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Hi sweet mamas,


Well, I went in for an IUD last week & left with an EDD... so here I am!  I had no idea, no plans for more (I have a nearly 8yo and a 2 yo).  My 2nd birth was an extremely healing HBAC, and I hope to head in the same direction with this birth.  I rotate between excited and mortified at the thought of mothering 3, when I had been happy with our decision for 2!  I'm scrambling to figure out how we can pay for this, as we are uninsured & paid for the last birth entirely out of pocket. 


It's nice to be part of a DDC!  I never did either times before, although I found MDC when it was still mothering.commune & pregnant with my eldest. 

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Hello mamas and soon to be mamas!

I'm Wendy and have two great kids (almost 3 and 17 months). I just weaned my 2 year old at 33 months and my 17 month old is still going strong, nursing 3-5x/day. Both of our babies were homebirthed and cloth diapered and it's been an awesome experience to be a mama that's constantly learning about what's best for our family - I like to learn a lot and do our best on what we eat and put on our bodies too. 

I love being pregnant and I love being in labor/delivery. I'm probably going to be the weird cheerful one - don't hate me! :) (I'm sure I'll have my down days too). I was a full time civil engineer before I became a full-time mama and I love it. We just moved to Wyoming about 10 months ago for my husband to run a cattle ranch, so I'll have to find a new midwife (absolutely loved my midwife that delivered my first two)! We do baby-led weaning and both of my kids are crazy for fermented foods (even though I think it's odd at times that they choose saurekraut over fruit)! We also did elimination communication with our second child and she's been diaper free (with minimal misses) since around 14 months.


What else... looking forward to getting to know you all! I have a very close relationship with some of the mama's in my last DDC (June/July 2012). We started a Facebook group about 6 months into our pregnancies (sorry, but the format is so much easier, IMO)!


Have a great day ladies... just found out today that we're expecting. I had hubby look at the test - so he got to be the one to tell me this time!

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Hey there!  Just found out for sure today.  Yup.  Pregnant!


My husband and I have been trying.... well, 11ish years, on and off (took a break after a some losses).  We've had a total of 5 losses.  I have an awesome 13 year old boy from a previous relationship.


I finally acquiesced and did Clomid.  Whelp.  That's apparently what I needed!  Here I am! :D  I'm sticking with my OB/GYN until second trimester just so I don't have to do the loss crap again.


I'm feeling pretty positive (enough so that I'm joining this bandwagon ;) ). I'm ready start planning! :)

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welcome cece, WendyJo and Johanna!!!


so excited to get to know you!


johanna- what a journey to get here!!!  praying for you and yours!  saw you posted on the progesterone thread!  


wendyjo- my pedi was FLOORED when my first listed sauerkraut and fried eggs as his two favorite foods.  all my kids LOVE anything fermented.  but i have been slacking.  we fight over pickles, kimchi and kraut around here.  my last DDC is also transferred to facebook and we love lurking there.  i like the forum panel for long and in-depth commentaries vs. the facebook format for that.  but i'm wordy!  so jealous you're out west!


cece- what a shock!  i had a friend who had her IUD inserted and then found out.....very scary.  so, Happy Surprise!! we're insured but homebirth in this state is not covered.  so out of pocket here too.  shop around, i find homebirth midwives are very understanding and patient.  in fact, i joked w/ my midwife that i'm not paying her off this time b/c everytime i pay her off i get pregnant the next month.  

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Thanks smile.gif
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Hi! I havent confirmed yet but I plan to test this Friday and at the latest Christmas day! My DH wouldnt want to know until its for sure so im excited all alone. joy.gif No live births yet I certainly know the symptoms like the back of my hands. If my calculations are correct im 4wks on friday. EDD is August 28th.

Congrats to everyone else. im excited to be a part of a community like this one! My prayers are with my rainbow baby/babies as well as yours redface.gif
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Hi all!


I'm joining in here too. Looks like my duo will be turning into a trio, August next year. Much to my surprise!

It's been a pretty big shock for us, as we were far from even considering adding another babe to the family, but I'm slowly getting excited about it.


Congratulations to all!

