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Hope y'all had a nice holiday week. I might be recovering from my week for a long time. Tired. Busy week. Usual feelings about sharing a house with extended family.  And now grading.

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Plady, I love that your DH has an assistant to help him in with the gifts. Hooray for a Christmas that left everyone satisfied!


kerc, grading?! Not fair! I hope the New Year brings a lighter workload for you- it feels like you've been buried under work all fall.


Congrats to real and gay and anyone else who has been out and active over the holidays. I've only done a couple of hikes, but am itching to get my running shoes on and get out of the house. Thank goodness for bootcamp tomorrow, keeping me on track. Last night was my first night shift since August, and I'm feeling so, so tired today. I convinced the kids to go for a short hike with me but we were all dragging.

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Gym with DH, made possibly by my MIL's visit. It's going to take a while to figure out how to dothe weights thing, not hurt myself, a d still feel as though I got a workout. I satisfied the first requirement tonight.

Hazards of using the university gym? The student who i couldn't prove was cheating but I'm sure was, and I went 10000 rounds with him over the fact that he wasn't at the midterm? Yeah, he was there. I deployed kerc's recommendation for the final and made everyone sign out over this guy. I hope that given that he came to maybe 2 lectures, I had my hair back and was wearing radically different clothes, means he didn't recognize me.

4 more days with MIL. We have no plans. She was winded walking across a parking lot today. She's tired of playing board games with the kids (I can't blame her. It's already been 4 days of Pandemic and Settlers of Catan expansion packs nonstop.)
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Wow, Geo. What a yucky feeling that must have been.


So, I have been reading short stories...in part because I had to write short fiction for the apps I put in. So, just read some of those "Best of" anthologies, and I was pleasantly reminded of how much I do enjoy short fiction (Can I get an Alice Munro?). It was the literature I clamored for while nursing small babies. The package was just right, perfectly digestible and easy to finish. Also, I was wondering about my own writing and how it stands up, and actually, I don't feel terrible about the work I did. But I have been scribbling down some of the recommendations from you ladies and putting library holds on some things.


At the same time, I am revisiting some of my writing books, and working on building a body of work. MFA or not, I have writing goals I can work toward meeting.


Have been walking daily, and in fact I am about head out for a walk and a writing exercise. I need to go observe some people. :thumb


Yesterday was another very down day. I am working hard to get past this hump and push toward whatever is next. Trying to stay grateful.

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Geo--you'll have to treat the gym like you're a celebrity and wear big sunglasses or something. wink1.gif Glad the student didn't recognize you. Only thing worse than that is running into a student in the locker room!

Plady--sounds like a lovely Christmas. I have a FitBit One and really like it. I'd had the Ultra version but it got lost. Now I have a pedometer leash, which I'd recommend (just check Amazon). The One is harder to lose, but I already found it dangling from the leash after shoveling snow. DH also has a one and says the leash has saved his a couple of times too. Hope he has fun with it!

kerc--sending you recovery vibes. goodvibes.gif How long are they there?

MelW--hope the night shifts get easier or you're able to avoid them for a while again.

Like Plady, I appreciate everyone here so much and feel so very lucky to be part of this community. Thank you all. love.gif

Christmas was good, though the stress level at my in-laws is sky high. We're not sure about the cause, though perhaps it is about DH's grandmother, who has liver cancer and may be in hospice care now? (We'll visit tomorrow and find out what's really going on. This was the woman who MIL told us for months had kidney cancer because she couldn't remember the difference between the liver and kidneys. No one here also seems to know the difference between a home-health nursing and hospice nursing--we've heard both terms tossed about and just have no idea what condition she's in.) Anyhow, MIL was going on and on about how she was so worried the power would go out because of the ice storm (who knew worrying kept the electricity on!), etc, and her anxiety is always contagious to DH. And then there are the usual issues, the usual fights (content always varies, triggers tend to be the same), the scene where DH sobs in the car for reasons that are unclear to everyone. eyesroll.gif
(I just finished Temple Grandin's The Autistic Brain and her chapter on sensory issues really hit home. I'm beginning to think that an awful lot of what happens is a sensory processing disorder issue--and that sensitivity rises to extreme levels anytime anxiety or stress is added into the mix. Our whole family has sensory issues to varying degrees, but her descriptions made me wonder if DH is sensitive to the point that he (almost) can't help reacting before even recognizing that it's an issue or what the issue is. It would certainly explain the really abrupt Jekylll/Hyde stuff that he's got going on some days.)

