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Stocking stuffers

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Our Christmas budget is a little ( ok, a lot) smaller than usual this year. Am I a terrible mom if DD gets necessities in her stocking instead of tons of candy or knick knacks? I was thinking of toothbrushes, socks, hair ties, etc. She's a sweet 5yo who loves opening anything but part of me feels like a meanie.
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I'm putting toothbrushes in stockings too. On the other stocking thread a lot of women suggest putting things like soap and razors in stockings.

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Aw don't feel bad! A lot of things in my kids' stockings are "cheater gifts"-stuff like lip balm, fun socks, sample size toiletries for gym bags. Toothbrushes are always in there but I try to get the kind that light up or play music to make it more special than just a regular 'ol toothbrush.
They always love their stockings and the oldest is 12...so I'm sure your 5yo will like hers. smile.gif
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We do similar at our house, DD will get a toothbrush and her own paste, hair ties, socks(probably fun ones with little pictures), snow gloves. A couple of pieces of candy to round it off. Havent decided on stuff for rest of family but everybody gets a toothbrush!
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We always do that.  Fun soap/body wash, new socks, and hair stuff are ALWAYS in the stocking.  That's what I always got too.  I do include fun snacks since my kids open their stockings first while I make coffee and throw breakfast in the oven and it takes an hour to bake.  But it's rare that they have more than one piece of chocolate or a bag of "fruit snacks" and a candy cane.  

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We do socks, underware, toothbrush, and practical other little things like crayons, coloring books, pencils and whatnot.  I can not and will not put tons of money in little trinkets for the stocking...

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Mine just turned 6...In her stocking she is getting...



nail polish


scotch tape

kid size stapler

Kid scissors

twist crayons

pk of assorted color construction paper


Holiday Gummy Candy

Sweet Tarts


Except for the nail polish,socks,Orange and the candy all came from the dollar tree...Most I bought at back to school sales...My girl LOVES the cut,staple and tape paper.... :wink

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We always do that too. My sons love getting new toothbrushes, sock, etc.

This year they are each getting:




AA batteries

a few chocolates

single size Horizon chocolate milk

an orange

candy cane

bubble bath

small box/bag of animal crackers


In the past they've gotten:

small flashlights

plug in night lights

art supplies

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My parents always filled our stockings with useful little items, and we were always so excited! We lived pretty frugally growing up, so getting my very own package of hairties or my own tube of bubble gum toothpaste was always a treat. We're continuing the tradition with DS- I think it makes much more sense than silly little toys that get played with for two minutes and then tossed aside. My mom also used to put an orange and a mini box of cereal in our stockings- again, super simple and affordable, but somehow totally exciting when it comes in stocking form.
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Hmmm.  I might splurge on a pomegranate for each stocking (although holy smokes at 2/$5 that would be quite a bit huh?).  That would be a huge treat around here- and maybe an orange juice box- they would go nuts over those....  And it would be a little snack for the pre-breakfast time.  

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I always put crayons & a coloring book in dd's. I buy the crayons when they are .25 a box in the BTS sales. I buy the coloring books ahead in the clearance sales the previous year. Other than that, she gets candy, and normally a couple little toys {matchbox, small doll, etc}. This year I may do the box of cereal maybe too.

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Iowaorganic~ if you have an Aldis' where you live they have them for .49 this week.
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Originally Posted by stormborn View Post

Iowaorganic~ if you have an Aldis' where you live they have them for .49 this week.

Ohhhh Thank You!  I might be in town on Sunday and I will stop in there!  I somehow forget about Aldis....  I could get little chocolate bars there too- they have wonderful ones!

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You can do essentials but still make it fun - you can get a soap that has a toy inside (or make your own!) and you can get fun chap sticks. I saw one at Tractor Supply the other day called Chicken Poop, and it smelt like lavender! Silly (cheap) fun things don't have to be boring. 

