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I think I am in a nesting spurt.  I am not sure though- since I haven't really ever nested (like as in the crazy cleaning lady nesting).  I went a little nuts on my family yesterday on the status of the old house- and it is a little better,  There are just a lot of us always here.  But I did get out my packnplay (that I use as a cosleeper), had DH remove the A/C from our room (It is -14 this morning-yet he told me I was crazy for not just leaving it there lol).  Then I had him move all my baby clothes bins so I could dig out tiny little things to wash up :)  Got that done, did about 598 loads of laundry (still working on that), bribed my daughter with M&Ms to clean the bathroom(the threat of her payment getting sprinkled on the floor was just the trick to get it really super amazingly clean lol).  Cleaned the kitchen, fermented ginger carrots, and got up and made blueberry muffins at 4:50 this morning.  I am ready I think!

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So I am 37 +3 days and have started to hit that "wall."  You know the one where you are always uncomfortable and just want to have the baby?!? I think it might just be the busy weekend we had and the dread of the busy week ahead and still needing to get/do stuff  for baby. I am really kind of in hope of having this baby early next week. It would just be so convenient, which means it probably won't happen that way. lol My husband gets New Years Eve and Day off work so that is part of why it would be so nice. He could be home almost all week with only using 2 vacation days. I feel like this poor child doesn't have much room left in there. I have so much to do today and look what I am doing instead.... hahaha OK I'm done whining... Hope everyone is feeling much better than I am today! :(

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iowa-  Definite nesting spurt :lol You got a lot done!


tspencer- I'm with you. 37 weeks today and I would love to have this one the first week of Jan instead of the second. I'm sleeping like crap but am still so excited, lol. Tired of aching and just want to meet our baby!

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Tspencer, I am same! 37 wks 3 days and hoping baby comes next week.
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Oh and to make the day even better.... Does anyone here remember the story I shared about my daughter throwing up everywhere and causing a chain reaction in me?..... Yeah, we had a repeat of that today. Only it is just me and her. I was able to clean it all up at least. Ugh not my day.

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@iowaorganic - Chiropractic is a great suggestion, only it's not in the budget right now.


@cwill - My last two did exactly that, shoved their feet under my right rib to the point where I got a bruised rib & I swear they bent their little toes back so their toenails wouldn't grow much more than slivers for ages. I have to admit, this is less uncomfortable. lol Baby is due out on the 14th of January. Woohoo!


@tspencer - My lo was vomiting all over the place last night & today too. Apparently she's got a gastric thing that's going around. I hope yours is feeling better. Mine finally kept some diluted juice & puffed cheesy chips down before bed.-I know, the chips were not my idea of ideal either, but heck they stayed down! 


Well, I am bushed but we have popcorn balls, cookies and little cellophane bags of popcorn for the stockings. We have a little ficus branch for our Christmas tree this year. Well, it's evergreen. lol My lo & I will decorate it tomorrow. I have adapted a recipe for Christmas pudding (to match the ingredients in our cupboard), made & steamed said pudding, made vanilla butter (instead of brandy butter) to go with it & tomorrow we're having leftovers for supper so I can prep Christmas dinner & hopefully bake a berry pie. Hubby is off tomorrow but working a half day on the 25th. Was having some quite strong Braxton Hicks two nights ago, so hoping that's not a sign of an eager baby. My mum is coming a week or so before his arrival, so he needs to hang tight for a bit.


I am thinking I hope you all have a happy & as comfortable as we can manage Christmas. Love to all of you! 

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I am so unprepared for Christmas. Just heading out now to do some last shopping and sorting things out. Just had a wonderful CPST come out and check the car seat install in my car and dh's, we have two notoriously hard cars for car seat installs and she showed me some great tricks to get the seat in properly. I feel really great about it now!

Also met with a wonderful nurse today to write my special care plan due to needle phobia which causes me to pass out and I'm feeling a lot better about that now too. 35 weeks!
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My cousin, due Jan. 7, is having her baby either tonight or tomorrow.  Her water broke so she's all hooked up to the machines that go ding. 


(she's 21 and not particularly interested in natural or anything) 


So, kind of makes it feel more real, no? 

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Wow, pamela, good luck to your cousin! I'm just about 37 and I hit the wall ... 3 months ago? We went to a Solstice party a few days ago and I was talking to someone I hadn't seen in months and she was asking how I was doing, saying. "I remember you were ready to be done in October." Yes, yes I was.