There was a whole scene today because I wanted to do a quick load of laundry. MIL said she didn't have plans to do laundry today. Great. I put the load in and went to the gym. While I was at the gym, MIL decided she needed to do laundry and asked DH to deal with the clothes. He forgot every fight we've ever had about laundry--including the one this year in after which he promised he'd never put anything in the dryer again--and promptly put my nylons, my running clothes, J's favorite handknit socks that I just finished for her a month ago and the brand new 100% cotton Hanna dress that we bought in the dryer. He has a long history of ruining things when he does anything besides fold the laundry, but a very short memory about it because he never manages to shrink or ruin anything belonging to him. irked.gif

What happened is largely an in-laws systems problem but I have no answers about what to do when I ask if X activity will present a problem, am told no, it's great, plenty of time, etc, and then an hour later the entire situation changes and immediate action is needed a very poor decision is made because I'm not around to intervene. There was a similar situation this summer when the in-laws were visiting. We were doing a family race and I finished first with J in the stroller. I left her with them with instructions that her snacks were in her bag (which I pointed to), so I could run back and catch DH and R and finish again with them. In the 10 minutes I was gone, MIL managed to locate the race bag and find the only snack containing dairy and immediately feed that to J. banghead.gif

Thanks for letting me vent. It was hard to go from having such a great run at the area rec center (indoor elevated track, and after 7 miles I still felt like I could run forever. Instead I came back so DH wouldn't complain that I was being selfish and was away too long...which he did anyhow...), to clothes that my overly dramatic spouse shrunk. I'm crossing my fingers that J, who has tons of sensory issues even around handknit socks, will still wear her socks. I'm finishing up what were supposed to be my pair in the same yarn so we would have matching mom-daughter socks, and now seriously concerned that she'll deem hers too tight and never wear them again. greensad.gif
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Vent away, real. I was thinking of you and your IL's and wondering if they had kept up the tradition of giving dairy to your kids this year. Gah!!

I love Ron Carlson's short stories, and come back to them repeatedly. I also love Alistair McLeod. Alice Munro spends the winters in my town, and I remember meeting her in the bookstore as a girl (she didn't come this winter, though the people she rented her house to got an early morning call from a reporter when the Nobel announcement was made. I read a lot of short stories during the breastfeeding years, too. Friends have been raving about Lynn Coady's books short stories, but I haven't read it yet.

Off for another hike with the kids, to retrieve a walking stick left behind yesterday. Bootcamp tonight.
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...and I happen to be holding my brand new (used) copy of Alice Munro's called "Too Much Happiness" that I bought about a week ago at a used bookstore. From what I read here, I'm looking forward to it.

Jo, great job on all your writing and reading! Seriously!! Maybe in the new year, I'll get serious again. fingersx.gif How do you stay accountable?

Real, I agree with MelW, Gah! So sorry about all the shrunk items. Ugh!

Mel, glad you're getting some good hikes!

Geo, nice job disguising yourself!

RR: none yet. greensad.gif But maybe I can go tomorrow before ds's basketball game and then just go to the game sweaty. Hmmm, hadn't thought of that but your holiday exercise is inspiring me so okay. Run in the morning.

NRR: Great Christmas with family. Great follow-up celebration with family at my mom's. Small, potentially bad convo with dh last night that, I think, was avoided, followed by good day today.
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real~hug.gif Ugh. I know how you dread these visits. Hopefully the remainder of your trip is low stress for you.

