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Tjsmama, LOVE the race report of bf! You seem so happy!

Plady, it's the toilet I remember every day. Swish every morning. Nope, don't do it.

Kerc, all I can think when I see your glorious pictures is, "18 hours...18 hours... 18hours" over and over. My guys cracked up when they heard that 18 hours away 18" snow fell. Glad you're all having so much fun in it!

RM, Ouch on the braces!

Mel, Jooj, Sparkle, MommaJB, Shanti, Nic, Jolly Dingo Bells to you!

RR: Got in a great 90 min hot yoga session yesterday. These yoga sessions are long, sweaty and leave my muscles just shaking. Very nice feeling after. No run, but may try again tomorrow. Oh wait, tomorrow is swim day! joy.gif

Okay so if you're a Disney fan, look on my FB page and see if you can access the story/photo I shared about a friend of mine's recent Disney experience. As I noted there, if you don't like Disney after reading her story, you will. If you do like Disney, you will love it more. If you can't access it due to her privacy settings, then I'll cut and paste her story (with permission) which, I think, is so worth sharing.
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Good morning mamas.


I am, as ever, so thankful for the Dingoes. :stillheart


Mel, can you please add the Somerville Jingle Bell 5K Run (Dec. 15) to my race list? And also, the result that's missing was the Monson Memorial Classic (Nov. 10) 2:13:20.


I'm toying again with the idea of the Vermont City Marathon on Memorial Day weekend. I was supposed to do it last year...and didn't. I also entered the lottery for NYC. I'm sort of kicking myself, because if I would have entered the lottery last year, this year I would get an automatic entry (having entered the lottery and not gotten in the previous two years). I didn't because I was aggravated about Hurricane Sandy's aftermath with the NYCRR. Stupid of me and now that program is over. Bleh.


All kinds of thoughts running through my head about life and existential stuff, but nothing worth posting here probably. But I saw this and thought of all of us:  http://www.sengifted.org/archives/articles/existential-depression-in-gifted-individual


RR: 1000 yards in the pool this morning. Some early morning pool drama as one of the lane lines was not hooked up and this disrupted the regular-set's routine and self-assigned lanes :eyesroll. They hate it when I come only once a week! :lol  Fought pretty hard to get in my yards in a half hour (they don't open til 530 and I have to leave by 6 to get home to get everyone ready to go) and had a hard time finding a rhythm, which of course I finally found in the last three laps. 


I need someone to teach me how to flip turn. That problem with spatial judgement and proprioception I have makes it really hard (and scary...I don't want to choke.)

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Got you Gaye, Real, Nick :blowkiss


Whew, on day 3 of a sick child at home. DD2 ran a high fever Monday, much better yesterday, and now I'm wondering why I kept her home again today. :blah  I am not getting very much work done. :lol


Kerc - I am sooooo jealous of your snow!


jazzharmony - I'll just agree with the others about resting it well. And tiphat.gif welcome!

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MelW~ avatar had been the same for many years so I was due a change.  I thought that was cute.  Cuter than my ugly mug, lol.


Mel38~hope dd is on the mend fast!  Oy!  I know that you mean about feeling bad for them and not getting anything done. 


Bec and others commenting on it~ thanks for the flylady reminder.  I'm looking at her website daily for the past couple of days,  to get in the thought process even though I haven't done any of it yet.  I'm processing. 


Kerc~love the snow ski pictures


Gaye~love the race report, it was a fun read.  Happy for your bf and you.  :)


RR: today is a work out day, yesterday with the braces was a rest day.  I'm having a good hair day and supposed to go out with a friend tonight so I doubt it will happen, lol.  I went to lunch with DS2 because it was his first day to eat lunch at school with his braces and he was nervous, so it cut into my work out time. 

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I always associate fly lady with wearing shoes and socks in the house.

Mel, I hope you have healthy kids soon. I came home early for a puking little one today.

Kerc, nice snow!

