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My parents used to put used lemon rinds in the garbage disposal for the scent it created

Spur of the moment dinner plans for tomorrow with our former across-the-street neighbors. They are bringing lamb and truffle risotto. I'm making salted caramel ice-cream, flourless chocolate cake, asparagus, and roasted beet salad.

Working on this vest for dd2. Something to do.

Otherwise; the stories I could tell. Sometimes, when Im not completely hunkered down getting through this, I have the inclination to come here and say "omg, listen to this!", but then I realize that explaining this experience feels like trying to tell you all something about where I am from one side of a huge abyss, in russian, while you all are on the other side of the abyss thinking "what the hell is she even saying, and why do we care. We're over here". Thankfully I have dh, who literally finds and translates what is happening in my brain from some medical text, and reassures me that it will pass.

Nic - I know anxiety. I know nausea. Too well these days. What about accupuncture/herbs? Not for the celiac per se, but for balance. There are so many systems interacting in any one event, that a celiac flare, or other biochemical reactions can feed others. Here's one example I will share: I have been having waves of grief/fear as I have a wave of being VERY cold. This can last for 20 minutes to several hours. So weird. Havent had a night sweat in awhile, but now am having cold. I know well the connection btwn. hormones and neurotransmitters, and how waves of one impact the other, but heat regulation is also tied in dizzy.gif Ive been leaning on accupuncture. The herbs are helpful in the thick of it ...
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Can someone confirm for me that when I post to the dingo group on fb that it doesn't go out to the rest of my friends' feeds?


I decided on a blog instead of a book.  I'm keeping it semi-anonymous and not linking it to geofizz or my real name for the time being.  I'll post a link on the fb group, if it won't go out to people in my private life just yet.

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Привет блеск ("Hi sparkle", in Russian)!


Nic, I hope you're feeling much, much better soon.


Gaye, good luck with your first week of training, and the million errands, too.


My RR is mostly hikes with the kids and yesterday a trip to the pool (again with kids, so not great exercise). I keep hoping to get out for a run, but finding that the rhythm of our days is better if we're low-key until our afternoon expedition.


NRR- My husband still hasn't heard about the big job, other than a note from the dean to let him know it would be after the holidays that the final decision would be made. He waffles between hope and excitement and massive anxiety. Acupuncture and herbs help, but not completely. I'm a bit overwhelmed by our schedules for the New Year, which basically doesn't add up in terms of work/school/childcare. We have thankfully opposite class schedules, but it leaves very little kid-less time for study/prep/grading, etc. He was offered two classes at the very last minute, so we're scrambling to find a bit more. A full day on Wednesday for our youngest would be dramatically better- right now big sister is in school and she's shuffled between the two of us at mid-day.

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Back from the doctor (primary care guy). He's actually very good, and also nice. He does not give me a hard time like "oh this is all in your head." So, referral to gastro for workup and probably also colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. And by the way, since you're here, a flu shot. And you're overdue for a mammo, so let's get you in for that tomorrow since you're off this week. And a blood test to make sure your thyroid is still good and you're not anemic from losing blood this week. And yes, you can swim (and run) if you want, but make sure to listen to your body. And when are you going to follow through on that consult for the physiatrist because of that piriformis pain? :dizzy  


Whew. The dude knows I don't like going to the doctor. Guess he felt he'd hit me with all of it before I could escape.


RR: 1500 yards in the pool this evening while the kids went to the youth fitness gym and rock climbing wall. It felt really good to exercise hard and not have to worry about the impact causing me to have to run to the bathroom. I'm going to try a run in the morning if I feel well enough, we'll see. I'm getting stronger in the pool which feels really good.

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Wow, Nic. Sounds like a true medical home kind of doc. Keeping you tethered in to the system. Hard to shake off a flu shot at a doc visit in December, I suppose. :dizzyBut I hope your guts are back to healing. I am watching 10yo dd carefully, too. I had early menarche and feel lucky to have survived. She is in a million ways better off than I was, but it won't leave me.