I'm back in Colorado and back at work tonight. Woohoo! rolleyes.gif The rest of our visit was nice, nothing too exciting. I did get another run in on Christmas Eve, but that was it for rr. Christmas day was nice, DS got a TON of legos (as in 1500+ pieces!) and we had a nice family day. My parents seemed to like C, although my mom was pulling her usual negative nancy routine (which is mostly because she wants me to be careful, but still...not really necessary to tell me not to rush into things because I don't want to be a single mom with TWO kids...really, mom? rolleyes.gif). My BIL said that he likes C way better than my XH. orngtongue.gif We left early-ish yesterday morning to make the drive back, dropping DS off with XH "on the way" and stopping off at my college campus for a quick visit, restocking gear at the bookstore, and some food that can only be found in the area before heading west. We made it home around 6 am and crashed for a couple of hours before returning the rental car and running a couple of errands. And now here I am at work, with not nearly enough sleep, but lots of caffeine, woohoo. orngtongue.gif
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Gaye I'm typing from my phone. Where's the whirlwind smilie?

We're recovering from a long family week. Headed out for a family ski today. Then tomorrow and Monday look like: ski someplace else / travel to mall of America. (Dd got a gc for American girl for her bday and because of nutcracker we haven't made it yet).

Predictions for below zero for tomorrow. Brrr.

I took my tree down. I got my grades submitted. I collected three bags of items no longer perfect for my home/closet. Now if a magic fairy would bring breakfast today would be as awesome as yesterday.
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Good morning mamas.


Real - I can feel my blood pressure going up just reading about the whole laundry thing, I do not know how you stay on the right side of homicidal at the holidays.  You are some sort of amazing zen master I think.  Thanks for the leash tip.  I don't think dh has even cracked the packaging on his FitBit yet but once he does I'll get him the leash.


Geo - I bet someone like that student is too self-absorbed to recognize faces out of context.  Not to worry.  Enjoy the weights!  Have you found some useful guidance?  


Lofty - I was just surfing through some photos from last Christmas and saw our goofy pictures of us headed out on our run and of the kids dancing.  I wish it could be an annual event. 


Jo - Thank you for the reminder that short fiction is the perfect serving size.  My MIL used to have some connection to the editor of the Best American Short Stories of xxxx series and I loved them.  I'll have to go grab some from the library. 


Gaye - Glad to hear you still like each other, and hope that you get a little alone time together post trip too while ds is with xh.


Kerc - Happy mall-going.  We spent about 15 minutes walking through a mall the other night and my girls were looking around like first-timers at Disneyland.  They were immediately and completely in love.  Someday I could win a lot of points by taking them to the mall, for the DAY, if only I could steel myself for it.  


N/RR: We took the kids up to the nearest ski area on Thursday.  Ali G skied and C snowboarded until lunch, then Ali G freaked out about her ski boots hurting and quit and C freaked out about not being able to carve like a pro and switched to a ski package.  Then everyone did a few more runs on the tow hill and called it a day.  And dh and I were totally okay with it because this place lets you ride the handle tow for free!  Free skiing!  I've never heard of such a thing.  So it was perfect for our little beginners and good enough for me and dh.  Actually it was nearly perfect for dh too since he was trying out snowboarding for the first time.  He probably would have had better luck on a longer slightly steeper run but whatever.  Then we cozied up in a motel for the night and caught Ender's Game at a cheapo cinema (at the mall) which made a perfect end to the day.  Yesterday we did a bit of errand shopping (I made a whopping $17 on about $400 worth of cloth diapers and baby carriers at a consignment shop) and then the girls and I went ice skating for a couple hours.  All in all I feel much less antsy about being home now, I was getting cabin fever something fierce.  

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Plady, love reading about your day skiing, malling, staying in a hotel, looking at photos, etc.

Kerc, hope you're having a great time skiing!

Gaye, luxlove.gif

RR: Lousy run/walk today but I did something and maybe it was slightly better than nothing, I suppose. Still trying to slow down and unpack and put away stuff and getting ready mentally to go out of town again.
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Hi mamas. glad to hear mostly everyone's holidays are going well. Real, sorry you're having such a challenging time on your trip.


