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Nutcracker weekend. In laws visiting. Insert head spinning smilie.

So fun to see my sweetie doing something she clearly loves.

Waiting for breakfast to kick in before heading out to ski, alone. Then back for gift opening with extended family.

Sparkle, I agree with what Dana posted.

Jg: I'm so sorry you lost jake, but I'm glad you got to say goodbye. And I'm jumping up and down happy that you'll get to see your mom and dad.
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Kerc - I love those happy faces!  Nice job on getting a solo ski in today.


DD just came to say that she feels sad and like everyone else is having more fun than she is, and like everyone is at a Christmas party she wasn't invited to.  I told her that lots of people feel that way this time of year.  I actually have logged off of FB for that very reason.  I know it's unlikely to be true but I felt like I was being bombarded with notes back and forth between mutual "friends" about their girls' nights out and parties and cookie exchanges none of which I'd been invited to and it was just too distressing.  

Of course this doesn't do anything for dd, I'd like to make a plan to do something fun that we can all look forward to but dh's depression is making him stubbornly opposed to exactly that (he even vetoed doing our semi-traditional Boxing Day party on the grounds that nobody has ever invited us back for anything which was true enough that I didn't even feel like throwing a party anymore either).  So we'll just keep spinning our wheels and trying to enjoy each others glum company.  


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Plady, Bah humbug. I love you and your family. You have a peace that exudes calm, strength, confidence, trust and substance. I think staying off FB, media and anything that looks like every single person is having a non-stop fabulous time is a good idea! I think that kind of culture is unrealistic, unsustainable and leads to depression in lots of people. Hug her for me.

Kerc, sweet faces! Hope you're enjoying your time with in-laws.

Mel, Way to go, bootcamp-mama! smile.gif

RR: not today. Finished purging and rearranging yesterday in time for brother, niece and nephew to arrive. Church this morning with kids who played solos. Afternoon tree hunt and decoration. Tomorrow (and this will sound so grinchy mischievous.gif) I am instructing the kids to do a toy purge before they're allowed to open anything. I wish we had done it sooner to donate but I didn't realize how bad it had become until just a couple days ago. It's so messy!

mil's house closes tomorrow. Still having a hard time wrapping my head around someone wanting to move into a house at Christmas.
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Hugs, mamas. :grouphug


Plady, dh and I don't need an occasion to feel like, socially, we tend to "pour water into sand," as he likes to put it. So this is the year of our battening down the hatches. We are encouraging a lot of email-writing and Skyping for the kids with their cousins and friends back home, keeping them busy with lessons in two foreign languages...and they have twice-weekly karate and weekly park day, which seems to be just the right amount of IRL stim at this moment. I say do your Boxing Day party, family-only and as wild as you can make it.


Other treatments for annual ennui include large doses of cross-training (yes, that kind), cooking special meals just for the family, playing cards and board games, and I suppose taking every possible opportunity to make these people surrounding me feel like "company." I am close to 100% certain that someday I will be glad for it. We are all (except dh) working on creative outlets: I am writing, dd is making art, ds is writing. Dh is, as always, managing his family's behavior in daily phone calls, so maybe that problem-solving is his outlet?


Oh, hey, look. It's our anniversary. 16 years married today. How bout that.


Dh and I have been discussing the vacay. I am struggling between needing a break from eastern cultures and needing to not spend too much and desperately needing something that refreshes my eyes and heart. These have been a long couple of months, and the MFA draft waiting game is not good for the fragile mind.


RR: :rotflmao

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kerc, so adorable!

Plady, I hope you get some fun, not glum, family time.

Lofty, the toy purge is a terrific idea. I had the kids go through the stuffed animal collection last week, but I suspect more toys will need to go in the upcoming week. It's a tradition for us to do a major overhaul of the house around the New Year. My husband was looking through the pantry with dismay yesterday, and I confessed that I had been leaving it for his New year organizational binge! May the house closing go smoothly and let you pass on to the next stage of mourning and remembering your MIL.

