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  • lilyofjudah- I am planning a natural home birth as well. I just figured if it does help speed things along it can't hurt to try! Plus I like dates! I have been drinking RRL tea and my sister wants to give me some evening primrose oil. I've never used that before....  And same here, our list of what we wanted to get done before baby has been cut way back. We have just been so busy that we have been putting stuff off and realize it is too late to get it all done now. 


pamelaRRRR- When I was pregnant with my DD I had to sit on a boppy at work, she was just so low for so long. And hopefully there will be no complications and everything will go well! Thoughts and prayers going out for you and baby!! 

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Finally another midwife appt tomorrow. Last one was Oct 30th!!


Yes to dates. If I have had them before, I don't remember. I hope that I like them and will eat them daily. Been drinking tea as well. Need to do more mental prep and list making now.


Oh and I found out that I'm having a shower at work tomorrow. Due to the weather my midwife appointment for today had to be moved (no way we were going to drive that distance in the weather) and when I moved it to tomorrow.... someone had to spill the beans just to make sure I could get in for at least a little while for the "meeting". :)

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Oh joy!  I've reached the point in pregnancy where my stomach says NOPE! if I don't eat protein FIRST, like immediately upon waking. 


I had a cup of hot tea while I did a quick conference call for work and BLAHHHHHH.


I don't get morning sickness -- I get 8 months pregnant sickness. 


For those of you who spend your first trimesters feeling like this, I think I get a better end of the deal, but it's still not fun. 


Also, I'm thankful for kitchen sinks with garbage disposals. 

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Oh pamelaRRRR, that stinks! Well at least you don't have too much longer, but hopefully it doesn't keep up! 

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Oh no, Pamela, that stinks!  Yes, thank goodness for garbage disposals, I would have had to scoop everything out by hand.  Or put the dog on the counter...


OB appointment today.  I start going weekly now!  Had the GBS swab so we'll see how that turns out.  DH and I toured the maternity ward last night and talked to the birth educator.  It's really nice.  They've finished renovations since DS was born and the labor rooms have a lot of amenities for comfort during labor.  I'm pretty jazzed.  But I think I will pack more food than I had planned.  I might even bring like a meal or something major to stick in the microwave in case baby is born at 2 am.  They had fewer snacks available than I remembered.  I know I won't want to eat much during labor, but afterwards I'm probably going to want to chow down.  Now we just have to hope for a good nurse and I think everything will go according to plan (as long as body and baby cooperate!). 


Hope your appointment goes well today, Cat.  And have fun at your shower!  What a fun surprise!

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I have lurked on and off since the beginning of this DDC. I work full time so I haven't done or been able to do much posting. 


But now work is slowing down and I'm all about reading pregnancy-related stuff...not really b/c I'm anxious now so much as, like someone else said, wanting commiseration :) I'm having my 7th, due on January 5 with a girl. I don't like to do much complaining IRL b/c a) I honestly don't have much to complain about and b) as a mom of a big family, I feel a responsibility to make it sound as natural and normal as it is and I feel like complaining would call a bunch of attention to myself...so...


I am delivering with the same OB who delivered my last two at the same hospital. My 4th was a homebirth and then my 5th was supposed to be an ABC birth but they risked me out for HBP in the 11th hour and rather go to a hospital with docs I hardly knew, I called my current OB who had kind of been my "back up" for my homebirth. He took me on at 40 weeks. Then with my 6th pregnancy, since that worked out so well, I just did all unassisted prenatal care until 35 weeks at which point he took me on again. This time I was slightly more traditional and I've been seeing him since 16 weeks (I think?) but I've only had about 3-4 appointments I think. I loathe the way pregnancy is treated like a disease and/or a constant CYA of testing so I try to avoid prenatals as much as possible. Every time he scheduled me for 4 weeks, I rescheduled for 7...lol. And the last two times he's scheduled me for 2 weeks, I've rescheduled to 3. I'll have my 5th visit this Friday at just about 37 weeks so I'll probably go weekly from here on out...I guess we'll see.