I'm in a not-great place, physically and mentally. I'm at my parents' for a few days. I've been in celiac flare or something like it since Tuesday. I got a run in on Wednesday, and then a very ill advised one yesterday (which was barely a run...it was about 2 miles of 'running' and 1.6 of walking). And today my foot started to feel that tendonitis feeling again. I have a triathlon (the indoor one, my first) coming up in Feb. but other than that no schedule running races, and I suppose it's time to cut back a bit on that if I can and do some other forms of exercising. 


First though I need to make an appt. and see a doctor about the celiac thing or whatever because it's pretty bad and the symptoms are not your usual 'I ate something bad' variety but the kind that say, I probably need a colonoscopy or other testing. :(  Not good.


So mentally that's bad because exercise is one of my most important lifelines during the winter to avoid the SAD that really pulls me down the rabbit hole. And all the worries and appts. about ds, and the chronic conflicts with dh....ugh. Sigh. Ok, whining.


Anyway, here for another couple days. The girls have a camp reunion party tomorrow so that should be fun for them and on the up side I get to spend some time with my brother and SIL tomorrow. Then home to deal with ... home and pull things togehter before I go back to the grind on Thurs. Which I really, really don't want to do. So tired, in so many ways. 



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Nic - Just want to wrap you up in a big warm blanket, bring you tea and put your feet up by a fire.  :hug

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Morning mamas,

I hope the quiet here means most of us are off having some holiday fun.  I'm back to work for the day and all the off-menu eating I've been doing is, predictably, making itself known at belt level all of a sudden.  But I did manage to make myself box on Saturday so I'm planning to go a few rounds tomorrow too unless I take the girls off-island again. 


Nic - In lieu of running I wonder if there is a boxing gym near you?  I know I must sound totally obsessed but it isn't just me here.  2 years ago the lady who runs our classes decided to do a 6 week trial class for women as a fund raiser for the youth boxing gym she and her husband had started as a mission thing.  That first class had 7 women in it.  Now, 2 years later all of us are still in her classes and she's added 3 more sections, all of which now have 10-12 women in each and there's a waiting list.  There is just something so complete about a boxing workout, both in a full body and spiritual way (if I may go there), it's just very satisfying and I wonder if it might be just the thing to stand in for runs while you need an alternate activity.

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Plady, that is a good idea. I'll look into that.


Back home and  it wasn't the (messy) disaster I'd anticipated. Laundry is in, bathrooms are cleaned up, kitchen is clean now, and I feel relatively calm. 


This morning I woke up and wondered, am I ever going to wake up without that dread nauseated feeling in the pit of my stomach? Sigh. It seems it has been with me my whole life. Anxiety, ugh.


I have a doctor's appt. this afternoon with my internist so I can hopefully get a referral to a gastro. Things are a little calmer today and I'm hoping a run might be possible tomorrow. I also need new (running) shoes. No sales on the ones I want though (going back to my Asics GT series because they made the 2000 v2 more like the old 2170 -- the last version (GT-2000) which was supposed to be an 'improvement' was not good at all, so I switched to Mizunos and haven't been thrilled. 


Are scented candles like, really bad for the environment in my house? I need some nice and pleasant scented stuff to put around and sometimes intensify but I've read that the Yankee Candle type things are bad. I really like them though. :o However I don't want to aggravate my asthma or pollute the environment.


New year, need to do a real diet overhaul with dd2. She subsists on carbs and sugar. She does not like many fruits, vegetables, or proteins other than dairy and peanut butter. :eyesroll She's 10 and showing signs of early puberty and it's time to pull it together. All my kids need such different things food wise, much less me. Exhausting.

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Real, that laundry story... :irked I hope you are hanging in there and will be home soon.


Nick, I'm sorry to hear that the celiac has been bothering you so much lately! It will be good to see a doctor, if for no other reason than to rule out something more serious. And I'm thinking since you get the very chilled-to-the-bone feeling in winter if maybe some swimming followed by sauna might be a good cross-training option? Or maybe yoga? And I like the boxing idea, too! I wouldn't mind trying that out myself.


