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Daptacel vs. Infanrix and can you mix them?

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Does anyone have a link that compares the ingredients of those two DTaPs? I know Dapatacel is way better, but I have been waiting since August for my ped to get it back in and we are still waitlisted. I'm considering using Infanrix for the next dose but the package insert states there is no data on mixing different brand DTaPs. Does it really matter?

Anyone experience with Infanrix?

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I don't have the info on those two particular ones, but I know the Immunisation Handbook over here says that you can use different products for the same series and that it's not an issue. I know GPs here seem to think they are interchangeable for the most part (ie. they'll say that Adacel and Boostrix are essentially the same).

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Here are the package inserts for Daptacel and Infanrix. Section 11 of each package insert lists the ingredients.



http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM103037.pdf page 17



http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM124514.pdf page 12

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There is also Tripedia . . . Just throwing that out there . . . That has some animal products & trace Thimerisol, iirc, but less Aluminum than Infanrix iirc.

Might also be worth looking into if the combos are easier to get . . . Specifically a combo with Daptacel as a base.
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I knew Tripedia is no longer available. Daptacel is the base for Pentacel which I wouldn't want to use since we finished the HiB series. My pediatrician only offers Daptacel and I can see why, but with the shortage I'm getting a little antsy. It's been so long and I'd like for DD to get her 2nd dose before she starts preschool in February. But Infanrix has basically twice the amount of aluminum.


http://www.ashp.org/DrugShortages/Current/Bulletin.aspx?id=922 (So I guess it's ok to mix?)


At any rate, did anyone of you give your children Infanrix, Pediarix or Kinrix (all contain the same DTaP components)? How did it go? My DS had a large lump at the injection site following his 2nd DTaP so the larger aluminum content worries me.

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^And it is a different type of Aluminum salt.
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Does it make a difference in the way it is handled by the body?

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It does seem to . . .
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Off to google it. I see Dina you had a thread about it. I'll have to do a lot of reading and come back to discuss. Basically I want to assess the risk of Infanrix vs. Daptacel. I'm ok with Daptacel. I'm also interviewing a family practice on Friday and maybe they can get their hands on it. They said they are happy to work with select-delayers and will order vaccines. My ped's practice is bursting at its seems and I'm kind of sick of that (it's a 40 minute drive, the office staff is rude, but the NPs are nice and they take everyone from non vaxer to full vaxer no questions asked).

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Sooo... Al(OH)3 is excreted much more slowly than AlPO4. However, hydroxide is implicated in macophagic myofasciitis. I can't really find any study that evaluates the risks of both adjuvants and compares them conveniently. However I feel safer with a vaccine that uses AlPO4. Hopefully when I talk to the new family doc tomorrow they can get their hands on Daptacel and that will be that. How come Sanofi seems to favor AlPO4 whilst GlaxoSmithKline pretty much swears by Al(OH)3?

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I personally do not know: however, right or wrong, Sanofi is on my 'good list'. GSK is not on my bad list the way some companies are (N*vartis for example), but I always like Sanofi . . .
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I interviewed with the FP practice and not only are they ok with select-delay on my terms, they stock Daptacel and have tons of it left as they nearly have no children (most parents take their kids to peds, not FPs). I personally prefer FPs anyways as they get to see the whole picture (pregnancy, newborn to the elderly) and they can see the whole family and hence know our family history better.

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I am in the same situation.  My ped only has Infanrix on hand currently, and my DD has received 1 shot of Daptacel.  It's the only vax she has had and I'd like to complete this series before considering any others.  I have read that it is preferable to continue with the same type once a series has started, if possible.  I called a local pharmacy and asked if they could order a vax with a prescription, and they said yes - but they checked on Daptacel and it is on back order...not available currently.  If anyone hears that it becomes available or has any other advice on how to locate, can you please post an update to this thread?  Thanks.

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Call family docs. They stock infant vaccines but have little young patients. Mine were sitting on a ton!
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