Though I'm not anxious, I will admit to wishing that this baby will come in December. Not only could we really use the tax break, but our insurance is changing in January and we're going to a high deductible plan. It would be so nice to have everything paid out in 2013 especially since we'll be taking an income hit since I'm the main breadwinner but plan to be out for 12 weeks FMLA. I am very fortunate to have some time saved and short term disability to get at least partial pay for most of that time, but partial pay doesn't quite cut it around here...LOL...and partial pay + dealing with the high deductible is going to hurt.


I do plan to start an EPO regimen this week orally and next week (after my finals, I teach at a college) I'll do insertion each night. I did that last pregnancy before a scheduled induction and ended up going into labor on my own...I'm all about a nice soft cervix!

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I feel soooo much better about things today! We finished getting the bedroom reorganized and cleaned up. So now (hopefully) my labor, delivery and recovery room is all ready! This is something I was really worrying about but I believe the pool will fit in there now, no prob! Yay! 

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I've gotten so much done over the last two days, I'm feeling almost ready.  Lots of reorganizing and clearing space.  Carpets cleaned.  Paperwork for the hospital and insurance for 2014.  Car tune up. 


But ... somehow our friend who offered to watch DS night or day when I start labor has decided to go on vacation for a week - up until 2 days before my due date.  And our other friend who offered to be a backup is also going on vacation around that time.  I don't begrudge them their vacations.  But now what?!  We have a lot of other friends who would watch DS for a few hours here and there, but can't necessarily be available at a moment's notice.  Or watch him for a long stretch of time.  It's too close to my due date to hope for the best and play it by ear.  This is when it stinks not having family close.

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We're in a similar boat for what to do about our 5-year-old.  My inlaws live somewhat nearby, but I'd rather shove bamboo splinters under my fingernails than involve them in anything around my birthing process. 


I don't know why, but I just...grr.  They bug the crap out of me.  I don't have a lot of close friends who would be able to drop everything at a moment's notice to hang out with our son, so it seems like we'll be taking him with us -- which doesn't really bother me. He goes everywhere with us as it is, but I"m pretty sure our hospital will give us a hassle about him.  I don't think they "allow" children in the L&D rooms. 


What would be ideal is if I had another 2 hour labor and 2 pm baby so my son could just stay at preschool, but I doubt we'll be so lucky this time!


I have a feeling I'll just have to suck it up and let my husband call his parents when I go into labor and have them take our son...but it still bugs me.  I don't want them ANYWHERE near me.  

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That stinks w/out family close by or that you trust/feel comfortable with. We are very blessed in that a) we have my in-laws close who (though they do annoy me...LOL) are very close to our kids and do a great job with them. And b) it's also helpful that by the time you're working on #7, you pretty much have built-in babysitters :love 


I am so tired of feeling stuffed up (I get horrible pregnancy congestion compounded by the same common side effect of my HBP meds), enormous, tired and like I can't breathe half the time. And now pretty much every day for a week I've had stomach issues and loose bowels. UGH. It could be so much worse I know, but I'm just over it. I miss my second trimester bliss...

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I am working on the list of people to call for when I go into labor.  Sure we will be home- but my home is not relaxing with my kids all up in my business all the time.  I have never had a middle of the night baby- but if this is we will probably just let them sleep.  If it is during the day though we will have to call someone....  anyone.... lol.  I have some friends from church or my SIL.  I am just not too worried about that yet.  


What I am worried about is the fact that I have like no clothes that fit and still 4+ weeks to grow.  Yesterday I work jeggings and my DH's new flannel shirt because it was the only thing that fit.  What am I going to do lol.

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iowaorganic- I'm kind of having the same problem here. I do have a few things that fit but even some of my maternity shirts are getting too short. And to make matters worse I am supposed to have maternity pictures taken on Saturday (my sister does them for us for free!! :D) and I have no clue what I'm going to wear!!! We are taking them outside and if is freezing here right now... Hmm  

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So appointment went well and I was very happy that the "head" midwife was there to palpitate, etc. I'm so in awe of her work and experience - 6000+ births. That is mindblowing to me... They told me about a couple that just delivered their twins who like me drove from NJ. It's good to see people so passionate about what they do.


