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Originally Posted by 4GreenBabies View Post

oh! and I unclogged the bathroom drain... finally!


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Back to normal, well, normal without the girls for school every day. smile.gif
We were at the in laws next door most of Christmas Eve and Day. Mostly hung out, exchanged gifts, ate food I didn't have to cook or clean up. smile.gif

Today started with a bang. At 2:20 this morning. The Carbon Monoxide detector went off. The Wood stove was smoking and just smoldering. There was no wind outside so no suction on the pipe and it baked up into the house. I'm so glad we've had that detector, it'sthethird time in as many years we've used it! So I woke up hubby and Nursed the baby back to sleep. Thank God he had shut or bedroom door and I was too tired to tell him to leave it open for the heat like we normally do. He airred out the house and got the fire blazing hot. I got up and helped air out things and checked the levels in our room. Then when we went to bed, I was awake for thirty min making sure everyone was still breathing. Lol
I got up at 5 to get him off to work, house still smells smokey
Went back to bed with the baby for an hour and a half, could have totally slept longer
Got up and saw he tried to call and tell me to bring him my key bc he locked his in the car
Tried to wake up the in laws, but couldn't. I wasn't volunteering to walk 1/4 mile in the 27* morning, so I didn't.
Called my sister and Mom.
Talked to my sil whose dog had pups over night, she told her Mom that I needed a car or a ride to take his key. She said she'd take me. Like 2 hrs later.
So I got dressed, put in laundry, made stew in the crock pot, cleaned up a bit, and took care of the babe when she woke up.
Then we left. What should have taken an hour tops took two. She had to run see a friend and so at the bank. Grr If she'd told me that I would have had something to eat! Both the baby and I were starved, And she was resisting a nap too so quite crabby.
We got home a bit ago and I fed the dogs and gave them water that wasn't frozen. Outside dogs here!
Then I chopped some potatoes into the stew.
Opened widows to air out the smoke. I want to smell stew, not smoke.
Brought in some wood and got the fire stoked
Tried to get her to nurse to sleep, but she wanted to play
Ate a little, still hungry though. Maybe the magnesium I'm starting to take will help build up my appetite.
Now she's asleep in my lap and I hope it is a nice, long nap. She needs it.

Still need to do laundry and diapers
Make cornbread
Read my Bible
I planned to clean the house today, but two hours on the road was NOT in my schedule. Maybe tomorrow.
Take out trash, or better yet, get him to do it later
Put away Christmas gifts, start Undecorating.
List Thank You cards to write
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Kind of back to normal here. I'm pretty sad that Christmas is over actually. The season seemed so much shorter this year. I worked from home today and will tomorrow, so that was nice. 


- Tidied up the house. 

- Heated up leftovers for lunch. 

- Went to two Targets to hit up after-Christmas clearance and majorly scored - spent $80 for almost $200 worth of stuff. Got some gift items for next year, gift wrap and some household items. 

- Popped into Dollar Tree and got 4 rolls of red wrapping paper for $2. 


That's pretty much it. Need to work for another hour or so, then I think husband and I are going to play a game. 

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You get such good deals! That's the main thing I miss about living in town, being close to the stores. It is a major ordeal to go anywhere, so I usually don't.

Today, the main accomplishments are

Cleaning our bathroom
Working on laundry
Getting diapers washing
Beans cooking for supper
Figuring out some essential oil pricing.

Still want to straighten, dust, clean the other bathroom, Mop, look up some books, finish my email, take a nap!
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Hamster on the wheel again today:


- went by FedEx Office to get a form scanned

- got groceries at the regular supermarket

- and the natural food store

- phoned the bank so they could walk me through uploading that scanned form to them

- made DS2 breakfast

- walked with dog

- wrapped presents (family birthday today)

- made birthday cake (plain chocolate)

- started pizza dough


To round out the evening I will:


- build pizzas for DS1 and DS2 (they eat a pie each) (like, an entire Joy of Cooking recipe for the two of them)

- make chocolate butter cream frosting

- hang out, hopefully read a bit

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Originally Posted by MrsKoehn View Post

You get such good deals! That's the main thing I miss about living in town, being close to the stores. It is a major ordeal to go anywhere, so I usually don't.


