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I'll have to try that! thanks @Beckily

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I will have to practice that for a month to get it right! lol

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You have a month! :D Get to it!

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Hi All! I've been reading along but not posting much lately. I'm not sure why other than busy around the holidays! 


Everything here with me is going well, GD 1hr test coming up on Monday. Baby moves so much he makes me neausous (sp?) which is super annoying. But yet glad to feel him in there. Also, I am totally craving gingerbread flavored things - yum! :) 

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My baby is super active too. I have terrible heartburn issues but have found they are better when I eat fresh pineapple throughout the day. I had digestive enzyme pills but they don't work well like the pineapple. 


I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. 

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I've been lurking, busy with work. Grateful I was able to effortlessly pick up extra hours and felt great doing it during go live with the new computer system.
I'm 26 weeks and passed my 1 hr glucose. This baby still doesn't have a name but that's fine with me! I'm really finally feeling more connected to her and I even had a dream about her! Finally!
I told my boss I wanted to go part time when I come back from leave. Luckily I'm one of the few people she's not annoyed by, since in 11 years I've only had one baby lol Plus I'm still working full time and holding my own in spite of my advanced maternal age.
I feel good, really enjoying being pregnant. Feeling spoiled by my husband who totally picked up all the slack plus more.
Right now I have a cold that's kicking my butt! So. Tired!! Can't breathe!
Sorry everyone else is so achey! I am waiting for that shoe to drop any day :-)
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Originally Posted by tabitha View Post

Also feeling huge and hungry and heartburn. I'll have to look into this necklace idea.

We chose a name for our (girl): Georgiana Ethel Faye
The kids are calling her Georgi.


We picked Georgiana as well. I've let Georgi slip out every once in a while, but my husband shuts that down quick.

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How neat that we chose the same name! Sorry your dh doesn't like Georgi as a nickname. Luckily there are lots of cute nicknames for Georgiana. We have a Kassiopeia who we call Kassi so Georgi fits really well for us, but we could also call her Ana, Giana, Georgia, Gi-gi, it goes on and on!


Where do you guys live? I have had several familes tell me they love the name but their families wouldn't let them use it because it was "too English".



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We are doing good here. going on 27 weeks. Getting uncomfortable in bed but for the most part, everything else is well. Lot's of kicking and movements.

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Switched providers :)  Lots of movement here too, seems like more than my other two, but it has been a while so my memory might be fuzzy ;)

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Originally Posted by tabitha View Post


Where do you guys live? I have had several familes tell me they love the name but their families wouldn't let them use it because it was "too English".




We are in Georgia. (ha, I suppose I could use that as a nickname, but my best friend - no baby or prospects - hopes to one day use Georgia as a name, so I won't do that)

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Hi all,

Just wanted to say I hope everyone has a great holiday season. I am definitely eating my way through this one!

We took a week to go somewhere warm and sink into appreciating the trio our family has been for so many years. We never go on vacations so it was a major treat.

My body is starting to feel more and more like there isn't enough room for 2 people in it and I'm thinking how the heck are we going to make it 2 more months! I'm outgrowing some of my favorite maternity clothes.

Feels like I've been in a time warp of pregnancy for awhile now, like I'm always going to be pregnant. I've been sorting through huge amounts of baby and toddler clothes and cloth diapers which I am thankful for, but we don't really have a ton of the other misc. stuff that we might need.  I've done some knitting, and some ordering if nursing pads and reusable baby wipes on Etsy since I'm not a big sewer.

I have told my work I am not coming back, which is unfortunate since I work for a great non-profit but it will be better for our family. Money will be super tight either way so it seemed like being present at home made more sense. I am excited to volunteer at some of the events in our local community that happen during work hours that I couldn't be part of before. I've been told if I bring a baby to the senior lunch we will be the most popular people there! :)

Happy New Year everyone, may there be health and much joy to all in 2014!

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Happy Holidays and Happy New year!! :D
I think that's reasonable - tight money either way and you go with what makes the most sense.

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My Christmas was surreal. Last Saturday I took my mom to the ER for dehydration and it turns out she was also septic. She had been sick and battling various things at random for a while and I think her little body just gave out. So all week we've been trying to find time to be near her and also prep for the holiday. She was in ICU until Christmas eve. Luckily she's in the same hospital where I work so even though I had to work Christmas Eve, I didn't mind because I was close to her. Yesterday was a blur. I'm still coughing and coughing and the freezing air outside makes it worse so I'm exhausted anyway but also emotionally drained worrying over my mother and then fighting the feelings of failing at momhood since I had to let so much go this year. I have one uncontrollable crying fit a day on average, mostly fueled by my inability to stop picturing worst case scenarios that feature me never ever getting to relax and enjoy life again. If only those thoughts would stay away! I'm an only child and my mother already lives with me. I am not looking forward to the possibility of suddenly being in charge of her life as well. It seems inevitable and that makes me wonder why I thought it would be a good idea to have unprotected sex ever ever ever! My poor teen boys are very understanding but it's hard not to get down because they *have* to be understanding.

I was looking forward to "after Christmas" because then I would allow myself to get slowly begin to get ready for a baby but now I am just taking it one day at a time, trying to be faithful that my mom will recover quickly with no setbacks and that when she comes home she'll be better than she was when she went in. I have serious trust issues with organized medicine but there's not much I can do besides pray and advocate for her as much as I can. But I can't sit at her bedside because I work full time and need the time off in the spring! And right now, that feels almost selfish! 

My husband has been my hero beyond words through all of this. I just pray he doesn't snap!


In spite of all the chaos and uncertainty, Christmas was special and happy, I just slept through a lot of it.

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I think sleep was very good! Great Christmas gift to yourself.

I am so sorry. I hope she is getting better. That is so much to deal with! *hugs!!*

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Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

I think sleep was very good! Great Christmas gift to yourself

Not so much a gift as a necessity since I worked from 7pm until 7am the night before :-)

And she seems better every time I see her!
Thank you :-)
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30 weeks today and feeling both totally ready for her to be out and wildly unprepared. Lol

Also. I will catch up the due date thread on Thursday. My apologies for the delay. Work is ugh killlinnme
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29 weeks. I always measure 3-4 weeks ahead, though ;)

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You look adorable!
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Originally Posted by Selissa View Post

You look adorable!


Ditto!  Was Charlie big, or did your fundal height level out at the end?  Forgive me, I'm obsessed with sizes since they told me baby girl is "on the small side" and I've never made a "small" baby in my life.  The best I can remember from the boys (and that's not much) I measured on for most of the pregnancy, and then ahead a little at the very end.  

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