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2 year old - Obsessed with Books, but something changed...

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First, I have no idea if my question belongs in this forum, but my 2 year old (27 months) has many of the characteristics from all of the gifted checklists and I usually can relate better in this forum rather than in the Toddler forum.


Ever since she was a tiny, tiny infant, my daughter has loved being read to. She begs to be read to over and over again and has an attention span far longer than she should during these times. She could recognize the complete alphabet by 15 months, etc. She'd rather read books than play with toys many times. Suddenly, though, she has stopped wanting to sit in our laps and be read to. Now, all she wants to do is sit beside us with her own book while we have a completely separate book that we are supposed to be reading silently, just like she is "reading" silently. It's like she's wanting family reading time. It's not like she has magically taught herself to read or anything. I miss not reading to her and I know it's good for her. We even brought new books into the house that she had never read, hoping to generating some interest into what they say. She loves the new books, walks around with them, reads them in the grocery cart, sleeps with them, etc., but isn't interesting in us reading them to her.


Has anyone ever gone through this before?

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Going through it now with my almost 2yo. Sort of. He still loves to be read to, but oftentimes, he'll just get up and pick a new book while we're reading to him and start looking at it alone. So we'll ask him if he wants to read to us instead, which he loves! And then we have conversations about the book he picked out. :)


Kids go through phases... everything ebbs and flows. I'd just follow her lead while still taking time out to try to read to her. I'm sure she'll go back to loving it again! I bet she's just discovering new ways to enjoy old loves. :) 

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whoops! n/m this, tried to edit and quoted instead.

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My approach on this would be to say I'm sad I can't read to her anymore and ask if she would let me read to her after we pretended to read.
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Do you think she might have learned to read? It's a normal pre-reading behavior for children to pretend to read--it shows reading readiness. I've met one two-year old who did learn to read at that age. 


I had the opposite problem: my son loved being read to so very much that he dragged his feet through the process of learning. I had to promise that if he read to himself, he'd still get to hear me read to him. Of course, if he'd been a gifted reader, he would have just started decoding. That's what I did, and that may be what your girl is doing. (I guess he actually sort of did do that before school, in that he used to read over our shoulders when we were writing email, and read street signs and stuff as a preschooler. Once school started, though, he decided it was hard. His whole trajectory with reading was weird.)


Anyway, how can you find out? Nobody reads a newspaper at breakfast anymore, or I'd say you can read your spouse a headline wrong and see whether she corrects you. Or just wait and see whether she reads you a street sign in the car. 

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Kids go through phases and they model the people around them. She sees grown-ups reading their own books silently and so she wants to read her own books silently. If it were me, I'd start doing some read-aloud with your spouse. Show her that it's not just little kids that get read to. 


My eldest was book obsessed. I remember at 7 months she started crawling. She bypassed me and went straight to her book shelf, sat, and paged through every book for 40 minutes. She always wanted to be read too but there was a time she wanted to either hold the book or have her own book. I thought she'd be a really early reader but she wasn't really. She started writing in sentences phonetically at 3 but it wasn't until after her 5th birthday that she asked to learn to read. She was downing 5th grade level books in a month. My youngest was not at all book obsessed. I read to him while he was on the floor playing with blocks. He could never be encouraged to actually SIT on a lap and listen to a story. At 13, he reads more than any of us now ironically. 

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Sure! My DS loves to "read" (he's 2). He recognizes all the letters but I'm sure he's not reading. He sometimes "reads" out loud to us, which is awesome. He likes to have is read the same story several times in one sitting so gets them memorized pretty well.

I bet your kid will be telling you to read to her again. Like PP says, they go through phases.
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My dd is the same age and is going through a similar phase. She still likes being read to, especially before bed, but a lot of the time she'll just tell me which book to read to myself and which one she is going to 'read'. Then we read our own books quietly. I'm just going with it, but I keep offering to read to her. I'm also reading more interactively with her, asking her questions about what things say ( eg can you see where it says dog, d o g?) and lots of other questions about the pictures which she loves.
If your dd has a great memory she might be able to remember her favourite books enough to get a lot of joy out of 'reading' them herself.
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The only times my son (now 2yo) has seemed to be reading quietly on his own was when he started reading sentences, but only those he was sure of every word to.  He would go through a couple of days asking for the same book over and over again to be read, then spend a day studying it quietly by himself.  The day after that he would read it aloud word for word.  He hadn't just memorised the stories, as he would be able to read those words wherever he saw them thereafter.  Usually now he reads aloud, sometimes new books (usually when he thinks I'm not paying attention), but occasionally he will sit quietly with a book and I'm sure he is reading it.  My son does usually study things quietly in general too when he's learning a new skill and he'll let us know what he's learnt afterwards when he's ready.  Maybe she's figuring out how to read.

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She's an only, right? :lolI love it when my kids do that - I think it is soo peaceful and I actually get to read some of my stuff.

Just enjoy it for what it is, read your own books alongside her, by all means ask her to read to you, read aloud stuff to your partner, make sure she is cuddled up next to you or in the middle  so you still have the connection you crave, just make it so all of you can enjoy books in your own way and don't worry - this too shall pass and you will be nostalgic for the time.

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My partner was able to read aloud at that age. It's possible she's taught herself to read. If you read books by holding it in front of the two with you- she can already recognize the alphabet, she could certainly have taught herself what words look like.


You can ask her to read to you- maybe she's just memorized the stories, but you can still have a good time together.

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