No big news here - we made it through the holidays with everyone feeling happy, visitors are headed back home and I am starting to make some headway with my year-end tasks. This is the first time I have ever had to fill out the financial aid paperwork (now that it's all online, I feel like we need another term for that, but it still feels like paperwork somehow). I was dreading it so much, so now that most of it is at least started, I feel quite a lot better.


RR: some running, not much else, but I will take it!


Time to go start another load of laundry...

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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

Are scented candles like, really bad for the environment in my house? I need some nice and pleasant scented stuff to put around and sometimes intensify but I've read that the Yankee Candle type things are bad. I really like them though. :o However I don't want to aggravate my asthma or pollute the environment.

Candles add a significant amount of particulates to the air.


Make applesauce in the crockpot with extra cinnamon.  Bonus: yummy applesauce.


Bonus 2:  http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/12/30/255778250/cinnamon-can-help-lower-blood-sugar-but-one-variety-may-be-best

(discovered because I had to google a certain word for spelling help)

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Candles add a significant amount of particulates to the air.


Make applesauce in the crockpot with extra cinnamon.  Bonus: yummy applesauce.


Bonus 2:  http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/12/30/255778250/cinnamon-can-help-lower-blood-sugar-but-one-variety-may-be-best

(discovered because I had to google a certain word for spelling help)

Myself:  opening windows does the same thing for me that candles does. Meaning it refreshes and I feel like my house does not stink.

Also lemons. I halve a lemon, use it (the fruit itself) to wash the inside of my sink and my tub.

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Mmm, I like the lemon sponge myself.  I also sometimes remember that grapefruit peel simmered gently makes a nice smell and some may say that its naturally antiviral/antibacterial properties seep out into your room and do good things too.  Of course all this talk has me now craving mulled wine, so you could do that too, it also smells awfully nice. ;)

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Mulled wine...or just plain old mulling spices simmered in some water on the stove. I like the applesauce idea, though. I have a bowl of the cinnamon-scented pinecones on my dining room table and they usually last for at least a month (although this year's bag seems to be a bit of a dud irked.gif).

Work was pretty uneventful Friday and Saturday nights. C and I skied yesterday, with me coming off night shift. I really felt surprisingly good until late afternoon, and it was a nice day together. And then we had plans to go out to dinner to use a groupon that was expiring and it kind of all went downhill. I was exhausted, he was exhausted (stayed up way too late installing my new garage door opener--my Christmas present, lol), he got a really bad headache, I got grouchy for a variety of reasons that seem kind of silly now. Eh, it can't be all roses all the time, right? After 12+ hours of sleep, I'm feeling much less grouchy about things for some reason.

Of course, since I spent 12+ hours sleeping, I have not gotten pretty much any of the things done that I needed to do today. And now I've wasted a bunch of time on the computer. I just need to buckle down and get some crap done. Suitcases need unpacked and put away. Christmas presents need put away. The carpet needs vacuumed. I need to go to the grocery store.

Oh, and did I mention that apparently my Ironman training starts today? yikes.gif I thought I had until the first, but my coach texted me yesterday to ask if I was ready, because it starts today! It's actually not too bad this first week...three swims (fairly short distance), only one run (and only 40 minutes!), one bike, and one core day, with an option for a "fun" bike or run on Saturday if we don't go skiing. I had to ask tons of questions about the plan...like how do I keep track of my lap intervals in the pool (apparently I need to go buy a watch orngtongue.gif)...what are these "zones" you speak of...umm, I don't have a cadence sensor on my bike so how am I supposed to work that...oh, and my boyfriend, the swimmer, wants me to do drills and stroke work, are you ok with that? Lol. And then there's the fact that I still need to clear out space in my garage to set up the bike trainer. Which is still securely packaged in its box. biglaugh.gif

Ok, for real, going to get stuff done now....
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