Husband's interview process went well, so now it's wait and see. He's feeling excited about the possibility and it's a bit contagious. They are interviewing four people and he thinks that at least one is a very strong candidate. If it doesn't happen, I'm grateful that I have job security here.
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wave.gif jazzharmony! Welcome!

plady~ The parents were pretty good. They're very nice. Dad is a little interesting sometimes, lol, but they are both very nice and treated me really well while we were there. I had to almost force my way to pay for one or two things while we were there (seriously...I think I paid for my flights, a few cab rides, and one lunch, that's it...people would NOT let me pay for stuff!). It's kind of funny, actually, C's mom reminds me a LOT of my XMIL (who I love dearly). I think they like me ok, too, I hope. orngtongue.gif

mel38~I forgot another race...I signed up with a Black Friday deal for the Runnin' of the Green Lucky 7k on March 16. bag.gif Yes, I have a problem, why do you ask? lol.gif

It is bitterly cold and snowy here. Which is really sad considering where I was yesterday morning. And that C is still down there and they were spending the day riding scooters around the island to various snorkel spots. I would SO much rather be there than here! greensad.gif Oh well, back to reality, right? And at least he comes back tomorrow, although not till after I'm at work. In the meantime, I had my first night orienting to learn labor last night! I was kind of terrified, especially because I was so tired from the trip, but it went pretty well. My preceptor is awesome and pretty much just had me shadow for the most part. We had one lovely delivery (where the baby unfortunately went to the nicu...it was late preterm, so not unexpected, but still sad) and then admitted another patient right before shift change. I mostly worked on learning to chart fetal monitoring strips, but I think tonight I will be expected to do a little more. And I got a little more sleep, so that's ok. smile.gif
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Have fun learning L&D, Gaye!

I forgot to say thank you earlier to kerc and geo and sparkle for the candidate advice. Interestingly my husband had the same answer as sparkle, so I wonder if it's an Arts/Science divide. In a professional program like mine I would guess that coursework done and all but practicum/final project to finish. I'm just going to leave it off for now, but if I get asked again I'll call my department and ask (seems too easy of a solution, right?)

My youngest is having intermittent bad abdominal pain. Can everyone send out some healthy "not appendicitis" vibes? I'm worried I'll be making an ER trip this evening greensad.gif
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MelW - I figured, if you have been accepted to the program, you have passed some line in the sand that demarcates those who qualify to potentially earn this degree and those who dont (similar to whatever qualifications are required to become a candidate for the Presidency)... goodvibes.gif to your DD

Gaye - sounds fun! Very cute pics on FB.

Nic - interested in your thoughts if you decide to elucidate on Yahoo

JG - the arm name cracked me up too (although now I cant remember it redface.gif)

Jo - drove through the Abiqiui area on our way home last wknd and thought of you. I hope you have a restorative mini-vacation

NRR: spent TG in Pagosa Springs in a vrbo with 2 other local families we've known for years. It was mostly really nice, only bad when the kids lost it, which was ongoing as they were losing 2-3 hours of sleep a night from staying up playing with their friends, and sleeping 6 kids in one room was kind of a joke. Now headed to UT for the weekend for climbing cold.gif Not psyched for the cold. Not much to report, or, not much I want to after being sketched out by mjb redface.gif Thinking of you all
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

 Interestingly my husband had the same answer as sparkle, so I wonder if it's an Arts/Science divide. In a professional program like mine I would guess that coursework done and all but practicum/final project to finish. I'm just going to leave it off for now, but if I get asked again I'll call my department and ask (seems too easy of a solution, right?)

My youngest is having intermittent bad abdominal pain. Can everyone send out some healthy "not appendicitis" vibes? I'm worried I'll be making an ER trip this evening greensad.gif

My husband (history) said the same thing as me. Hmm.


Hope your little one is ok!

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:goodvibesnot appendicitis...not appendicitis...


Nic, I would read you.


Gaye, this sounds like it is going so well. Great holidays ahead. :thumb


lofty, wish I could do yoga with you. I keep saying I am going to, but for whatever reason, I don't make myself unless in a class. And that's been rare these past weeks.


Today, school tour, so no run. Might be the perfect day to take my mat to the roof for a nice, warm hour of yoga. Little sore from yesterday's run, anyway.


I submitted some writing to a contest yesterday. I have no delusions, just trying to establish a routine of finishing and submitting.

