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Each of my 3 children had their own word for nursing. For ds1, it was 'ongi'. For ds2, it was 'nanas', and for dd now 22mths, it is 'lilies'.  So i would just say to them, do you want-whichever was their word. When talking with  other adults, i usually used the word 'nursing.' Sometimes, in mixed company, i have been known to say, 'dd wants lilies, i'll just be a minute'-only to  have them stare at me, baffled...

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We call it "Nyo-nyo"  DS is only 7 weeks, but hubby is from Kenya and that's the swahili word for breasts. :)

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I've always said milk.  My first son called it "nuh" or "nuhs" and my second son said "mi" (like i in igloo) and when he was a bit older said "mi douch" for milk couch because we always nursed in the same spot on the couch.  Nuh and mi were among my boys' first words.  I thought it was really sweet.  I had heard people having toddlers shout out "BOOB" in public places which I knew would embarrass me a ton so I was careful to always call it milk so if they were asking for milk I wouldn't get strange looks ;)

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My kids called it side-side because I always talked about moving them to the other breast and called it other side.  They are older now and still joke about saying side side.

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I nursed DD until she was 3.  Without realizing it I guess every time we sat down to nurse I would say eat to her twice for encouragement.  Sooo....nursing time became eat eats!  


She is 5 now and associates everything having to do with breasts as eat eats.  She knows a bra is called a bra but she calls them eat eats!  Enjoy your time nursing and think of the word you use for it fondly because it will be over before you know it.

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My son called it Neener's. it was the term he came up with and we stuck with it. 

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My daughter called it "nay-nay". And when she wanted to switch, she would say "oh one nay-nay" (oh=other). My friends and I always get a good laugh when we say "oh one nay-nay". Sounds like something to chant.
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In our home it has been called moke, nurse, and switch. Moke was my little one's attempt at saying milk. Nurse is what my older kids call it for my newborn. Switch was because I would always say to my ds, "let's switch" when switching him to the other side. He caught on and called it switch. Of course he pronounced it wich. Having a little one crying out "wich, wich, wich!" was always fun in the store. 

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My babe is only 7 weeks. We don't have a word yet. When I talk to her, I ask if she is hungry and wants milk. Haha. I guess I'm boring. Maybe we will find a name for it later. I'm in Ecuador and I have some photos and links about breastfeeding on my blog, if anyone wants to check it out. http://sofiasays.blog.com/archives/28/ 

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When my 3rd got tired at night I used to ask him, "Do you want to go night-night?" He shortened it to "ni' ni'" and used it for nursing at all times day.


I will say weaning a 3 year old is harder than weaning a 2 year old. I weaned one at 2+ because I was pregnant again, and although it wasn't difficult, I always felt I cheated him. Maybe someone could start another thread on weaning experiences?

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My oldest always called in nanas too.  Then my second morphed that into "angas" :)

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My youngest is 17 months and has said neh- neh since preverbal.  She also pats her chest and and says "neh neh bye bye bed" if she is tired and wants to nurse to fall asleep.  My now seven year old just made a eh-eh-eh-eh sound until she said nurse.  I nursed her until about 2.5. I often ask, "do you want to nurse?" so this one might transition to that too soon.

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"Nee-see".  A verb and a noun - as in "I want to nee-see" and "I want to see your nee-sees!"  :lol

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Probably falls into the "not right" category,be we called it "the buffet" Always open and all you can eat :)  My son weaned before he picked up a word for it.  

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Booby.  As in "do you want some booby?" and "we're going upstairs to have booby".  Not sure how we got to that, but there it is.  Admittedly there have been times when I wished we called it something a little more subtle....like when we're out and about and my breaking-down toddler wails "I want some BOOOOOOOBY!!!!!!"


With my older son, it was "boobies", but when he was an older nurser (2 1/2?), he told the cashier at the store, "I'm gonna go home and get some boobies.", so I changed the terminology when it came to my second baby.


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With DS1 I attempted to dub it milky, but DH always referred to it as boobie, and that's what my first 3 all called it. Now with number 4, I'm back to trying for milky or nursie. But he can't talk yet, so we'll see what name he comes up with


With my little one, he calls it milky, or milkies, if he wants plural.  He also refers to them as "this one" and "that one", depending on which one he's closest to.  lol

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Hehe, when I was little, I called it "ni-nee" - kind of like going "nighty-night" I suppose. :) My sister and I called breasts "milks" and we still sometimes jokingly call them "our milks" :p
For my baby (4.5mos) DH and I just say "milk" but in an embarrassingly babyish voice, so it sounds like we're saying, "meelk" lol! I'll ask, "Do you want some meelk?" while signing milk to him and he'll either fuss and turn his head away or get all happy and excited, pretty cute. :)
Sometimes if he's just laying there because he's been popping on and off so many times, I'll ask him again if he wants "meelk" and then tell him that the milk shop is closing when I put my nursing flap back up haha.

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We say nursie. My first called it 'aa-ee' until she could say nursie. My second called it 'gee gee' (attempting 'nursie') so the rest of the family called it the sameduring his toddlerhood. My youngest is only 6 mon so we'll see what he comes up with. I love how the word means both milk and breast. ' Mommy, he wants to have nursie' or to a friendly stranger at the park, 'My little brother is having milk from Mommy's nursies'. Or when ODS was a toddler and saw my sister nursing his baby cousin, 'My Mommy has gee gees to'
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My oldest weaned before she called it anything. DS1 called it Ninies or sometimes Nii-niis. DS2 called it ging-ging before he could sign or talk, but now calls it Milkies and Side. Will be interesting to se what the new baby will call it, but I'm guessing he'll just copy his brother. Lol
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With my first, I called it NeeNee Soup. But as he learned to talk, picking up words like "orange juice" "apple juice" "grape juice" he began to refer to nursing as "NeeNee Juice" which was just fine by me. So that's what we called it when the others came along.

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I always called it nursing to my son and he would give the nursing/milk sign before he started talking. But then he called it "nay" when he started talking, then "nay nay" and it morphed to "nonnie" before we weaned at 27 mos when I was pregnant. He still calls it "nonnies" and he always says to my 4 mos nursling "drink you nonnie, sister!" When she is crying. Ha ha! I am sure DD will have her own term as nonnie morphs...
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