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Dingo Bells, Dingo Bells, Dingo all the Way!!!!

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It's December! The last month of 2013! Time for finishing out the year strong, assessing the past year's running and fitness goals, making new ones, and just reflecting on all we've accomplished in ALL areas of our lives!!


New visitors to the Dingo Thread may ask, "but, what is a Dingo?"

Dingoes are mamas (defined loosely, when needed) who run, walk, cycle, tri, and participate in whatever sport they need to sustain their awesome mama selves in lives that are definitely dynamic. Sometimes, a Dingo is injured, or life takes a turn, and she has to take a break from her chosen sport. Whether active or aspiring, Dingoes support one another in spirit. When two Dingoes are in the same place at the same time, something incredibly special happens. This is called a Dingo Meetup. They are relatively rare, and so we try to record them with photographic evidence.

Are you a Dingo? You just might be, if:

You sometimes perform acts of brilliance in order to squeeze a workout into a busy week.

You're never ashamed of coming in at the back of the pack, even if you're used to coming in faster.

You have found yourself sincerely respecting and admiring moms in all forms, observing how they're doing it for love, and growing from their experiences as well as your own

You won't know until you try, and all comers are welcome.
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Last day of classes, which of course explains why I have to be going full tilt for the next 10 days.

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Love the thread title!

Just back from a walk, now to stretch.
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Oh Sparkle, I love the thread title! Thanks for starting the new thread. blowkiss.gif
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Gearing up for the first Xc ski of the year yeeee- haw!!!!!!!
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jog.gif 2013 Dingo Race List



Nickarolaberry - Somerville Jingle Bell 5K Run, December 15, 2013


jog.gif  2014  jog.gif


realrellim -The Resolve Double (5K + 10K) - January 4, 2014

Mel38 - Charlie Post Classic 15k - January 25, 2014

tjsmama - Runnin' of the Green Lucky 7k - March 16, 2014

Mel38 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10k - April 5, 2014

tjsmama - Colorado Marathon 1/2 marathon, May 4, 2014

tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder, June 15, 2014
tjsmama - Boulder Peak Triathlon, July 13, 2014
tjsmama - Ironman Boulder, August 3, 2014

tjsmama - Rock n' Roll Denver 1/2 Marathon, October 19, 2014


Special dates:


candle.gif September 24, 2012  Annual Griffin Memorial 5k - where ever you may be that day, whether organized or solo, whether running, walking, cycling, meandering or otherwise, please hold Griffin Patrick (and all those born silently or too soon) in your hearts. stillheart.gif



Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.  

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Results, too broc1.gif 

run.gif2013 Dingo Race Results partytime.gif



mommajb - Tinkerbell Half, January 20, 2013

mel38 - Charlie Post Classic 15k - January 26, 2013 - 1:38:46

realrellim - Yeti Chase 10K, January 27, 2013

bec - Desert Classic Half Marathon, February 2, 2013

realrellim - Ralston Creek Half Marathon, February 10, 2013 - 1:59:47

tjsmama - Runnin' of the Green Lucky 7k, March 10, 2013 - 41:58

JayGee - AOH 5k - March 10, 2013 - 27:48 (DS's time - 26:53, for his first 5K ever!)

poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon, March 24, 2013

Mel38 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10k, April 5, 2013 - 1:00:28

Mel38 - TryCharleston Sprint Triathlon, April 20, 2013 - 1:32:21

bec - Kentucky Derby Marathon, April 27, 2013

tjsmamaCherry Creek Sneak 10 Miler, April 28, 2013 1:41:58

bec - Indy Mini Marathon, May 4, 2013

Mel38 - Hell Hole Swamp Gator Run 10k, May 4, 2013 - 1:00:?

Dmitrizmom -  Pieathlon, May 11, 2013

JayGee & DD1 - St. Louis Girls on the Run 5k, May 11, 2013 - 41:00

realrellim - Colfax Marathon, May 19, 2013 - 4:00:44

tjsmama - Colfax 1/2 Marathon, May 19, 2013 - 2:15:54

Dmitrizmom -  Gladiator Assault Challenge, May 19, 2013

Mel38 - Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1, May 19, 2013 - 1:26:37

realrellim - Boulder Bolder 10k, May 27, 2013 - 53:11

tjsmama - Boulder Bolder 10k, May 27, 2013 - 59:07

Mel38 - Lowcountry Splash 2.4 mile swim, June 1, 2013 - 57:36

Nickarolaberry - Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon, June 2, 2013 - 2:30-ish

Dmitrizmom - Grinnell Games Half Marathon, June 8, 2013

mel38 - Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #2, June 16, 2013 - 1:26:03 PR!

