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Bad posture/neck support with Boba carrier?

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I have been wearing my baby a lot from his second month because he is just a really fussy baby that likes to be carried. His neck control is not great even now at 4 months. When he is in his carrier, he will tilt his head backwards and slump his body inside the carrier. I have a Boba 3g which is similar to the Ergo, I believe. It has an adjustment for babies under 15 pounds but he grew out of that quickly and he is almost 17 pounds now. I look back now and wonder if carrying him in this carrier with his head always tilted backwards despite the neck support strap tightened has affected his posture/neck control development. 


Are there any evidence that these soft carriers might do harm to a baby? I would really like to continue to wear him as this is the only way I can go about my day without him constantly crying. Are Ergos better in terms of neck support? Is it the Boba that made him this way?


Here is a picture of what he is typically doing in the carrier. Although it looks like he is just looking at me lovingly, he will keep tilting his head backwards and it's worrying me!


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I'm no expert but it looks like the back of the carrier comes up nice and high. I'd get him checked out if you are worried. There are many babies who prefer a side or something and a bit of physical therapy can help build strength where they need if. Sometimes my 4 month old also sleeps with her head back in one of my carriers, but never in a woven wrap. Would a woven be possible for you to try? Many baby wearing groups have a lending library you can borrow from. Can you give him more floor time to see if that helps? Hugs, mama. It's so hard when we're worried about our littles. Below is a pic of my little sleeping with her head back but she usually slumps forwards instead and lays her head on my chest. I hope you get more input
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Hmmm… What does he do when being held upright in your arms or lap? 

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He will also tilt his head back sometimes but depending on where I am standing, he will happily hold his head straight and look over my shoulder if there's something interesting to see.

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