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TSpencer having Atlas was a wakeup call for me, too! I did tons of cleaning yesterday, started making grocery lists, text/call lists for friends and family, stripped the diapers, made sure the hose hookups fit our downstairs sink for the birth tub and went through the birth kit.


I spent most of yesterday contracting....about one every 12-15 minutes, for approx. 15-20 seconds. I had a glass of wine at night and they fizzled out. None today. I technically cannot have my homebirth until I am 37 weeks, so I have a few days to get through....plus I want my daughter to be back in town! No other signs, but I do think my belly looks lower than it did a few days ago! 


Getting ready to go to my Mama Blessing in just over an hour from now. Unfortunately, it is frigid cold (14 degrees F/feels like 1 degree F) in my city and parking is not great near the host's place....so my guess is several people who were planning to come via public transportation will drop out last minute. I probably would if it weren't a celebration for me!


mcimom- still thinking of you and sending positive energy!


I hope everyone else is doing well!

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Sorting baby diapers! Makes it seem more real, somehow.
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Yay! I'm pulling mine out tomorrow and will sort through clothes too.

I had a dream that we had a postpartum DDC meet up that involved synchronized swimming and we all looked fantastic in our bathing suits.

And I'm not trying to induce anything other than a poop, but I bought a nice big pineapple today while grocery shopping. Hee-hee...

DH and I contemplated driving to some hot springs this Weds. A friend offered to watch DS for the day so we can have some together time. They are almost 90 minutes away and in the middle of nothing. However, there is a very small hospital in a town about 20 minutes from the springs. Does that seem like a bad idea? I regularly go out there for work, except that for work I am usually at the actual hospital. The springs themselves are a range of temperatures and not a safety concern.
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@cwill - that actually sounds really relaxing and a lovely idea. Hope you & hubby have a lovely day. 

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Cwill, I had a dream that we all had a real-life get together too! No swimsuits in mine (how funny!) but rather a potluck, except in dream world I somehow had four kids (don't know if one of them was the new baby or not - but that still leaves two unaccounted for!) and had forgotten to make a dish to share...
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cwill- Ooooh I'd go! That sounds wonderful!  Hope the pineapple works. :wink



As for me- We are basically ready. I received the last of my diapers in the mail yesterday and will start prepping today. House projects and larger things are done. Still have to do some small item shopping and install the car seat, pack my "to go" bag. Stuff like that.  Been using epo to soften the cervix. And per my midwife I will also add black cohosh this week to further ripen but not induce labor.  Just waiting for baby! :lurk

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I'll say that Tiff's baby arriving was a wake up call. I was casually thinking this weekend that now that the holiday's were over that I should slowing start getting things ready but now feel a sense of "i better get it all done and soon". My DD arrived at approx 39 1/2 weeks, my DS arrived at approx 41 1/2 weeks but it's all a crapshoot guessing game anyway isn't it?! :wink


Our dryer broke this weekend as we were starting to pull dipes and clothes from when the kids were little. Still need to order birthing items and get the carseats ordered. My dad said we'll do today. Also need to start working in earnest on my work coverage from network access to lists of responsibilities.


Fire has been lit. :rotflmao

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CWill - what does your doc or MW say about travel? I think anything in 2 hr radius is pretty reasonable. I would go, for sure! Synchronized swimming!! LMAO.

JustJenny - what is in your diaper stash? Good reminder, i need to order my EPO.

Cat- the dryer thing is terrible! Dryers never die!! My last one was well over 20, had outlasted several washers and i finally got rid of it by justifying that it had to be terribly energy inefficient!
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I need to do two more prewashes of my prefolds, finish sewing the basinette pad cover, and then we are basically all set. 36w3d today. I go back to work on Monday for hopefully three weeks but after enjoying these two weeks off and with the insomnia and foot swelling I've started getting, not to mention my anxiety about going into labor at work, I'm starting to think about asking my dr to sign me off after two weeks - a week before my due date. Need to talk to hr and find out the impact this will have on my mat leave.

Yesterday I went into the city to have lunch with dh and halfway there realized I still had my slippers on. Geez!!
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My Mama Blessing was so beautiful. Every time I have thought about it today I have gotten teary! Lots of great friends, beautiful words/wishes/poems/inspiring excerpts from books read, belly henna-ing, and great food. The henna didn't take to my stomach very well so it is faint today, but there were lots of photos taken during the actual drawing process, so I will share them here once my friend uploads them.


I had my home prenatal appointment this afternoon, along with my doula. They reminded me that an internal cervix exam wouldn't tell me anything about when this little one would come, but I just really wanted to know what was happening, and I hadn't had one internal with this pregnancy yet. I am 1-2 cm dilated, cervix is soft and squishy, but still pretty posterior. She could touch his head through, and could feel him moving around. Everything else looked good, other than the fact that I am dehydrated. (I am always dehydrated no matter what I do with this pregnancy.)


And we have the birth tub!


Everything is feeling very real. Because of the recent contractions, it feels like this baby may come sooner rather than later....but who knows what will happen.


DH and I are staying home tonight, picking up Indian food, and watching a pirated version of American Hustle. We have several options to go out, but it is snowing, cold and I would rather stay off the roads! Tomorrow we are going to a potluck at my friend/the midwife assistant's house, along with my doula and other friends.