tjsmama - Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic Tri, June 22, 2013

realrellim - Winter Park Half Marathon, June 29, 2013

realrellim - Run for Independence, July 6, 2013

Dmitrizmom - Iowa Games Triathlon, July 14, 2013 - 1:41:06

bec - Door County Triathlon - Half Ironman, July 21, 2013 - 7:55 PR!!

poppywise - The Giant Race San Francisco Half Marathon, August 4, 2013 - 2:39:12

Dmitrizmom - Run for Blood, August 4, 2013 -  (31:52 a PR by over 3 minutes!!)

mel38 - Charleston Sprint Tri Series #5, August 11, 2013 - 1:31:20

tjsmama - Rattlesnake Triathlon Crazy Back-to-Back (Oly & Sprint), August 17-18, 2013 - 3:23:10 & 1:27:39

Realrellim - Rattlesnake Sprint Tri, August 18, 2013 1:32:23

Realrellim - West Side Duathlon, August 25, 2013

mel38 - Francis Marion Dirt Dash Half Marathon, September 7, 2013 - 2:25:22

1joojFox Cities Half, Sept 22, 2013

Nickarolaberry - Providence Rock n Roll half marathon, Sept 29, 2013 - 2:08:54

bec  - Des Plaines River Trail Half Marathon, October 19, 2013 - 2:51 with DD2 & DH!

tjsmama - Rock n' Roll Denver 1/2 Marathon, October 20, 2013 - 2:06:48 (course PR!!)

realrellim - Kooky Spooky Half Marathon, October 26, 2013 - 1:56:26 (PR!!!)

tjsmama - New York Marathon, November 3, 2013 - 4:44:59

mel38 - New York Marathon, November 3, 2013 - 4:46:31

Nickarolaberry - Monson Memorial Classic - November 10, 2013 - 2:13:20

Loftmama - Milam Settlers Day 5k - November 23, 2013


2010 Results

2011 Results

2012 Results

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Jaygee~I laughed out loud and scared ds1 about the "atomic elbow".  Still snickering at the name!  Oh kids!!  Why can't they just all get along?? 


RR: been doing body weight work outs and feel my arms getting stronger already.  I am also eating better as in, less crap food and more real food, fish oil daily instead of when I feel like it, flax daily, etc.  Here's to a good looking spring for me! 


NRR: ds2 and ds3 got braces this morning.  woah.  $1200 down payment and $300 a month.  Thanking God for dh's raise!!!  Also have found a lady in bible study who delivers Sunday papers who always has excess coupon inserts that she is now giving me weekly.  I save 4 times more money a month than I make part time.  Dh is questioning me working the little I do, so I might not be working weekends come the new year?  It doesn't bother me either way.  My couponing is like a part time job anyway with the time I invest and the savings we get. 


More later!



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Thanks for the thread!! I love the dingo bells, and it stops me from groaning about how it's already December. As a Northern dingo, I say Bring on the Light!!! Sunrise today was 7:57, sunset is at 4:21. Yuck.


Academic dingoes, when should/does one start calling themselves a candidate for a degree. My new department wants to call me an MPH candidate, but I thought this was reserved for "almost finished" or "finished but not yet convocated" degrees, not "Mel who hopes to graduate in 2015".


I am locked in my office and just submitted by final paper for the semester. I'm halfway through my student evaluations and WILL finish in the next hour and a half. It means no run or swim today, but probably worth it for the peace of mind of being doooooone for the semester (teaching tomorrow and meeting with students on Thursday, aside).


RM, I like the new avatar. Hooray for a good-looking spring!


tjsmama, way to dominate the 2014 race list. I'm thinking about if/when I'll race next year...

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MelW - As soon as you are in the program, you are a candidate!! (whether you make it there is another story whistling.gif)

more later, busy...
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

Academic dingoes, when should/does one start calling themselves a candidate for a degree. My new department wants to call me an MPH candidate, but I thought this was reserved for "almost finished" or "finished but not yet convocated" degrees, not "Mel who hopes to graduate in 2015".


depends on the program. Usually phd programs: candidate implies you've passed your written/oral exams (aka comps) and are ABD (all but the dissertation done).



4 km ski with girlies. Still snowing.

Remember the hungry caterpillar story? Still hungry?

Well this is still snowing. I'm going to post a pic from my phone. (fair warning for the double post).