We did the GBS and I've gained about 17 pounds. I am measuring quite ahead 4+ weeks - but the baby is a good size so it's extra fluid. The usual for me, more protein and more hydration. It's been cold here and I can tell without being told that my hydration isn't great right now. Also battling a yeast infection from those blasted abx.


Got a kick out of one of the announcements & stories while there. Twins that came 6 weeks ago. Weights were 7.6 and 7.8. I asked if they came out head first and one of the midwives laughed. As she tells it, the first came out head first and the boy came out foot, then kind of somersaulted into being. Wow.


I'm getting nervous about Christmas, as I am not sure how we can afford things this year but I know somehow we will make things work overall.... we always do.


I'm sorry that a few of you are worried about care for the kids. My aunt has offered to come be with the kids while we are there and my husband of course. I asked the midwives yesterday about a doula and they said it was up to me but that they truly do perform the tasks of one because it's what their clients would expect. They also have the rebozoo and know how to use one to help labor as well.

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Yeah, my belly hangs out of most of my shirts.  I can't really comprehend 4+ weeks more of getting bigger - not possible.  I sure don't want to buy more clothes!


I guess I'm going to ask my mom if she could come the week my friends will be gone.  At least get her thinking about it.  Plane tickets aren't terrible that week so ... But I really wanted her here shortly after the baby comes so if it interferes with those plans I don't like that idea.  Blah.  Still brainstorming.  We have some retired friends who technically could watch DS in a pinch, but none of them really like kids so it really depends on how much they like us!  And all of them live out of town so to get him to their houses would be a pain.  DH is like, oh, I'll just drop you off at the hospital and drive 30 minutes out of town and back.  Um.  Great. 

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Jan 5, girl! Due date was bumped up from Jan 14 according to an ultrasound. Not sure how accurate that is....

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Was it a recent ultrasound? They're not that accurate for dating beyond 10ish weeks.
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At my 20 week ultrasound they tried to move my due date from the 10th to the 1st but I was told by so many people that my 6 week ultrasound is way more accurate so I decided to stick with that. Plus, I would rather go by the later day, that way I won't have as hard of time if I go over! lol That is just what works best with my mind though!! 


So I keep having dreams of giving birth to this baby and nursing him/her. It gets me so excited. This dream was absolutely wonderful too because it was such an easy birth! lol I can hope and dream, right?!?! 


In other things my midwife is coming today for my 36 week appointment. I am hoping this one goes way better than the last. She is coming during my DD's "nap" this time around, and I just pray she doesn't throw a fit while in there. DD almost always acts up while my midwife is here and I feel like I look like a horrible parent. Good thing she has 6 children of her own so I think she understands. 

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OK sorry for posting so much. You guys are probably so sick of me!!! :eyesroll I just had to post because I just had such a great midwife appointment! She doesn't do internal checks unless you ask so I don't know if I am progressing down there yet or not but everything seems to be going great still! Baby is still head down, I have good blood pressure, baby's heart rate is good and placenta sounds good too! Yay! Plus, we filled out some paperwork and she went over a bunch of stuff with me and gave me some papers for my DH too look over to prepare him in case for some reason she can't make it in time and he would have to deliver! lol I am just so excited to meet this little one! So I have another appointment in 2 weeks when I will meet her assistant! 


I think I'm going to start taking Evening Primrose Oil but I forgot to ask my midwife what she suggests with taking it. Anyone else using it or planning on using it and how and how much? 

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I have no plans to use it and didn't use it with DS so I'm no help!  I'm not doing any kind of labor prep, although the dates are a little intriguing.  I'd prefer not to have SROM again if I could avoid it. 


Yay for a good appointment tspencer!  And good for you for holding off on a cervical check!  I didn't really need one yet, I think 35 weeks is too early.   But ... I've been checking on occasion to get a baseline in case I start getting impatient and want to check progress later on.  And I like to have verification of the things I've been noticing so I didn't make a fuss.  From what I remember, he'll only check once more anyway until I reach 40 weeks and I'm cool with that level of poking around.  And keep posting so I don't feel like I'm taking over!


Last night I was leaking colostrum.  I got pretty darn excited about it!  In other news, my skin is so sore.  It feels like it's reached its limit.

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I'm here, 34 weeks tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having my baby boy, but there's still a lot of work to be done. 

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