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CNM accepting Medicaid for home birth in Atlanta

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We are overjoyed to be pregnant with 2nd child, but it was unplanned and during my transition into another line of work... So I have no coverage. We can pay a limited amount cash, but can't afford the entire cost of a home birth. I qualify for Medicaid.

I want a CNM, or a nurse practitioner midwife, not just a professional midwife. It makes me feel secure having a CNM, and had CNMs with my first birth (water birth in a hospitals "birthing center wing"). We are in the metro Atlanta area, and do not want to be in a hospital for this birth. My first birth was in another state.

Please send me some recommendations. I have reached out to several groups, but to no avail. Thank you!
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Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy! I unfortunately don't have any recommendations of CNMs for you, but it looks like your question may have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have a recommendation for a CNM to share? Unrelated to finding a CNM, I recommend that you join your due date club because it can be such fun to meet other moms who are due when you are! Also, you might really enjoy the homebirth forum. :)

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I've interviewed and spoken to several different homebirth midwives in the last few weeks, and none of them really take insurance. You can try to get refunded, but you're still going to have to pay $,2500-$3,000 out of pocket, and they ask for you to be done paying by around 35-36 weeks. Most deposits are $300, which we couldn't afford. I'm really disappointed that I, personally, can't afford a home birth, but I hope you guys can. 


I'm pretty sure there's a CNM here. I could be wrong, though. http://www.gamidwife.com/


Good luck! :D

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There are no home birth CNMs that accept medicaid in the metro Atlanta area and medicaid does not reimburse. There is a CNM at the practice provided by faeriewomb and there is one here http://www.mamahomebirth.com/about-us

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Hi, I live on the south side of Atlanta. While I don't have any recommendations for CNMs who do home births, Women's Medical Center of Tyrone has three wonderful midwives who do deliveries at Piedmont Fayette Hospital. Their office accepts Medicaid. So if you are close to the south side, that's who I recommend. Good luck and congrats!

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Congratulations! I have had three homebirths near atl, but with CPMs....a very good friend of mine is a CNM and started a homebirth practice recently with another CNM ( who also does hospital births through Intown Midwifery @ Atlanta Medical). Www.mamahomebirth.com I doubt they are able to take insurance. I wanted to let you know that Kendra McLester is a CNM with an OB practice in Riverdale, which is south of Atl. She only does hospital births, but I did see her twice to establish a relationship as she backs up my CPMs. I liked her a lot and would be happy to use her for a hospital birth, though I would go with Intown Midwifery as a first choice for hospital. FYI, there are very experienced CPMs in Atlanta who are backed up by Dr. Bootstaylor's practice...I did meet him as well with my last pregnancy when I was post dates and getting things checked out...I was fine and went on to have a great homebirth. Anyway, some midwives are open to trade if payment is a hardship. Just some things to think about, and most if not all, do free initial consultations. Best of luck to you!
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