I just refuse to pay full retail price for anything! And honestly, it's the only way we can afford to have what we do - get it cheap! It does take a little work - I spent a few hours cruising the deals blogs and websites and clipping coupons each week, but I enjoy it so it doesn't seem like a burden. And I'm glad that my favorite stores are within reasonable driving distance - that helps! 


Today was kind of a bust. I'm really feeling the post-holiday letdown and work stress at the moment, so only a few things actually done around home today - 


- Loaded dirty dishes into the dishwasher. 

- Handwashed some new pans. 

- Halfway organized my coupons. 

- Tidied the house. 

- Started my grocery list. 


Still on the goal list for this evening after Little Man's bedtime - 


- Order some Valentine's Day cards and note cards on Shutterfly with free codes I have that expire today. 

- Work on a Shutterfly calendar (I finally got an "extra" free code so I can make one for myself for my desk at work!) if I'm not Shutterflied out after the cards. 

- Finish organizing my coupons. 

- Order a Secret Santa gift on Amazon (we're doing our work exchange for New Year's). 

- Organize my new sewing box organizer. 


We'll see how much of that I actually get done... 

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Whoops, duplicate post. 
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Today started at 4:30 and hasn't stopped yet. Still don't feel very accomplished.

I got up, made our breakfast, my tea, started laundry, read my Bible, got him of to work.
Then I worked on a new planner for a new year
Started in on my junk room for about half hour before she woke up to nurse almost half hour. Then she "helped" for an hour or so.
Then she Nursed a bit, we did more laundry, made eggs and ate them, fed and waters the dogs, and gave her a bath.
I tried to get her to nap again, she keeps yawning, but is not sleeping.
We worked on the room some more, then my 16 year old sil came over to do the vacuuming m dusting, mopping, bathroom remaining, and help Straighten. She's just finishing. There's still a huge mess where I'm trying to clean the room out and stuff is everywhere.

I still need to make supper, clean the room more- that will take a few days. Straighten what's out (that means shove it all back in the room), take down the garlands and nativities, make the bed, Straighten her toys and whatever else she destroys before hubby's cousin and family come later, clean up after they leave. But for now, I THINK she's going to actually take a nap now....
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Well, I meant to stay in today but husband heard that Star Wars X-Wing Fighters were 50% off a Target, so off we went... 


- Stopped at the bank to get quarters for laundry. 

- Drove by the forest preserve to see if the elk were out, but they weren't today. 

- Went to Target. Husband got his X-Wing Fighters and I picked up a few more clearance items - I got a four pack of Kleenex for $4, a press-in-the-pan sugar cookie mold for $5, flameless votive candles for $5 and a few One Spot items at 70% to squirrel away for Easter baskets and next year's stocking stuffers. Also in the Christmas section I found a 4 pack of Hot Wheels in Christmas packaging for $2, and a 4 pack of Scotch tape for $2. Got a few other little random things at 50% off. Oh, and I picked up two more stacking Sterlite containers at $7 each - a lightbulb when off in my mind after I brought the other two home (one I gave to husband for his miniatures tools and one for me for a sewing gear box). I'm going to use the other two as one for a car box (emergency supplies, toy storage, garden supplies we need for the community garden, etc.) and the other one will go in our camping gear for a portable camp kitchen! Pretty happy about those! Now that January is practically here I've got the organizing bug. 

- Got Portillos for lunch and ate as a family at home. 

- I ran out to Hobby Lobby solo for an hour of alone time and to pick up more coupon binder pages with my 40% off coupon, but discovered they were marked at 50% off! So I got two and used my coupon on a mini coupon file when I don't want to lug around the big binder. Score!

- Stopped into Dollar Tree to get two free Kraft Recipe Makers to donate to the food bank since I had $1 off coupons. Also picked up two wine bottle gift bags at 50% off. 

- Tidied the linen closet and put away the Kleenex and whatnot. 

- Put together a bag for the food pantry - the two Recipe Makers, half a dozen canned veggies and a box of gluten-free cookie mix I scored as a free sample. 

- Put away the rest of the shopping items. 


Still to come this afternoon - 


- Take Little Man outside to play since it's so beautiful out. 

- Organize my coupon binder properly. 

- Do a few loads of laundry. 

- Organize the camp kitchen stuff (so it frees up another organizer to use elsewhere). 