MelW, crossing lots of fingers that these things work out the way they must, and that everyone survives the anxiety in between. I can only imagine how dh feels. At the same time, how YOU must feel. Whoa.


sparkle, part of the veil may be to think we wouldn't be interested/care. I wish I could make clear how intensely interested I am in the whole thing. I am pulling for you, thinking of you often, and hoping that you can clearly remember all this later when things swing back into whatever balance is normal for the years ahead. If this is your genetic destiny, man oh man what insight it must be opening for you. :Hug


Gaye, have fun with Ironman training! You are amazing.


Plady, I think there is something to your boxing idea, and some days I wish I could get into a boxing class. But every class is so $$$ here that I just can't justify the cost right now. Ds wants to get pads for practicing his punching and kicking for karate. I get the feeling he likes the outlet.


Sort of a major (minor?) family explosion here yesterday. Dh injected himself into the kids' school work and declared himself dissatisfied with their abilities. He is totally uninvolved in the day to day, has never looked at their curriculum, and occasionally likes to "test" them on, basically, things they have not learned--classic anti-HSing moves.

*snip* Sorry, that was a vent. Best left out of this.

Anyway, we are throttling up on some things and moving forward. Winter just makes him such an ass, even without snow and ice. And I added one last school to my MFA app pile. Need to write another SOP and mail is off ASAP.


Plenty of other BS going around. I'll get out again today, certainly for a walk, maybe a run.


Hugs all around.

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Morning mamas,

I'm about to head out to catch the ferry with Ali G.  We're just going to go do things like Jiffy Lube and Costco, just because there was nothing else on the schedule today.  But wanted to add my nods to Jo's assertions that we are very much interested in learning Russia (abyss dialect).  Also, another nod for acupuncture for Nic.  And hugs for all of us with touchy spouses.  

Here's the end of 2013 :candlechampagne.gif

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OMG, the little joys in life. I just made this, and it worked orngbiggrin.gif
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geo~According to this, it looks like anyone can see posts on the news feed because it's a closed group, not a secret group. It looks like Paige is the admin, and I would be totally down with switching the setting to being a secret group, if possible.

nic~I like your doctor!

jo~Sorry about DH...hug.gif

sparkle~The ice cream looks delicious! I, for one, do not speak Russian, but I never mind listening to it. hug.gif

I have (semi)successfully completed my first two days of ironman training. Yesterday's swim was deceptively hard, especially for a shorter swim. The main set was tough...lots of hard effort. So, even though it was only 2150 yds, my arms totally feel like they're going to fall off right now. And then today I had a run...just 40 minutes, but it was hard, in a totally unexpected way. I have never in my life done any kind of heart rate training, and my coach uses it a lot. So, today's run was supposed to be 10 minutes warm-up in zone 1 (max HR 125), 5 minutes build in zone 2 (max 135), 10 min zone 3 (max 145), 5 min tempo zone 4 (max 160), and 10 min cool down zone 1. No problem, right? Except that I can apparently not run any faster than 12:30ish pace to keep my heart rate in zone 2-3. The 5 minutes in zone 4 felt amazing because I could actually *run*, and then I had to walk the entire cool down to get my heart rate back down. Ugh. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I know people swear by it and it works, but maybe my heart rate zones just don't match up very well or something...

Other than that, I did NOT get nearly as much done yesterday as I wanted to, leaving much to be done today. And I'm back to work tonight for three in a row. I absolutely must must must get the recycling taken to the recycling center, clean out space for the bike trainer in the garage, go to target and whole foods, and take the dog to the groomer. A nap would be nice somewhere in there, but I don't think it's gonna happen...
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I don't know why I am still up, but Happy New Year to my beloved Dingoes!
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Happy new year!
From the bike trainer in the basement.
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Happy New Year! Checking in from the bottom bunk while I try to convince a tired-but-napped-in-the-car kid to sleep. Worked a 12 hour day today. I got snark from my manager for not working more, though she thought this was my first shift since August (5th, actually, and third in 8 days). Letting the negativity go to focus on the babies and the year ahead.
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Happy New Year Dingoes!!! I'm starting 2014 off right with a run in just a few minutes.

Now off to catch up with the rest of the thread while I can!
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