Plady, my FIL was in Friday Harbour last week and said that he saw a great play while he was there smile.gif

RR- Climbing yesterday, with perfectly sore arms and shoulders today. I'm quite happy to have all new routes to try out, and because they're not quite finished the revamp of the wall I was forced to try some harder stuff with more success than I expected.
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Plady - I always feel like evryone is having more fun than I am at Christmas too. Baking more coocies (or how about just "some" cookies). Going to more parties. Doing more decorating. Flying to exotic locales. It's hard not to play the comparison game, especially in the world of Facebook.

jooj - Happy Anniversary to you and DH!!! Good luck deciding on the perfect vacation spot for your weary soul smile.gif.

MelW - great job at the climbing gym, and yay for sore arms!

lofty - thinking of you as you close on MIL's house hug.gif. I'm going to suggest a 10 toy/kid purge today as part of our cleaning extravaganza. Thanks for the idea smile.gif.

kerc - adorable pic!

RR - walked/ran 3 miles on Saturday, nothing yesterday. Today I am doing this "iron workout" I saw in Runners World a while ago that I keep telling myself to do. My goal is to do some kind of workout every day between now and the end of the year.

NRR - I am also logging myself off the internet until the new year. Too much to do, more important things to focus on. And trying to set a good example for DS who has become one with his iPhone rolleyes.gif.

Merry Chirstmas to the Dinoges who celebrate and Happy New Year to all! See you in 2014 and run happy!
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I am so content to put my head in the sand and read (The Goldfinch; Donna Tartt; so good!) that I could care less what anyone is doing. I only feel pangs of guilt when neighbros (lol.gif Im leaving that typo) bring cookies over and I dont reciprocate. Not this year anyway bag.gif

Any recs for a sewing machine? Im looking at Janome... Just thought Id ask ...

So much intensity happening here. I cant go into detail, and probably wouldnt anyway b/c it crosses into a realm of deep intimacy that could be alienating to some. I do have one IRL friend who herself went through something epic earlier in the year that she just told me about, and now we call ourselves the secret society Olympians, b/c it feels like we are doing something so extraordinary, and no one knows lol.gif Thank g-d for my Dh in this though, for his openness, trust in me, and medical expertise (together we really could write a little book. So sad and shocking how little the medical profession understands this. You'll just have to trust me that I am not a wing-nut when I say that)

Jo - Happy Anniversary!!!
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Any recs for a sewing machine? Im looking at Janome... Just thought Id ask ...


That looks pretty sweet. I've heard Bernina is great, too.


Neighbros, I'm stealing that :lol In our case, I can't decide if they are my friends or just acquaintances. I struggle with how involved to be, especially when I tend to be very self-centered about how I spend my time, i.e. family comes first. I am not the most available friend in that respect. bag.gif I know that some people are just more involved in terms of social media, checking in with friends during the day and able to schedule fun events with friends on the spur of the moment.


Happy anniversary, Jo!


Plady :hug That sounds pretty laid back to me. Get out that Let's Dance game and get down! broc1.gif


Darling kids, kerc and Mel!


Lofty, that is an awesome idea with the toy purge. Not grinchy at all, totally practical.


Ups and downs with my mood since my jobs were all submitted. I think I had the idea that everything would be wonderful once that was done, but there have still been bumps in the road. All in all, though, things are going fine, but I am coming to terms with my DD1 growing up and getting ready for college. Depending on when you ask me, I am either super-happy and excited for her or I feel depressed and anxious about it.


Running is getting better again since work has lightened up again. I was running later than usual one day last week and saw a lady in her driveway who I recognize from local races and things. I stopped and introduced myself, and ended up joining her running group the next morning. We met out at the Isle of Palms, one of the barrier islands only maybe 20 minutes from my house, and the temps were crazy - it felt like summer out there! Anyway, I was thinking of running maybe 6 or so miles, but the group was going 10... so I did, too. Whew, my legs were tired, but it was nice! A friendly bunch of people.


My dad and his wife arrived last night. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve! I wanted to run an errand today which involved stopping at a store, but I can not for the life of me remember what I needed to get! headscratch.gif Oh well.

