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changes in breast size after weaning

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Hello - first post here, so my apologies if this is not quite the right spot....but my question is about after nursing.  I have 2 little ones and stopped nursing the 2nd about 6 mo ago (nursed them both til ~18mo).  Recently my breast size has reduced considerably...well it may have been happening over time but lost some weight with a recent illness and really noticed that my breasts are now much smaller than what they used to be.  During pregnancy/nursing I was DD+ and before that a D....now an A-B.  What are others experiences in changes in breast size and well, perkiness (my girls are now very flat)?  I am fine with my body changing, just wondering if this marked of a change is normal?  Thanks so much.

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What size were you before pregnancy? I was a B and even though I went up to a D when nursing after I weaned they went back to a modest B and were definitely more deflated than before nursing. I think it's fairly normal, especially with some weight loss. The thing that bugs me is when I put on an extra 25 pounds or so they got fuller and i liked the way they looked but then I had tummy flab that I definitely didn't like. *sigh*
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Hi...I do think "deflated" would be the right word :)  I was a D before pregnancy and nursing.  It is funny, with this unanticipated weight loss recently with being sick, I suppose it is nice....but think I need to put back on a few pounds to feel more like "me"!  I wonder if my breasts will get any larger as I gain a little weight back?

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I call that The Great Deflate! When you are nursing the fat stores in much of your body and nearly all of the fat in your breast get used. When you first wean, and the ducts go back to a resting state, it appears as if your breasts have deflated. I have had many panicked moms call me over the years thinking this is permanent.


It is usually not permanent. For most women the fat stores redeposit between 3-12 months, with most women seeing more fullness around the 6th month after weaning. Your breasts may be a bit farther South than they used to be, but that's from the pregnancy, not nursing.


Eat well and take care of yourself, getting a lot of fluids and your breasts will even out to around the same size (or a cup size either way) they were before your first pregnancy in a few months.



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Thank you so very much for this helpful and reassuring information!  I really appreciate it and am so glad that I found the Mothering community.....

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