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MommyBear: lighting a candle for you.


revolting: I will get pics on of the felt pieces soon, promise!


I have been prepping and practicing for my presentation which is tonight at 6:30... ON A FULL MOON!  SO PLEASE... send me calm, strong energy!!!!  

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Originally Posted by MommyBear View Post

My 10 year old had "body odor" at school. He had showered the night before and was wearing clothes fresh out of the dryer but his school nurse felt the need to call the POLICE. The social worker assigned to us doesn't like that we don't bed over and take it, so she lied in her report (she even used DH's military service against him). They've were taken on November 4 and I've seen them for 6 hours since then. Our current case worker and support worker say that they can't figure out why my boys were taken at all and are trying to get them back to us ASAP but if everything goes to plan, it'll be Spring Break before we get them back.


My boys are not all in the same home, my older two are together but my youngest is on his own in another city. The older two have a terrible foster mom who made them bathe in alcohol and has a grandson who peeps on my oldest in the shower and looks down his pants while he sleeps. Somehow, that is better than them being home where they are loved and greatly valued.


Oh. My. Gods. This is reprehensible. Prayers and light for your family, mama. I can't even begin to imagine. And that nurse-- has she never been around pubertal boys before? If "body odor" is a reason to call the police, all 1000 kids at my son's middle school should have been reported. Geez.

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Originally Posted by MommyBear View Post

My 10 year old had "body odor" at school. 


 I can't even imagine a child getting taken away from his mama just for body odor!  Do you have a lawyer?

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I have a lawyer. I don't like her too much, but I've got her. When I asked to have the boys for Yule, she asked what religion celebrates that... I told her and she said "As long as you're not a Satan worshiper or anything..." I so wanted to point out that even if I were, there would be no problem with that, but I know better than to poke the bear.


They've said that our case is moving faster than most, but them being gone this long sure doesn't feel like it. 


I really appreciate the positive energy, I find that I'm lacking my own lately.

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I am not in the holiday spirit and I need to write a ritual. Bah humbug!



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I've gotten the itch to set up a ritual space now that we're moved into the cabin. Can't wait!

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Mommybear: I hope the case moves as quickly as possible. What a rough time of year not to have your kids!

Vy: So...how did it go?

AFM: We built gingerbread houses and read Mother Winter from Circle Round the other day. Since the weather refuses to cooperate, we will have an indoor dream incubation ritual for the longest night tonight. We did this last year, but with some minor tweaking, we will mostly follow Circle Round. Happy Solstice Eve to all!

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Blessed Solstice Eve to all, as well! I worked today, then went over M's to help him learn how to wrap gifts, then ran a long errand, and now M is nowhere to be found. I hope he's asleep! He is supposed to stay over tonight and celebrate Solstice/Christmas with us tomorrow! Bah-- just tried and still no answer :1praying REALLY hoping he's sleeping and not drinking.


DS and I are going to my brother's on Monday, picking my mom up at the airport on the way. It is supposed to be rainy and on Sunday, really rainy, so I have to spend a chunk of Solstice cleaning and packing the car. M offered to take us out for dinner, so I am deciding to take him up on it. I've always made Solstice feast, but I am just too dang wiped out. I have way too much on my plate and this sickness really put me back a week or more, so....I think I am being very wise, taking him up on the offer to go out :thumb

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Happy Solstice! So far its been a relaxing / productive day, getting ready for dinner and company tonight after attending a beautiful wedding last night. Sending my husband out to the store for a couple last minute things for dinner, with the plan to clean the living room before he gets back. Love the peppermint essential oil spray I have, but as incentive to myself I only spray it after things are cleaned/up...silly, but it works for me! 


After our friends leave tonight, my husband and I are planning a private ritual to rid ourselves of some issues we have worked (really hard!) through, but are still kind of lingering...we're hoping intentional release during the waning moon on Solstice will help get past it. I feel a strong need to do this before the New Moon on January 1st. 


Enjoy your holiday and celebrations, mommas! :) 

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He wasn't drinking OR asleep; he was ignoring me for I forgot what reason...I was so POd last night and trying so hard to practice acceptance. He never did come over until 10am this morning, but it all worked out alright. I kept telling myself it would.
I read Sun Bread to ds last night. We did not make our own Sun Bread but I bought a french bread to stand in. We got up at 5 minutes to Sunrise this morning, and threw up bits of bread to the Sun when he rose, poured libations of peach/apple sparkling juice on the Earth, had some ourselves, then clambered onto my bed to open stockings. DS did an admirable job in his first year as Elf! I got some body wash, a ceramic angel, a ceramic thingy with a crow on it :love, a back scratcher, pink fuzzy gloves, a pack of eyeshadows, eyebrow pencil/eyeliner, red nail polish, a book light. He got chocolates, deodorant, travel toothbrush and paste, travel mouthwash (he said "Mom? Are you trying to tell me something?" :lol ) a book light (different from mine), a tiny gingerbread house, other things.


Then M came over and he got me a beautiful....one of those all-in-one stereo thingies that look like old-timey radios. I've always wanted one-- but I feel like Gift of the Magi because I sold my entire record collection and now I have this record player and nothing to play on it :( At least it has CD and cassette and FM/AM.

I got M a blue hoodie, some long underwear, the Catholic Missal, an Episcopalian book of common prayer, a chocolate tool set, mini reese cups, a sock monkey.

DS got M a book of Emily Dickinson poems, a bookmark, and two crystals (smokey quartz and hematite). M got ds a $25 gift card to Game Stop.


I had stomach upset for a good portion of the day. I think it might be because I ate bread this morning. I haven't had bread in months and months. Got over it in time to go out to eat, though-- M brought me to the 99 and I had this awesome smothered chicken thingy. Ate every bit of it :yum


All in all, a mostly sedate day :thumb

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I made bread, pretzels, and pretzel buns today! Happy day-after-Solstice!





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That's a lot a bread!


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I packaged up 27 of the pretzels for late Holiday gifts. We wrapped the breads in foil and stuck them in the freezer (they'll last us a few weeks that way). We used most of the pretzel buns today for lunch (bacon cheeseburgers!). :thumb

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jaw.gif PRETZELS!!!!!! MUST HAVE!!! I've been craving a hot, salted pretzel for FOREVER!!!!

Would you mind sharing the recipe? I need need need pretzels for free! :lol



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Wow, you're on a roll....~ducking and running~ sorry, couldn't resist! :rotflmao

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Wishing you all a cozy Christmas!

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Hoping it's feel Christmasy this weekend when the fam shows up. Right now.............. not so much! lol

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I can't for the New Moon on January 1st. It is like the new year and the moon are begging to do spellwork together.



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Tree - I really look forward to the new moon too, especially after my partner gifted me with a new tarot deck this Christmas. I'm hoping to do a good cleansing.

Wolf - Bacon cheeseburgers on pretzel buns sounds amazeballz!

Treslo - I hope your ritual went well.

Vy: I want to see those pictures you promised!

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Thanks, revolting!


I'm also really excited for the New Moon on New Years Day. I love new beginnings! Been working on my new 2014 calendar...


I got my 11 year old his first Tarot Deck for Christmas! Its Celtic Dragons, he was really happy. 

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