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Subbing, and I also stillheart.gif the thread title!
Originally Posted by MelW View Post

tjsmama, way to dominate the 2014 race list. I'm thinking about if/when I'll race next year...
lol.gif That's just because I signed up for three of them in one fell swoop of insanity in July! orngtongue.gif Although, actually, I signed up for the Rock n Roll 1/2 again at the expo. And I may have just entered the lottery for NYC again. Yeah, I have a problem. bag.gif

mel38~Can you add Rock n' Roll Denver 1/2 Marathon on Oct 19? blowkiss.gif

Checking in from 30,000 feet on my final leg back home (thank you, in-flight wifi and a BF who has a subscription that he gave me the login for!)...Mexico was amazing. Just way, way, way, WAY too short. I'm so glad that I got the chance to go. It really was an unbelievable experience, in so many different ways. I got to experience Ironman first hand, which was inspiring, terrifying, exciting, and so many other adjectives. And I got a little (a very little) vacation time with C, which was probably better than the IM part. orngtongue.gif

rr~I got lucky on the way down and met a girl in the security line who heard my cowbell when I put my suitcase up on the belt and asked if I was going to Cozumel. We started chatting and I learned that she was on a flight directly to Cozumel (I was flying into Cancun and was going to have to take the bus to the ferry and spend about 3 hours getting there after landing). I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if I could switch to that flight, and I got really lucky and was able to get on! So instead of rolling into Cozumel around 8 pm and eating/showering and going straight to bed, I actually got to spend a couple of hours with C, have dinner with him and help him get all his stuff around for the next morning. We were up around 3 for breakfast and last minute preparations before getting a cab down to the swim start. There were two other racers and their families staying in the house with us and C's parents, so as any good sherpa would do, I went with the athletes and the families came in a later cab. they changed the swim course kind of last minute around 6pm on Saturday due to expected bad current conditions. Last year's race had bad currents and nearly 30% of the field either DNF'ed or missed the swim cut-off, so the rumor was that the Mexican Tri Federation was afraid that if something like that happened again, IM would pull the event from Cozumel next year. So, instead of the normal loop, they made all the athletes climb on buses and go up the coast about a mile and a half to a resort that let them start the swim there. It ended up being a 1.9 mile point to point swim, with the current, rather than 2.4. C was a little disappointed, since he's a swimmer but I don't think anyone was TOO upset about it. You better believe that I'm not going to let him forget that he *only* did 140.1, though. winky.gif The bummer for the spectators was that we didn't get to see the start, since only athletes were allowed. So I hung around the swim exit and waited. The first male pro came out of the water at 32 minutes, which is crazy fast, even with the shortened course. C beat 7 male pros and had a 41 minute swim! Good for 20th in his division!.

After the swim, I found (somehow, I have no idea how) C's parents and the rest of the group, and we eventually caught a cab out of the park and into town so we could cheer on the bike and run courses. It was kind of a mess getting out of there, but we made it and got a good spot on the course with about 10 minutes to spare before C came through. It was about two hours between loops, so we hung out and cheered and rang cowbell and waited. While we were waiting, I got filmed by some people in official media t-shirts holding one of my signs and ringing my cowbell, so I have no idea where that may show up someday. :-) We went to grab a snack in between the second and third loops of the bike and made it back to the bike-in entrance to transition in time to see one of the other racers we were staying with come in. We were starting to get a little worried about C, since he was behind what we expected him based on the first two loops, but luckily I could see the bike rack and the transition bags and could tell that he hadn't come in yet. Turns out the third loop got REALLY windy on the back of the island and took it out of a lot of people.

We booked it around transition (through a wal-mart like store, no less, lol) to catch him coming out on the run and then planted ourselves on the run course to cheer. The run was a straight out and back, 3 loops, so 6 chances to see people, which was cool. I had four different signs, three of them funny ones, and I loved seeing people's reactions as they read them. Nothing better than watching someone who's miserable start laughing. orngbiggrin.gif C came around for his second loop and was looking pretty miserable but still going. Right after the second loop there was a HUGE rainstorm that came through and absolutely dumped...and then kept raining steadily on and off for a good hour o two more. It kind of sucked in some ways, but it was also kind of good because it cooled things off a lot. C looked MUCH better when he came around for his third loop, and we headed to grab a bite to eat before going over to the finish line. We were planted in the stands waiting when I heard Mike Reilly announce his name with those magic words "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN"! Even with the shortened swim (which we figure took about 20 minutes off his time), he smashed his goal and finished in 12:54! I am SO very proud of him, he did amazing!!!

After his finish, we took him to dinner and then his parents took all his stuff back to the house and he and I stayed for the finish line party...the last magical hour of Ironman when you're trying to cheer those last athletes out on the course in to beat the cutoff. It was a pretty amazing experience. There was a marriage proposal, and a guy with some sort of spine injury (I think) who had been pushed/pulled the whole race by three other guys. Pretty cool. I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to go and experience it in person, and I feel slightly more prepared for my own now. Slightly. But not really!