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Hello, I am a mom of 2 boys, ages 4 and 8 and I got a surprise positive pregnancy test on December 5th after finding out that my Mirena fell out. No clue what my due date is but will find out Thursday when I have an ultrasound done. I just hope I see something :)

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Hi everyone! I just read through all of your introductions and what a great bunch of ladies. I'm probably only going to hang out here a little while as my due date is technically September 2nd. I say technically because, other than my son who was induced due to a small leak, all my girls have been fairly late. I was induced for DD1 12 days past my due date, with an OB/GYN before I knew any better. Same OB/GYN (great man/surgeon, but I didn't need him!) for DS. DD2 was a homebirth/water birth with a CPM (insurance covered it) and was 19 days late bigeyes.gif. DD3 was a water birth with a CNM at the local hospital. My fifth will be with her as well. I am very cautious as I have had one miscarriage at 8 weeks between DD2 and DD3. And it's really early! I don't know when I ovulated, but I have a 28 day cycle and my last period started November 26th. I got my first positive yesterday on an FRER test and confirmed again this morning. Yesterday was CD20, so I still have 7 days before I *miss* my period. That makes me really nervous. DH (37) and I (30) decided that we wanted a fifth, oh, 2 weeks ago. I guess I'm still fertile!
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Motivated Mama- what insurance do you have that they covered a CPM? That's awesome!
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lactatinggirl - She worked with a CNM and they billed it under her name. I had Anthem at the time (2008-09)
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Hi All! 

I am Beth, 42 year old mother to 5 and with a new one due around August 17th. My kids are 22(ds), 15(ds), 11(dd), 7(sdd), and 5 months old(dd). I am in a kind of disbelief that I am joining another DDC so soon. There are a lot of things I have a lot of trepidation about  this new pregnancy and what it could mean to my health, and that even after being a mother for 22 years, I am scared to death of managing two LOs at once. 


My DP, Ted, is wonderfully supportive and loving, and I delight in having more children with him, but I worry that I might crack! ;)  

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Hi, I'm Esther, I'm 24, and my hubby and I are expecting our first baby around August 14! We're very excited, and it's also a little scary as our baby will most likely be born out of my home country, so there's lots of things to figure out before the time comes. :)

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Hello! I just got my positive test yesterday although I think I've known I'm pregnant since it happened. I'm thrilled to be expecting again after a 2nd trimester loss just over a year ago. Hopefully this baby will be my rainbow. I have 4 little boys at home who I am homeschooling. Number 5 was another boy so although I'd absolutely love another boy, I'm hoping that increases my girl chances. This baby will be born at home like my last two and probably in the water. I am due August 28th but probably won't meet this little bundle until mid-September if my pattern holds true.

Dh is in an intense grad school program right now so he's gone all day and most nights so things are a little crazy. I teach childbirth Ed., lead a support group for expecting and new moms and occasionally doula. I am working on becoming certified as a breastfeeding counselor so mommies and babies are definitely my passion.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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Hi Ladies,


My name is Lisa and I have been married for 5 and a half years.This is my third pregnancy but going to be my second child. I have a 2 and half year old son and I am so excited to be giving him a baby brother or sister. I got pregnant in July and miscarried in August (at my 7 week ultrasound I found out the baby stopped growing). So needless to say, this pregnancy is a great blessing and a wonderful christmas present. My Due date is August 29 and I am 4 weeks along today.  I look forward to spending the next 9 months with you ladies. Good luck!

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Hi I am Chelsey. I am 31 my dh is 32. I am pregnant with number 4. Ds1 is 5, DD is 3, Ds2 is 21 months. I also lost a baby is October of 2007. We are excited for our newest addition. I was hoping to have birthing center birth this time but our insurance will not cover it and we can't afford it out of pocket. Both DSs were born in the hospital, unmediated with ds2. DD was born in the van on the way to the hospital. It was by far my best labor and birth experience. Ha. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.

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Originally Posted by WendyJo410 View Post

What else... looking forward to getting to know you all! I have a very close relationship with some of the mama's in my last DDC (June/July 2012). We started a Facebook group about 6 months into our pregnancies (sorry, but the format is so much easier, IMO)!


Have a great day ladies... just found out today that we're expecting. I had hubby look at the test - so he got to be the one to tell me this time!

I'm in the June 2012 MDC DDC and a very active member and we don't have a Wendy in our group??  Do you go by a alias? LOL

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My EDD was July 10, but my daughter came in June. The women in our Facebook group were from the June, July and August mothering DDCs. I was active in the July DDC before I basically moved over 100% to the Facebook group lactomom created.
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I'm in the June 2012 MDC DDC and a very active member and we don't have a Wendy in our group??  Do you go by a alias? LOL
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Ah different group.  Ours was/is just a spinoff of the June 2012 DDC.


Now to do my intro!

Hello, I'm Melanie, 35 and my DH is also 35.  We have one DS who is 18 months.  I found MDC when we began TTC and knew I wanted the more natural way.  I found a amazing DDC here and have learnt so much from it.  And fostered some really amazing friendships.  I hope to find a similar experience this time around.

I breastfeed(extended), cloth diaper, blw, co-sleep (although I don't enjoy it, I do it because DS needs it) and consider myself a AP parent.  I find I'm always learning and growing, the same as my children!

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Hello! I'm Katie. I'm American but live abroad in Adana, Turkey. DH and I have 1 daughter, 26 months. I teach primary school ESL, and am happy to be here!

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