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We have had a hummingbird making a nest on a plant outside our kitchen window this past week. I hadn't seen her the past two days and I thought she might have abandoned the nest. Well she came back this morning and it looks like she is in the process of laying her eggs. I am looking at it as a wonderful Christmas gift. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates and Happy Holidays!! Can't wait to celebrate these life's gifts with my little girl next year!

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At 19w5d, my waist is also gone.  I've been wearing these fake-cami-bands to lengthen my shirts.  They have a distinct hour-glass shape to them, smaller at the waist and broader at the hips.  I think I'm going to have to start wearing them upside down :) 


My baby is kicking a lot.  My mom, sisters and sisters-in-law have all felt it (and of course hubby.)


I woke up 2 nights ago with a bad leg cramp in my left calf.  It didn't last long--maybe 30 seconds, but wow it hurt!  Anyone else getting them?  I never had one before.  From what I read, they can be quite common beginning in the second trimester.  I woke up today with a stiff neck :( 


Well, we're headed to my folks place for Christmas dinner now.  I'll have my sister take a picture of me and post it tonight or tomorrow. 

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Yeah, I always get leg cramps during pregnancy. This time I've started taking magnesium supplements any time I start to feel a twinge, and that seems to be helping.
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So glad to see and ready everyone's updates!  I haven't been on in a few weeks myself.  

We had our anatomy scan on 12/17 with the specialist.  All looked great minus the position of my placenta - "partial placenta previa".  Ugh.  Hoping that sucker moves but also explains why movement has been hard to feel minus the kicks deep down inside.  During the scan the baby was head down against my cervix the entire time.  Next regular appointment is Jan 14 and then 4 weeks from then we'll have another u/s to see where the placenta is at.  I went in thinking "less u/s" but so far we have had to have them due to issues more than we've planned.  I am grateful the baby is healthy!


My back pain is still around but I bought a support belt and that has helped for the "lots of walking" type days for errands.  It's not really a lot of walking but it sure feels like it according to my body.  I have a nice waddle going.  


Also, my old stretch marks AND my boobs itch (the stretch marks there too)!!  Glad I'm not the only one! :duck

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I am itching, too!

We came home from a week with my parents so relieved that everyone was healthy...and today both partner and I have cough, chills, and gunk at the back of the throat! greensad.gif I am supposed to be at work all this week training a new guy, but if I am too sick that will just have to wait.

Health insurance web portal gave me some details of my ultrasound. Head shape is 78% normal--is that bad?? I will ask about it at my checkup.

Starting to get kicks I can SEE. So weird!
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logging on here and realizing we are halfway is kind of freaking me out! 
No kicks I can see or feel from the outside, but baby makes themselves known if I bend over or lay on my belly, or otherwise encroach on their space ;)  

Sorry you've come down with the yucks Becca, hopefully some tea and rest takes care of it!

We've had family visiting and lots to do so today is a resting, vegging day while I start to worry about how much crap I have to do ;)

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@weliveintheforest - is your placenta in the front? I had that last time and I hardly ever felt anything, but this time they told me at my last scan it was in the back and I've got lots of movement. It might just be that.

I have my scan coming up later in the week. That is always kinda neat. I'm having the whole family (dh and the kids) come and I'm excited to see what the kids think of the whole thing. My hips are driving me nuts. Every time I try to get a bit of moderate exercise my hip punishes me. Luckily I already booked rmt and acupuncture for the new year. I might call my physio again too... I am not a fitness buff or anything but a nice walk or pool visit with the kids shouldn't be too much at this point, but it seems that it might be...

I can't believe we are at the half way point already. I'm having one of those time warp moments were I feel that it has both been simultaneously a long haul and flown by. How is that even possible :-)
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I am SO sick!! Had to have IV hydration and Zofran yesterday after six hours of repeatedly coughing so hard I puked and then puking so hard I wet my pants--despite dehydration--how does that even work? Haven't thrown up since, but I feel dreadful. Whole family is sick.greensad.gif
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I am sick too but not like that. My m/s + exhaustion + crabbiness is back. And if I hadnt been already in my bed last night I would have been hurling in the bathroom too. I have alo woken up with earache and sore throat the last few days and yesterday I dropped/spilled 14 things! And yes, I counted because I couldnt believe how many times it kept happening.

But my issues seem pretty minor compared to yours. I am so sorry you are feeling so awful. I was able to cheer myself up last night by ordering some maternity clothes and a pair of shoes I have been eyeing online. Got good deals on the clothes, too. This morning I took the girls on a grocery store run and we were done and home by 10:00, gave them snack and thy were both in be for naps at 11:00. I still feel like crap today but at least I have food and some new clothes to look forward to.
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@weliveintheforest - is your placenta in the front? I had that last time and I hardly ever felt anything, but this time they told me at my last scan it was in the back and I've got lots of movement. It might just be that.

I have no idea, maybe. I felt kicks later my last pregnancy too so it could be that, or it could just be less active babies :)

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I'm glad germs can't be passed through the internet! I hope all of you ladies are feeling better.  I've been lucky so far... At 21w2d, by baby is getting really active.  It feels like baby is sliding very quickly from side to side.  When I lay down, I see a pear-sized bulge move across my stomach--I'm guessing it's baby's head/back?! My husband is pretty much a master knot-tie-er.  He started tying knots in everything when he was an older toddler, driving his mom crazy.  We joke that this baby has found somewhere to tie up its umbilical cord, and is using it as a zip line across my stomach.  It seriously feels like that.  :)


I've been so hungry--have the constant munchies.  I need to add more vegetables.  Usually I'm really good about eating lots of veggies, but not lately.  I don't have cravings, but am definitely gravitating towards pretzels, granola, a huge package of spice cookies we have leftover from Christmas, and toast with cheese.


I went to IKEA yesterday, a store I've always nick-named "The Pregnant Lady Store" because it seems like almost everyone is pregnant every time I go--probably because there are so many young families.  Anyways, I got to join the pregnant people walking around yesterday, I did catch a few glancing at my belly :)


What is everyone else up to lately?

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Hah, I spent my last three pregnancies walking IKEA. Especially the second - it was a horribly hot summer, and IKEA was the best place to go to get some exercise.


Now we live 4 hours from an IKEA and haven't gone there except once in first trimester when we were visiting my dad.

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I wish we had an IKEA here in Costa Rica!

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