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Hi mamas,

Sorry, that was a pretty bah humbug post!   Jo, that saying feels so right!  So I'll try to do a little less or not worry about it so much, or just stay off of Facebook (which just sent me a note today telling me about all the exciting things I've been missing since I "left" :eyesroll)


Lofty - Thinking about you and dh, it must be really strange to think of strangers in his family home.  Or at least his Mom's last house.  


Sparkle - I've had a Craft Master 4700 that has been trouble free since 2002.


Mel38 - Sounds like a good group, are you going to run with them some more?


MelW - The climbing gym sounds like fun.  I think they must have seen our local professional theatre.  It is always high quality acting and this last one they did was no exception.  Tonight we're going to see their Christmas show.  I don't know anything about it but I'm sure it will be good.


RR: a little dancing today, not a lot.  Tomorrow I'll try to make myself do something a little more intense to make up for not having boxing class.  


NRR: Continued purging and cleaning today and dd felt much better since she found a friend to sleep over last night and then hung out all day. Now they are stringing popcorn and then we'll head to that play.  Tomorrow I was hoping to go off and ski but today the ferries got all whacked, three or four were canceled and tons of people couldn't go wherever they needed to go.  Tomorrow might be fine but it might be still all crazy so it looks like we'll skip it. Day after Christmas for sure!!!

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RR: After Turkish for dinner (yum), we walked all the way home, which must have been about 6 miles. I could not stomach the idea of a cab and traffic, and I won. :D Also there was half an hour of some weird family partner yoga, which was hilarious and fun, and a good (short) workout.


Dh declared a day off school today (not sure what that's supposed to be about) so I'll get out for another walk/maybe some running. Also hope to bang out the rest of a story I've started.

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Jo, Fun family yoga! Love that you walked the 6 miles. I have only done lots of walking when we lived in SMA and it was great - both how long it took (lots of conversations and memories) and how healthy it was. Good luck with that story! smile.gif

Plady, the popcorn stringing sounds nice. Hope dd enjoyed it! And hope you get off the island to ski soon!

Mel38, love that you had such a great run. I'm impressed you could just whip out 4 extra miles! I'm sorry that you forgot what you needed but oh! it made me feel so not alone. I can't tell you how many times that happens to me. I try not to admit it. wink1.gif

Sparkle, you make me curiouser and curiouser! I love that you're just reading. I am trying to start a new book "we are water" by Wally Lamb but my head is still spinning around "and the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini which I LOVED LOVED LOVED. You ever read something so good, it seems like an injustice to start something immediately? Like it needs lots of thinking and processing before starting something new, as if it would be a disservice to me! to start one so quickly. So...trying to start the Lamb book but my head is stuck in the Hosseini book.

I like neighbros, too. Hah! I actually love.gif my neighbors. I could write a book about why and maybe I should. Totally unique situation. Although we almost never see each other which is the nature of life in the deeeeep woods.

JG, I keep thinking about you logging off for a while and I think I might do the same. In which case I'll be back after the new year, I guess.

MelW, those climbs sound awesome! And you must be awesomely buff!

RR: Going out for a run in a bit with a few deliveries for neighbors. 28 degrees and gorgeous!

eta: anyone know of a great knitter who will make a custom sweater to measurement? Dh has this sweater that is about 25 years old He's worn it everyday of that many winters and it shows. I've tried replacing it several times but something is always wrong. So getting it copied is the only way to go, I think. I've googled custom sweaters online but then got overwhelmed looking at the choices and the prices, etc.
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Lofty - What about Poppy, RM or Shanti?  Or MonikitaUT?  Or ND herself?  I love the idea.  I had a pair of pants that I loved in SMA and thought about getting them copied before they completely fell apart but didn't and I've always kicked myself for not bothering.  And I totally understand that feeling that there needs to be an appropriate interval after a really intense book.  That also reminded me how I can be not very good company when I have a very good book, I can't shake the moods from the book quickly enough when I put it down which has to be awkward.  Right now I'm within chapters of Finishing The Cartographer of No Man's Land.  I didn't pick it out, dh, my personal librarian did and I'm enjoying it, at least as much as you can enjoy a book about WWI.  But it has been so long since I've had enough energy after reading to the girls to read to myself it feels like a total victory!


