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Ruby spends her floor time on a quilt on the floor. Sometimes I put a sheepskin underneath if its really cold inside. She is always wearing long sleeves and pants... It's too cold to do anything less unless we directly in front of the wood stove. Sometimes I will bring a space heater into the bedroom and let her have naked play time on the bed but that doesn't happen too often!
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I'm liking that bathroom rug idea! I also thought that a couple of yoga mats could work to provide a little cushion with enough friction. I may try that later.
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Iris likes music of all kinds, crinkley paper (and her paperlike flat bear), Sophie, this jingle-y monkey on a chew ring that she doesn't need help to manipulate, and anything else someone will let her chew with her sharp little teeth (wooden spoons, plastic cups, spatulas etc.). She also loves anything with people to look at (yoga and book time at the library are awesome!), and sitting and standing with assistance. And kisses (giving and getting). It's so sweet.
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By the way, my last area rug came from target and was all of 100 dollars for 6 x 10. Not th fanciest,but...
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Griffin spends lots of time in his playgym, and also gets mad if stuff doesn't go into his mouth immediately. I made a little puppet show with a bunny stuffy and a best stuffy and he thought that was hilarious and laughed his face off and then wanted to shove then in his mouth. The laughing at stuffys is a new thing. He is also spending long moments blabbing to himself and to us and to whatever. Last week it was screeching but I'm relieved that this week it's turned into gentle but detailed blabbing using many different sounds. He hates tummy time. He is rolling to the side (and pissing himself laughing when I say that phrase to him..idk..) but we don't have any full rolls and I think it will be a long time before that happens as he isn't showing interest. He REALLY wants to sit up. And loves standing in out laps and loves getting ambushed with kisses. He often sits in his baby rocker and tries hard to sit up more. I'm going to take a look at that blog too but so far I feel like just going with it. He LOVES being propped on the couch and looking around. Loves it. Or sitting on us. He loves grabbing our faces, and he is really interested in the dog and the cat. The dog is extremely patient with mr. Grabbyhands. The cat not so much. Our house is really cold too and I really only have him on the floor upstairs on yoga mat-playgym area. I don't know how it's going to work when he crawls. Oh, he also spends lots of time sucking on toes, fingers, anything he can get his hands on.
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