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Babyhawk OhSnap questions

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Anyone have one?do you like it?what are seat darts?


I'm really thinking about getting one but I contacted BH and they said the body is 16"wide.My baby has really short legs so I am concerned. We have a WAHM MT and it's 14.5 wide.Not sure what to do...

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I have one!  Very comfortable carrier!  My DS is just growing into it (20lbs, 28 inches, almost 8 months).  It IS wider than say, the Ergo.  But, it's taller too, so there is a lot more support.  The waist belt is very comfy too.  Very adjustable all the way around, really


Seat darts are just sort of seams in the fabric, that make the seat form-fit the baby.  I'm not remembering if the Oh Snap has seat darts.  My Kanga doesn't, and it helps keep them snug up against you, so not sure if they're really necessary.  Depends on the carrier style.


If your baby is smaller, it would be very easy to roll up a receiving blanket to put under baby's bum.  This would accomplish two things.  First, it would get baby up higher in the body of the carrier.  Second, it would help put baby's legs in a more comfortable position.


I would highly recommend it!  Oh, and I think there is a really cute Oh Snap on the BabyWearer site, in the for sale or trade section.  It had brown straps with an owl print.  I was coveting it, but really can't justify having two!  :P


Good luck!

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thanks!I asked about darts because I contacted BH and they said the OhSnap had them.I would check TBW but I'm having technical issues with the site!

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I have an Oh Snap. My son is four years and wears size four pants. His legs finally are not rubbing against those adjustment clips on the belt of the carrier. I stopped using it for a year when he was three because his legs rubbed on the clips.
I was ready to return it or sell it when I first got it because of that but now it is no longer an issue as his legs are longer and don't seem to be rubbing. Apart from that it seems a good carrier, I just think that was a flaw in design considering the child's comfort as those clips/buckles are right where the legs are. It is a well made carrier otherwise.
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The BHOS is a great carrier, for a toddler.  It is not a suitable carrier for a small baby.  I know people who have used it at about 6 months with really big babies, but even that is really pushing it.  It really shines after 12-18 months. 

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