So I'm in night before Christmas angst.  Two of Ali G's presents are not here yet.  One won't make it for sure in time and one, though it was guaranteed Christmas delivery left NV and has gone to OH and KY and is still somewhere east of the Mississippi right now. And she was the one I only barely had enough presents for in the first place.  So, should I try to go find something to pad her gifts with in town, give her an IOU from Santa or stash a few of C's presents so it's a little more evenly distributed?

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Hi mamas.


:grouphug on all the assorted Christmas angst. May you all have a holiday full of light, love, happiness, blessings, abundance, and positive spiritual energy.


Waste of a half day at school today. :eyesroll My boy decided to come with me this morning and I let him (his school has a full day) and he's spent the morning watching Lego Ninjago videos on the student lounge computer.


Off to the parents' tomorrow for a couple days. Hopefully I won't go nuts. 


RR: Did a 5K race on Sunday that was fun because it was in our undergraduate college town. I haven't been back since our tenth reunion...a long time ago. I ran a good race but didn't PR and am not sure why (felt like I was going fast and working hard...). Whatever. then it was so nice out (in the 60s!) when I got back I did a longish run because I know we won't see temps like that again until April or May. 


Yesterday I swam 1500 yards in a little under 40 mins. which is an improvement for me. I need to do some spinning to get ready for the indoor tri but at least I am getting much more comfortable in the water. Hoping for a run later today.

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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post

Sparkle, you make me curiouser and curiouser! I love that you're just reading. I am trying to start a new book "we are water" by Wally Lamb but my head is still spinning around "and the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini which I LOVED LOVED LOVED. You ever read something so good, it seems like an injustice to start something immediately? Like it needs lots of thinking and processing before starting something new, as if it would be a disservice to me! to start one so quickly. So...trying to start the Lamb book but my head is stuck in the Hosseini book.

Yes! The last book I read: the orphan master's son. Devastating in a way that you dont want to leave behind. I still think about it and get a wave of ...? longing? Grief? But, The Goldfinch is totally absorbing me. Did you ever read The Secret History? Donna Tartt wrote it in the early 90's and I loved it! and then she didnt write anything else for YEARS. She wrote another ten years later that I didnt read, and then this one another ten years later. This one is on everybody's top ten list. Its 700+ pages long, Dickensian in scope and spirit, which is my cup of tea all the way...

So not angsty about Christmas. I ordered a sewing machine yesterday which will arrive on Thursday bc I am too cheap to pay overnight shipping, and I just dont care bag.gif I can barely stand the effort needed to wrap all this (which we have to do at night after the kids go to bed, which is usually my time to read, so I am wrapping begrudgingly) Can you say Scrooge loveeyes.gif I really dislike Christmas in my older age: just the gratuitous consumption and lack of gratitude. Next year all of my kids are getting a child in a third world country to sponsor/pen-pal lol.gif, which carries its own entitlement burden but somewhat less onerous to me.

On the other hand, I am SO PSYCHED for the sewing machine lol.gif Pathetic lol.gif
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jaygee~I'm sorry for your loss. candle.gif Jake

It's been very busy with not much internet time, and especially not much internet time in which to sit and type up a post. bag.gif Last week was a whirlwind of work and trying to get around to head out of town. My Christmas cards came in at the last possible minute on Thursday, but I somehow managed to get them addressed at work Thursday night and get them in the mail before we left town. Work was all over the place...I had a beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) water birth on Tuesday night and then an emergency C-Section Wednesday night (yikes.gif) and a precipitous birth on Thursday night (wherein my patient who had just been checked and was 5 cm said "the baby is coming out" and sure enough, it was!). Whew. It was a whirlwind, for sure! Now I have a break from learning labor because they won't orient me over the holidays. Here's hoping I remember what I've learned when I get back to it.