But now that I can see the end, I'm fairly content to wait. In part just with practicalities. I prefer not to have a Christmas baby or a day after Christmas baby since that's DS's birthday. We also still have the majority of our baby supplies in storage and won't take them out until we get cleaned up from Christmas. But I'd take a New Year's or later baby.

I'll update the roster and then I probably won't be around for a while. DH is home for the week and it's just busy, busy here. So happy holidays, all!
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Have a nice holiday!! I'm glad to have 5 weeks left, I don't feel ready to be done yet. Baby has just in the past week started being really strongly moving to where you can see it from the outside and it's so much fun. I'm enjoying this part of things and don't know if I will ever get to do it again. I am getting ready for the constant dehydration to go away though.

I need to finish sewing the cover for the new bassinet pad and finish pre washing the diapers but other than that - we are ready - so that feels good too.
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Almost 38 weeks here and feeling like I'm going to make it... had been having that "wall" feeling for a couple weeks with not sleeping/everything hurting, getting short of breath and heartburn, etc. But a couple lighter days of work with the holidays plus I think the baby has started to drop (hmmm, seems early for #2??) has helped, at least with the breathing and eating! More pressure "down there" but it's kind of a good reminder to keep up with the kegels! And it really does feel like the end is in sight... I will survive a couple more weeks of insomnia, just very much looking forward to being more comfortable in the near future.


We got the birthing "pool" (6x3 stock tank, best birthing pool ever, which I rather proudly brought home in the back of a station wagon all by myself.... okay, the guy at the farm store got it in, but I tied it down and got it out... we won't talk about how I got lost on the way home....) and squeezed it into the house, which is starting to feel rather like a storage locker, but at least the pool is temporary and in a few weeks it will go and we'll have the space back. Still need to get a hose for it, so it's not quite ready to use, but close. The diapers are washed, though I still need to lanolize the covers.... carseat lambskin needs a little spot cleaning and then we can install the carseat. I'm starting to feel a wee bit anxious about being even an hour away from home - I just feel like this baby is going to come fast (though I keep reminding myself not to get myself set on that!).


Funny story from last night's Christmas dinner with my employer: I was sitting across the table from him and he was, as always, badgering me a bit about when the baby was coming ("I don't know! In the next few weeks!"), when suddenly he looked at me and said "You just had a contraction!" No, I said. "Yes you did! I could tell!" Were you watching my belly? "No, I... I could tell!" Well even if I did, it doesn't mean I'm in labor, okay? And (I pointed this out to him) you should know that, being a doctor! ...This kind of thing would have made me a bit annoyed in the past, but I've been here long enough I'm used to him and his quirks and it's just amusing (would have been more so if I could have had a glass of wine in my hand, but ah well...) .... especially as, I actually don't know if I did have a contraction or not. I suspect I was just breathing slowly or the baby squirmed or something, but I don't always notice the braxton-hicks if I'm not touching/looking at my belly. So he could have been right... but don't tell him that!

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Ah..still here and less than a month to go now, with all the pains and aches I've pretty much been bed bound or sofa bound for a good 2 weeks now, I see my mw again next week at 36and6 so I'm going to raise the question of a sweep as I can't cope being unable to walk,sleep or even function without being in pain. Heartburn has actually started making me sick now too greensad.gif
Just want my little girl here now so she can be with us <3
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My cousin's baby arrived after a quick and easy pit induction (her first baby and she had an epi -- miracles do happen!). Her water broke around 3, baby born at 7:47 pm. 7lbs 6oz, born at 37+2.

She stayed 2 days and took the baby to family Christmas (I live 800 miles away so I missed out)

All are well!

I've been twitchy to clean house lately, big time. "Santa" gave my son a grabber thingy...10% for him, 90% for me to pick stuff off the floor without having to bend. I highly recommend it.
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Hit the wall a long time ago.  I told DH this morning that if I was offered a C-section I would probably have it done before I could even think that bad move over- sad but oh so true.  So- good thing I don't go to an ob huh?  We had a lovely Christmas that I slept through most of- so that was nice!  Prime rib for two meals (and my DH's was insanely good- his grandmas was "eh"), a million legos, and chocolate cake :)  It was great!  My kids are getting so big!  They all got new cowboy boots from grandma (that I picked out) and even my baby girl was tromping around in hers (tear a little lol).  So good thing for another baby so I don't start feeling old or something.  