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Too late for this year, but when yard sale season (and this could apply to thrift stores as well even at this time of year) arrives, keep the Christmas stocking issue in your mind.  I very frequently find great stocking gifts at yard sales for prices at .25 or .50 or $1.  One time I put a beautiful necklace in my daughter's stocking that was $1 at a yard sale; other things have been costume jeweltry for dress up when they were little, little craft kits that were probably in some other kids stocking a couple of years ago but never got opened or used (which of course shows you how pointless the quest for stocking stuffer things is...).    This year my son, who is not a little guy anymore!, will have about 6 very nice small metal sculptures of wizards, dragons and the like.  $1 a piece at a yard sale over the summer.


I also have made simple tree ornaments and put them in the stocking.  This year I am planning to make two ornaments out of leftover fabric:  two small stacks of pancakes, complete with butter (a small square of appliqued yellow fabric) and syrup (appliqued brown fabric cut so it looks as if it is flowing over the pancakes).  One year I used wire and some yard sale beads to bead the first initial of my kids names.  These homemade things are likely to be on their tree for the rest of their lives and cost nothing (if you don't have craft supplies, check out the thrift stores for cheap clothing with useful amounts of fabric -- gold lame shirts can be cut up to make fabulous "crowns" for dress up. 


Personally, I found that my kids just like to find a fit of choclate, some tasty bagged snacks (think chips which we never buy otherwise) and a couple of cool toy like things.  Homemade ornament is a nice touch, too for them.


I am realizing while I write this that for the last 15 years of doing stockings for my kids, I always have yard sale things in there.  This year I didn't do so much yard saling, so I don't have the same wealth of items to choose from.  Better work on that for next year!

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So far I got some candies and a mini flashlight for everybody.  I'll probably get oranges and socks, too.  Can't think of anything else really.  Luckily our whole family's stockings are made by MIL and she made them pretty small, so it wouldn't take much to stuff them. :)

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This year I'm keeping it at $15 per stocking. We don't bring a lot of junk home, so all the sweet/processed stuff are treats for my kids.

Letter from Santa
A small bag of mixed unshelled nuts (the kids love cracking nuts)
A candy cane
Packets of hubba bubba
Christmas themed socks
Christmas themed sticky tape (for crafts)
Pack of dry erase crayons
Stationery set ($2 sets)
Mini cans of baked beans
Packet of jelly snakes
Fruit cups
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We do a Christmas ornament, chocolate, an orange, socks and a small toy. Toys include mini Lego figure for the older boys, new earbuds for my pre-teen dd, and a little truck for the youngest. I tend to buy good wool socks, so spend about $20-25 on each stocking.

Of course, I haven't actually bought any of this stuff. My Christmas mojo is seriously lacking this year. And we are shut down for another snow day here. My fingers are crossed that we get a good melt and I can do a flurry of shopping next week.
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I think I bought too much for kiddos stockings...


matchbox cars for DS

a my little pony horse for DD

colored pencils for DD

thin washable markers for DS

Xmas M&M's

York peppermint patty

fruit leather

chocolate covered graham cracker cookie

finger flashlights


noise makers

playing cards

Xmas jelly beans

small containers of play doh


glow sticks




Everything was bought on sale. jammin.gif

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My 10 yo keeps telling me he's so excited for christmas because he really needs a new toothbrush LOL!  My kids also get the practical stuff - smartwool socks, toothbrushes.  My 2yo is getting underwear :)  Last year I saw these gigantic Reese's PB cups at Cracker Barrel, and once finding out they cost $15 each (yikes!), I just decided to make a giant candy for my kids - the L-O-V-E-D it!  They have seriously talked about it all year.  i used those little tiny-loaf size disposable aluminum baking pans (maybe 5"x3" - ish), and made a Twix and Reese.  This year there I have found so many flavors I want to make that I think I'll just do muffin-tin sized treats.  Maybe also some homemade gummy treats (those are a snap to make and they're healthy to boot).  Also some little snazzy thing - DS13 is getting earbuds, DS10 is getting a lego minifigure I think.

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