So anyway...yesterday was a pretty low-key day. C was feeling pretty good (mostly just a little sore and he has blisters like you wouldn't believe on his feet from the rain), so we rented a scooter and drove around the island, and then we went on a pirate dinner cruise with his parents, which was pretty entertaining. It was super cheesy, but the rum punch was flowing quite freely so it was fun! And then C and I headed to the ferry to get me over to Cancun for my flight this morning. greensad.gif I really shouldn't complain, it was an incredible trip, but two and a half days was not nearly enough! Alas, it's back to real life and work tonight. Which should be interesting on the four hours of sleep I got last night. Eek.

Sorry for the novel...can you imagine how long the race report will be after MY ironman? lol.gif
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Mel. i agree with kerc, "candidtate" means you've past the last exam hurdle besides thesis/defense exam. So for a MS, that's upon completion of coursework, for PhD, that's passing comps/quals.

Off to dinner with job candidate. I'm in (academic) love.
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Huh, well, there ya go shrug.gif
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:D Up before the sun and getting ready to head out. Not that it's hard to be up before the sun in December. 6:52 sunrise, 5:34 sunset.


kerc, :cold 

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Kerc - I giggles about your crummy looking turkey and flylady-ing.  I may just click over to her site again and see what I've forgotten.  All I remember is that I should shine my sink.


MelW - Any word on dh's interview?


Lofty - :hug It sounds like a full weekend with all the reminders of MIL.  I'm glad you had some good times with the sad.


JazzHarmony - tiphat.gif Welcome.  I'd suggest erring on the side of resting too, and continue with RICE and vitamin I.


Gaye - I love the pictures on FB.  It sounds like a great 2.5 days.  How were his parents?  It occurred to me that there is really no better way to get to know someone's parents than by hanging out cheering for their son at a 12+ hour event.  They must be head over heels for you by now.  And you and C make a ridiculously cute couple.  You kind of look like each other, in a sweet, awwww way.


RM - :dizzy Double braces!  Yikes!  I'm impressed wth your couponing though, that's serious if it could take the place of income!


Thanks for the new thready Sparkle!  


RR: Boxed my brains out this morning.  It felt really good.  The difference between a workout when I'm fighting a cold and not is pretty astounding.


NRR: Haven't figured out how to answer my brother's email yet, for which I am sure points are being deducted.  But  I am so relieved that my mom is safely back on her own turf!  She tells me that she's having trouble remembering things.  She used a lot of Ambien before it became known that it had some troubling side effects.  She says she's pretty much given it up entirely except for when she travels but she has some blood chilling stories.  Like waking up with a huge burn on her arm that she doesn't remember getting. So I think it's safe to start bracing myself for the time when she needs serious care and the callous me wonders if I can answer my brother in a way that might make it more likely that he would like to help out in caring for her when the time comes. A girl can have her delusions right?




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Plady :rotflmao the only thing I ever remember about flylady is shining the sink. I do get a little bit of a bump in mood when my sink is shiny, but then someone uses it. Glad you boxed your head off. And yes, Mom's story is scary.


jazzharmony, the week off and continued RICE is a good idea; you might look up some good stretches to add, as long as you have downtime?


I ran most of the out, walked the back, for about 6mi total. Felt great. Humidity out there makes the painted brick of the Corniche turn kind of greasy-slippery, so there were some spots that were just not for running. Also, the workers are spraying some very frightening-smelling substances on the ornamentals out there. Next, I am going up the stairs to the roof to check out the weights and add some strength exercises to the routine. I am ready to get a little hardcore while the weather is cool.

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Mel38--can you add me to the race list for The Resolve Double (5K + 10K) on Jan 4? (Yeah, I know I said I wasn't doing any winter races this year, but the discount was good and the opportunity to do a supported 9-miler sounded awesome. Also, I may need to run that much just to recover from the NY trip!)

kerc--happy skiing!

Geo--may the 10 days at least pass quickly.

MelW--it's a master's degree so I think it's fair game to call yourself a candidate if it's appropriate. I don't know how your program works, but when I did mine, we took comps and wrote the thesis during the last semester of coursework. That said, it's clearest to just focus on your expected completion date of 2015.

Plady--glad you got some boxing in.

1jooj--nice job!

jazzharmony--welcome! I have nothing new to add, but will echo that rest days should help.

It's snowing. Depending on who you believe, there could be half a foot out there tomorrow or a couple of inches. But it's cold and getting colder. That alone makes me want a snow day tomorrow. (Yes, the arctic cold turns me into a wuss every December. In my defense, it's very hard to adjust from the 60-degrees it was over the weekend and the 50 degrees it was up until around noon today to the 12 degrees it is 12 hours later. Bodies were not made for those extremes.)
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