Baby wise- I had a midwife appointment on monday and baby had dropped way way down but was posterior so when she turned the baby it kind of came up a little.  But my back felt a million times better.  Lots and lots of contractions- but nothing sticking yet.  I am getting a chance to think about stocking up for after baby....  need to give it some more thought because my azure order is due today....  I need some food for my one child who is gluten/sugar/dairy free at least prepped.  Our church brings meals for a week- but I am sure he won't be able to eat any of those....

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So I take back what I said yesterday about being able to survive a few more weeks of this, LOL.


Yummymummybump I *totally* hear you about the misery of not sleeping, horrid heartburn, pain..... yeah. Even though some of it improved for me just in the last week - and I sure hope it does for you too! - it doesn't take long to wear me down again. The shift of pressure from up here to "down there"... is threatening to push my guts out the backside before the baby comes out the front side, IYKWIM. (Ew. Ow.) Woe is me. And some things, I can't even complain to my husband about, because I still hold some illusion of being a sexually attractive wife again someday! (Don't get me started on the family bed and the three year old who just somehow "knows" when something is up and suddenly pops bolt upright out of sleep and exclaims, "What are YOU guys doing over there?!" My husband swears we haven't been together since this baby was conceived. T'ain't so, but not far off either!)


Anyway, all of which is to say, I'd like this baby to come say in a week, not three, please. And some human prostaglandins wouldn't hurt, but aren't looking likely at the rate we're going!

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So now that I am over my sickness (thought for sure that stomach bug was going to throw me into labor, but thankfully it didn't!) I was able to run out and get the rest of the stuff I need for birth! I can finally take a deep breath and say, "Anytime you are ready, little one!"  I made my "padsicles" I hope they soothe as well as they seem like they will. I made the aloe and witch hazel (alcohol free /w rose petal) ones and told my SIL to come over and bring some pads to make some for herself too! lol 


 I was supposed to have my 38 week appointment tonight and meet my midwife's assistant, but we had to reschedule for next Tuesday. :( A little bummed but at the same time a little relieved since we have been running so much. I still kind of hope to go into labor Monday night or Tuesday morning.... but we will see! 


I had another little scare earlier today with bleeding again. Thankfully it was right after that when my midwife had called to reschedule so she was able to calm my nerves. I just don't remember bleeding so easily with my first at the end like this.... She reassured me that as long as I am not gushing blood I am fine. Still scary though, especially with my two losses last year, the sight of blood just kind of make me panic. So I am just praying that if it keeps up, it stays light and nothing to worry about. I just can't wait to have this baby!!! 


We are also trying to decide about taking our tree down this weekend or not. I had thought before it might be nice to have it up during labor and delivery (calming and peaceful somehow) but now I'm almost leaning towards having more space and being able to bring the swing down and stuff. Ohh the decisions to be made. Another thing with Christmas... my parents gave us 3 bottles of wine and a pack of hard apple cider. It is sitting there on my counter staring at me.. My Dad was like, "I know you can't have it now, but I thought you might want some on hand after you have the baby!" Which is true, but having it sit there is killing me. hahaha I may have to start chilling one when I go into labor and crack it open after the baby is born and celebrate with my husband, midwife and her assistant! lol Especially if I have a New Years Eve babe! 

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Tiff - so sorry about the bleeding again. I've never had a loss and cannot imagine how that feels to see blood. My grandmother had 7 children and for 5 of them had her period all through her pregnancy. I know that may not help but I am glad for you that you had your midwife on the line to help you relax about it a little.

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I am headed for a foley bulb induction on Sunday night so looks like a December/2013 baby possible for me...

My BP has been creeping up a little and I'll be 39 weeks so I guess we're going for it...if I call in and they'll take me come Sunday night anyway...

I have hit the EPO hard and had as much nipple stimulation and "natural prostaglandins" as one can with six kids on the outside and a co-sleeping 3yo (luckily mine isn't very curious and sleeps harder than yours lilyofjudah!) I've also been trying some acupressure...that seems to be working? Because at my last two checks my cervix wasn't exactly favorable. Baby is high and I'm only about 1cm...which is nothing for a grand multip like me wink1.gif so hopefully all these efforts are bearing fruit for Sunday night.

I admit, I'm excited!!
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Good luck, mcimom. Wishing you a really smooth delivery & happy new year baby. :thumb 

As for me, I'm recovering from Christmas & trying to keep my swollen feet up as much as I can. :D

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Good luck mcimom!!!

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