I hope you all have a great night and happy new year!


cwill- enjoy if you do make it to the hot springs! Sounds heavenly!

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Originally Posted by polyhymnia View Post

Yesterday I went into the city to have lunch with dh and halfway there realized I still had my slippers on. Geez!!



LOL Poly!!:lol  This gave me quite a laugh!  I have to say that I also have major preggo brain. I don't even trust myself to drive. Especially with the holiday madness. Dh agrees with me too totally spacey and can't remember Sh!t  :D


vtamanda- I kept it simple with the diapers. I bought all GMD prefolds. 3 doz each of NB and Smalls. Then I bought 8 workhorse fitteds in small for nights. My covers are a mix of new and used and all different types and brands. I just love doing diaper laundry. Can't wait to actually put one on the babe instead of practicing on stuffed animals!



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I am having fun with my diapers too! I really hope it works for us. I got a workhorse and a kissas size 0 to try out, but a friend gave me her stash of kissas too. Honestly I think I prefer prefolds and the workhorse so far but we'll see once baby is here!
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I've hoarded way more cloth diapers over the years than I realized. I also loaned out tons to friends and never got them back. (I didn't really count on getting them back , though...)

For newborn, I have a dozen unbleached prefolds with purple stitching (not sure what brand...I found them at the goodwill outlet, not even washed/prepped). Two dozen other prefolds, with green stitching, a dozen or so pro wraps/other types of covers, a few xs bumgenius AIOs, some swaddlebees xs wehugger AIOs and a bunch of tiny blueberry and happy heiny pockets. I doubt this stuff will last much past 4 weeks or so. I also have some wool covers.

For bigger kiddos, I've got a bunch of one size pockets in all different brands, blueberry and lollidoo are my favorites.

I seriously could cloth diaper triplets.
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Update: I did not go into labor from my first "bloody show" from sat. But last night I started having show again and have had it all day. Still no contractions, or cramping...I have a doctors apt tomorrow. So I'll let ya'll know if I'm thinning or dilating more. But that's about it for me. I took a picture this last bathroom visit if anyone really wants to confirm or deny that this is indeed "bloody show" and I'm not crazy. That would be awesome. 




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Kelsey, that looks like plug to me. My bloody show last time was what I called "bloody glop" and had a darker, more clot-like appearance.
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Yeah, Pamela, I just finished washing my stash and it's kind of ridiculous.  I have 3 dozen nb prefolds, 10 kissa contours, 3 fitteds, 13 nb PUL covers - mostly Imse Vimse and Bummis, 13 small PUL covers, 2 wool longies, 2 wool shorties, 2 wool covers, 12 small fuzzibunz and 24 fuzzibunz one size.  I had forgotten about the one size, which is kind of dumb because I just packed them up when DS potty trained - like 8 weeks ago.  They truly might be all I need, but I just spent 2 days stripping the prefolds and kissas so I'm using them!  And plan on switching to the fuzzibunz as LO grows out of the NB and smalls.  Even cinched down it seems like they would be bulky on a newborn. 


Does anyone have experience using one size diapers on newborns?


We ended up going to the hot springs today and it was fantastic!  So glad we decided to go.  I felt like a normal human for a couple hours and swimming even felt good. 


Oops! and now it's time to move over to January chat!  Happy New Year and Birth Month everyone!

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I started one size bumgenius on my son when he was 2 weeks old last time.   We didn't CD from the start -- we'd been given some newborn diapers as a gift so I went ahead and used those up first. 


My son, however, was pretty big.  He was only 7lbs 13 at birth but was 10lbs at 2 weeks, so the one size diapers snapped down fit just fine. 


Here he was on day 1 of cloth diapering. We could have used them sooner.  I was also a doofus and had both inserts in there at once, rather than just the newborn insert. 


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Yeah, that doesn't look any bulkier than any other system.  It would be pretty convenient to be able to switch to the one size early on.  I'm so used to the FBs, it will be strange going back to prefolds - though I'm excited about that too.  :)

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Haven't caught up with this whole thread yet but I am really hoping to be more regular/diligent with CD than I was last time, to save money if for no other reason! I think I overthought it before which made it seem more daunting than it needed to be, and we only ended up CDing part time. But we've got the stash--just need one or two more wet bags and maybe a cover. Sized covers never really worked out for my DD's thigh/waist ratio--the one-sizes were much more adjustable. So we've got some Flips, some Econobums, and a bunch of prefolds.

Cwill--she wasn't quite a newborn, but we started using one size diapers around 8-10 weeks, I think? They were pretty bulky, but did the trick. However, that was in spring/summer, so the issue of fitting pants over them wasn't really a big deal. In winter it might be more of a pain...

KelseyWhitney--at any rate, that's exciting, whatever it is!

I've been having tons of Braxton Hicks (they actually woke me up the other night; I had been dreaming I was in labor), some increased discharge, and a little mild cramping--but I'm only a little over 37 weeks so trying not to get too excited. DD was born at 39w5d, and my midwife said second kids don't really tend to come that much earlier. So we'll see.
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