohoo! So I feel a little more confident in that as well! 

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