- Bake some cranberry bread for husband. 

- Do some office work for an hour or so later tonight after Little Man goes to bed. 

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Fairly productive morning here, for a Sunday - 


- Did some office work intermittently. 

- Got Little Man his breakfast and read him some stories. 

- Sorted the laundry for washing. 

- Put the first load in the washing machine. 

- Put away clean dishes from the dishwasher. 

- Loaded the dishwasher with dirty dishes. 

- Handwashed some pots and pots. 

- Put the kettle on for tea for me and coffee for husband. 

- Made eggs, and turkey sausage with bagels for brunch. 


Still to come - 


- Bake something for breakfasts this week. 

- Sunday night work prep. 

- Put together my new car kit with the organizer I got. 

- Change the bedding on the beds. 

- Finish the laundry. 

- Bake some more Russian teacakes. 

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Everything is done except for the baking... seven o'clock bedtime sounds good to me tonight! 

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Dragging today, but some progress:


- checked transactions with our banks online, transferred some money to DS2

- swept some slushy mucous off our car

- took my mother to a medical appointment

- purged a few books and some clothes

- hunted through my button box for black buttons I don't have

- packed up and froze some leftovers for DH's lunches

- made kielbasa cabbage soup for dinner

- purged a bunch of recipe clippings that I don't and won't use

- spent way too much time trying to figure out substitute proportions of gelatin / flour for thickening -- anyone?

- threw a quick dinner together for DS2

- kept the fire going

- kept the sink empty


Still want to:


- make DS2 some shepherd's pie; he's nocturnal on breaks, and I want some easy-to-heat comfort food for him

- do some needlework

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Um, so work was a cluster of doom. The fact that I had the willpower to do anything else at all today is at miracle level. And part of me feels like a complete idiot for saying that, because I just got a promotion (which I should be grateful for without the complaining) and I totally knew what I was getting myself into. But my god, this adjustment period is hard! I still have my old job stuff, plus some new things I have to learn for my new role, and it's just A LOT happening at once. But I digress... 


- Stopped at Carsons and used a gift card to buy myself some new yoga pants since husband bought me a 10 card for yoga classes at our park district as part of my Christmas present. So excited about it - it's something I've been wanting to do, but have found every excuse under the sun not to sign up myself. 

- Stopped at Old Navy for new shirts - got half a dozen long-sleeved t-shirts, which I can either wear to yoga, or dress up for the office with cardigans and jewelry. Win! Also found a cute pair of deer earrings on clearance. I have a thing for woodland animals. 

- Spent some time reading Saveur magazine with Little Man (his request - we might have a little foodie in the making). 

- Poured myself a glass of wine. 

- Worked for an hour (groan...). 


And now I will finish my wine and read my new magazines for a short while and be in bed by 10! Yay - go me! 


How's everyone else faring?

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You've been busy, KQ!

Today I finally made it out of bed, she was SO RESTLESS. I'm guessing teeth, but not sure.

Read my Bible
Hung out in Pinterest, found a recipe for Thieves oil, SCORE.
Checked emails
Made most of a cheese ball for the family get together next door tonight
Cleaned the kitchen before and after
Finally talked to my Mom this week
Took a shower
Got the girl down for a nap

Still Need To
Finish the cheese ball
Give her a bath
Fix my hair and makeup
Throw my stuff to take with together
Pay til Ana or I drop. Likely before 8. Hehe
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Originally Posted by MrsKoehn View Post

You've been busy, KQ!


Hahahaha - I know! And now I'm tired! Husband and I are watching the Winter Classic hockey game on tv while Little Man naps, and it's the perfect winter day - it's snowing tons, the Christmas decorations are still up and it's all warm and cozy. 


Nonetheless, did a few things - 


- Made beans and franks for lunch. 

- Ordered some things online from Victoria's Secret with a gift card husband got me for Christmas. 

- Read through my deals blogs. 

- Printed some coupons. 


Going to clip and organize my coupons for grocery shopping tomorrow while watching the game. And after Little Man is up from his nap, I think we're all going to bundle up and go play in the snow for a little while - it's super cold so we'll probably only stay out for 15-20 minutes, but enough for a tour around on the sled. Then hot chocolate and cookies to warm us back up! 

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