After several delays, we hit the road Friday evening. It was actually a really good drive. Long, but uneventful, and DS was super well-behaved. We all got at least a little bit of sleep, and we made it to my parents' house safely Saturday evening (after a stopoff to visit C's grandma in Indiana along the way). We had Christmas with my sister and her family on Sunday and went over to C's hometown to visit some of his friends yesterday. So far, we've spent three plus full days with each other, including a drive across the country, and we still like each other. smile.gif Probably a pretty good sign...

rr~I got a couple of swims in last week, including one where C went with me and interrupted my main set in the middle in order to correct my stroke and make me do drills. lol.gif I also squeezed one in in between shifts, proving to myself that it is possible to do something in between shifts. Seeing as how I'm going to have to do that on a regular basis, I think. C and I went out for a run yesterday and got 3.5 miles around my hometown. He fell off his horse and hurt his back last weekend, so there were a bunch of walk breaks thrown in when his back was bothering him. It just felt good to get out and moving after all the time sitting in the car and all the crap food we've been eating. It's currently very, very cold here, so I'm hoping it warms up enough eventually to get out for another run. I need it!
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plady, can you print a picture of it and wrap the picture in a box?
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:( In full celiac flare. Must be reacting to a soy latte I drank this morning at Starbucks (contaminated? not sure). So, no run. Im in bed.


Wishing everyone a very, very Merry Christmas. :Kiss

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Hi to all!


Plady, I was in a similar dilemma with gifts in transit, though was luckily able to have my MIL bail me out with the "big" Santa gift of lego. For future reference, FedEx only on Fridays to my village (though daily to the adjacent town, so future FedEx parcels will be sent to MIL's house) AND because it snowed they didn't delivery last Friday. Luckily I could have it held at the depot and MIL was willing visiting friends nearby and willing to drive an extra 20 minutes to Nanaimo to pick it up. I think Lofty's idea of the IOU in a wrapped box is a good one.


sparkle, enjoy the sewing machine, even if it comes on Thursday!


Nic, feel better soon.


RR- Just back from a 8km hike in the forest (slow with kid). Beautiful day for a hike, and we saw a rainbow!


NRR- My youngest is about to explode with Christmas excitement. I'm drinking Chestnut Ale and listening to carols. Somehow this makes it all more tolerable :) Merry Christmas to all of those who celebrate, and enjoy the lighter days for everyone!!

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tjsmama--if you like each other after the travel, it is a good sign. After all, DH and I have never liked each other after travel and usually not during much either. lol.gif

Nic--ugh! Hope the reaction passes quickly and you feel much better soon!

JayGee--my condolences on your cat.

goodvibes.gif to all and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.

Fit 6 miles in on the hotel treadmill this morning, and even managed to fit in a short swim with the kids too before checkout. Mostly. We turned in our keys at check-out time but we still needed to haul out all luggage. By the time we actually left it was 30 minutes later. I'd feel guilty, but we didn't check in until midnight thanks to a combo of bad luck and incompetent airlines/airports. Anyhow, I needed a run more than sleep at that point.

Hope everyone has a chance to relax and unwind over the next few days if you have them off, and that we all survive those family visits (myself included!).
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Evening mamas,


Peking ducks are in the oven, baked Alaska base is in the freezer.  We've spent the day eating, playing Just Dance 2014, playing some nearly incomprehensible Hunger Games board game, punching the heavy bag and dodging nerf darts.  All in all a very nice day.  I hope everyone else has had the exact right amount of drama.


Nic - I hope you're feeling a lot better.  I don't think my reactions are nearly what yours must be but the free and easy consumption of grains over the past few days have led to some downright scary smells coming out of me.  I remind the girls when they complain that this is the row we hoed when we dove face first into the cookies. :mischief 


Thank you for the good ideas about Ali's missing gifts.  In the end she had more than plenty and didn't notice a thing.  And everyone got things that they wanted (well, with the possible exception of dh who never gave any clues as to what he'd like beyond an ice scraper for his new car - which he got, as well as a FitBit One, does anyone have one?  It got great reviews on Amazon and he's been getting serious about getting fit and trim for campaign season) so this Christmas will go down in the history books as the first pure success.  I have dh's new assistant to thank apparently.  She boxes too and helped him pick out good gloves and a Muhammad Ali t shirt.  


As always I'm so thankful for my Dingo sisters out here in cyberspace and for real.  I love you all and feel like one of the lucky people in the world every time I log in.

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