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That makes me remember when DS1 was weaned but DD was still nursing, ,he would ask me to squirt some in his mouth, he told me one side was apple juice, and the other was grape juice.. smile.gif
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I'll say do you want some "milky"?

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My husband and I lived in Am. Samoa (pre-kids) and I took a Samoan language course and picked up the word, "susu" which means milk or breast. I knew that when we had children, I wanted to extend breastfeeding beyond the norm (in the US), so I wanted a word that my kids could say in public that would be private between me and them.
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:lol I have a "chocolate" and "vanilla" side, due some skin pigmentation changes that occurred during pregnancy (and which the doctor informed me yesterday are most likely permanent :irked). But that's really a joke for dh and me, ds is still too young to have any clue.


And yes, similar to what someone else mentioned, he also comes, looks me right in the eye, and starts curling and moving his tongue in his open mouth, like he's already so excited about nursing he can't help but pretend he's already doing it!

Haha, I asked DS what mama moot tastes like once, and he got this goofy little grin on his face and told me "It tastes like chocolate and candy."  So having a chocolate side totally makes sense!

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At first DS signed for milk, then we called it "nah-nahs" and he would say it sometimes. Then as he got older he started calling it sides; I would ask him if he wanted to switch sides and at first he only said it when he wanted to switch. Then it just became "sides, sides" as he would reach down my shirt. He is 21 months old and still says it, and now it's "I want sidesssssss"! LOL
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We call it "mama" over here.  I sorta pushed the term on them, i guess.  When I started nursing, I wanted to avoid any scenarios of my child yelling BOOB! in a public place.  It would have totally mortified me at the time.  I could care less about that now (I guess that is what having 3 kids will do to you) and openly nurse in public!

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i taught most of my littles to click their mouth when they wanted to nurse - it was so sweet!  But this little baby (number eight) says "Num Numpssss!  BoobBoobssss"  <sigh>  :) - it's still fun!

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Current nursling is 9.5 months, and just started saying "Boo" over and over while he anxiously waits for me to whip it out for him. Its super adorable!
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Both my kids have asked to "nur-nur." When I'm trying to be subtle I ask if they want to snuggle with me. Our less-than-subtle moments involve me getting dressed or bending over to pick something up. These moments incite delighted squealing. "I see the nursies!!" or "I got the nursies out!!" 


Last night on a cross-country car trip my DS came down with the flu. We spent two hours alternating puking, cleaning and nursing in an unfortunate fast food restaurant. So many strangers were helpful and kind. Thankful none of them made me feel bad about nursing my 2 year old! At that point I would have nursed him at the 50 yard line of the Superbowl to help him feel better. 

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My LO is only 3.5 months but I usually say "do you want some milkies?" before nursing him.  It's my effort to counteract my husband always saying "he wants the boob" !

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I say "milk" because we did sign language before my daughter was verbal. She now says, "mirrrhhh! miihhhh!!" (She's 20 months) which sounds way too much like "moooo" to me. lol. So basically, I'm a cow. wink1.gif
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