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My back and front yards this morning - woot! broc1.gif (you cant tell in the pics that it is dumping when they were taken). Usually the mountains rise up along the east side of town, but today they are lost in gray orngbiggrin.gif Love it


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Front yard. Five more inches fell after this was taken.

BackyArd. Today.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

 bag.gif Yes, I have a problem, why do you ask? lol.gif


:laugh Yeah, I think you do. But it's a healthy problem!


Awesome trip and photos!


So jealous of everyone's snow!


Mel - I hope to hear back that it wasn't appendicitis!!


Plady? Um, did something burn at your house? Everything ok?


I somehow took on too many assignments and will be really pushing my usual workload over the next two weeks. I don't know what happened, I was keeping track, but probably need a better way to schedule words or lines per day. Usually I just do a general 250 max lines/day kind of estimate, but with all of these overlapping smaller jobs and then a few bigger ones and some that I tentatively committed previously... well, I miscalculated. :irked  Back to it.


RR: Nope

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sparkle and kerc - love the snow pics!!! Happy winter to you both cold.gif!

Mel38 - I hate miscalculations like that greensad.gif. You can get it done though!

MelW - hoping it was just a garden-variety stomach ache. Keep us posted....

jooj - good for you for submitting to the writing contest!

RR - going to the Y tonight for "something". Hopefully it won't close early with the incoming snowstorm.

NRR - Today is the last day of the infamous "Santa's Kottage" (you may recall the school store, set up in the library, selling MIC Krap - with a K). Yesterday was non-stop tchotke-selling and this afternoon promises to be more of the same. Alas, my girls were SO excited to buy presents for DH and me there. Meanwhile, my mission to find the Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser for less than $100 has failed. There were a million of them at Target last week, but since Black Friday, both Targets, WalMart, ToysRUs, and Barnes and Noble are sold out. And they are also sold out at Lego.com. Amazon has it, but it's overcharging by about 90%. Sorry DD2, Mama's not paying that much for a pink and purple boat.
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Yay, Jo, on submitting! Even that is a bit of work, I know! I can't really do yoga by myself, actually, which is why I go to this great class.

Sparkle and Nic, your comments resonate with me. Sparkle, I nodded along with your FB post. Nic, I nodded along with that article you linked, then started crying a bit about half-way down. This must be where I am. As I was dropping off ds2 at school, I talked about how much I like being there. He said, "mom maybe you just need to go back to school. Why don't you return to law school?" I then spent the next 3 hours pricing, researching, planning it and getting excited. Sigh. I always wanted a mentor (and wanted to mentor) but I feel like I am too old to be mentored. It's like there's some arbitrary rule that says by mid-40s, you're done being mentored. I obsess about Wendy Davis a lot. loveeyes.gif

RR: ran/walked 3 miles at track after drop-off. Damn, it felt good, like the old days when I loved a track workout. Tonight: hot yoga and basketball practice tho I really want to just road-trip till I sees now. smile.gif
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Oops missed 2nd page of comments. Great pix.

Had joint counseling last night, but paranoid about talking about it here...
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Lofty - yes on the paranoia. I found a book today that is very validating. Weird how it can take so long to find a resource. It doesnt offer any fixes, necessarily, but basically is like, duh, yes, and here is the endocrinology behind it.

NRR: DD1 is home sick greensad.gif We leave tomorrow for a major climbing comp. redface.gif
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:candle Nelson Mandela

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I wonder how much convo we should move to the other place. I am in a different group that uses that other tool a lot and it's not bad once you get used to it.

I saw Mandela after his release...was that 1989? In Germany. RIP...
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So that's the scene we woke up to this morning.  Well, it wasn't quite so involved when I first came downstairs and saw it and it was still dark out so at first I thought our barn was on fire.  Happily the barn did not catch and I managed to move my car out of the way before the front tire exploded.  I was hoping that I'd be brimming over with gratitude to the fire department for their timely assistance but actually they took about 15 minutes to arrive and then when they did they couldn't get their pumper truck to work so had no water for another 10 or 15 minutes.  So it was pure miracle and luck of the weather that the barn didn't ignite. :eyesroll  But I can't gripe too much since my dh is a member of the fire department and we couldn't even find our own fire extinguishers this morning. Gah.  We're just lucky effers.

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