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Hello :) I'm the mother to an awesome 9 year old girl who only has 8 more months left as an only child. My daughter's father and I are divorced and the baby's father and I are in a long distance relationship. So my life is just a little complicated. Oh, and I'm 34 and live in PA :)

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Hello!  I'm Margaret.  I'm 26, my DH is 28.  We have two beautiful girls, HM who is 6 and A who is 4.  We live in Washington (Go Cougs!) and own our own small farm with which we attend three local farmer's markets with veggies, a CSA, pork, lamb and eggs.  I found out about 2 weeks ago that we are expecting another little one in August and after visiting our OB determined our EDD to be about August 18.  I was only 4 days late with DD1 and didn't really have anything more than a "due month" with DD2 which we were off on by about two weeks.  We found ourselves pregnant with her before my period had returned from my 1st pregnancy/on-demand breastfeeding with #1!


I haven't really hung out here very much the last few years but I found great comfort and support here during my 1st pregnancy because we had a lot of challenges with my family.  I don't feel as crunchy or hippie-ish as I used to with #1 and #2 but definitely feel more at home here than on any other forum!  DH and I laughed when we were at our 1st appt last week that now we get to laugh at all the things in the Parenting Magazines at the drs office now.


That all being said, We had HM with the most wonderful midwife who I miss dearly.  (Anyone in the Everett WA, area, I'd be happy to pass along her contact info!)  We chose to have #2 with our current Dr's practice at the local hospital in part because we were on state health insurance and in part because I couldn't find any good recommendations for good midwives with good hospital relations locally.  I loved our OB because she is always up front with us and talks with us like humans and told us that she was willing to be as hands-on or hands-off with a birth as we wanted.  I did some more research with finding out about this baby and found someone we might consider interviewing but I think we may actually stick with our OB anyway because she is our family practice dr and we actually adore her.  The hospital with A was a wonderful experience even with going in and choosing to go all natural from the beginning.  


August will be hugely challenging for us business wise.  As I said before, we have a farm and August is always the MOST busy with just pure labor hours required to get all the goodies harvested and planted for the remainder of the season, etc.  I also work for the local University part time and my position is currently being changed over to part-time permanent which is great but they are required to open it to the public so here's to hoping that HR doesn't kick me out for some strange reason!  (I had everyone doing everything they can to help me get the position!)  My EDD is about 1 week before the start of the fall semester and I am waiting until after the job is settled/maybe not until I start showing or having affecting symptoms to inform them!


This is also a strange pregnancy because with my last two I had constant sickness and with #1 even had to go to the hospital to get rehydrated because I had hyperemesis (essentially extreme morning sickness) such that I couldn't even suck on ice cubes without getting sick!  I was better with #2 and proactively drank tons of water.  With this pregnancy, I've not had one bout of sickness at all!  my only symptoms are a lack of a period or spotting and sore breasts!  even that is subsiding a bit (or i'm getting used to it, can't tell!)  and being more tired i guess.  I've only in the last few days been really needing to pay attention to how often I eat and have discovered that the smell of cooking and cooked eggs is nauseating, but not so much that I can't eat them or that I have to visit the bathroom... In all my scouring the internet I've found the chinese conception chart and some other sites that say dramatic differences in pregnancies (especially if there was a trend before) may indicate a different gender and according to the chart i've got a boyo.  That would be exciting in the utmost but I'm trying SOOOO hard to be neutral about the gender thing.  Can't decide (even tho it's way off) if I want to find out at the 20 wk ultrasound or not... perhaps I'll take a vote from my customers or something! haha!


Anyhow, I'm very excited, my family is very excited and It still almost hasn't become real to me yet even at 7 weeks (I think.)  I'm excited to get to know you ladies on our pregnancy adventures!

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Hi! I'm 24 with a 21 month old. I found out I was pregnant in Nov after m/c in October (Very unexpected). So I am due around August 5th, but we shall see. My fiance is still in school,  but will be done just before I have the little one.  I have a degree in International Development and am also studying to be a doula and Childbirth Educator :) 

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Hello all,

I am Faye, 22 years old with 2 boys and a new child on the way. I am due on the 21st. I work part time, school full time and always busy. I am learning to be a natural momma and I plan on breastfeeding the new little one. Looking forward to meeting new friends.

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Katie, I know an American teaching ESL abroad in Turkey, pregnant either first smile.gif welcome!
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Hello, everyone!  I'm a little over 8 weeks pregnant, which has come as a complete surprise.  I was on the Nuvaring and had a little mix up with the Dr's office two months ago and started it a few days late.  I didn't even suspect that I was pg until a week and half ago, at 7 weeks.  I went to my OB/Gyn and to both of our surprise there was an embryo with a heartbeat in the ultrasound!  I'm trying to overcome my worry about the things I did before I knew (which includes a lot of holiday/end of semester partying) and just pray and meditate on a healthy baby.  If I had found out at 4 weeks I think I'd be a lot less concerned.  My partner is devastated by the news so I might end up parenting alone, but I'm coming to peace with that as well.  I wanted to join this community to share support with other moms-to-be.  This journey is definitely a scary and exciting one for me.  This is my third pregnancy (the other two ended very early on) but hopefully will be my first child (I know it's still early so I'm still scared of another m/c).  I'm 32 and a graduate student, studying for a Masters in Public Health.  I'm due August 17th, right before I planned to graduate.  My mom was pregnant with me at this time in her life and in graduate school, so I guess it seems fairly appropriate!  In fact she started her PhD program a week before my birth (she was in an all male economics program and couldn't fit into the chairs with the little desks attached).  If she can do it, I know that I can do it.

It's great to meet all of you and congratulations to everyone!  I'm trying to create a positive atmosphere for my new baby and it's really great to read about everybody's experiences.

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I'm Jenna, and I have 5 kids...4 girls and a boy, the oldest is not quite 9.  I guess that sounds like a lot in print, but once you see them running around, it doesn't seem like quite so much.  One day, though, the kids stayed with dh when I ran a quick errand, and when I got back I thought, "Oh, that's nice, all the neighbor kids are out playing, too."  Wrong.  It was all MY kids, and only ONE neighbor kid.   Ah well, at least we create the peer pressure, lol.


So, this is baby #6.  We were trying, but I'm still a little in shock that it's actually happening.  The reality of exhaustion, and sickness, and taking care of everyone else...and my dh's crazy work schedule, kind of has me on edge right now.  We have all been really sick, and I can't tell what is pregnancy fatigue from sickness leftovers.  I have been taking a long nap everyday, and I won't have that luxury after dh's break is over. 

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Welcome Jenna! Glad you're here!
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I'm still in denial
I'm 38 DH is 42. We have two sons who are 8 and almost 7 who I homeschool. I struggled to conceive ds1 with PCOS, then ds2 was a surprise 17 months later. I struggled being a mama of kids so close in age and ds2 was colicky until he was 4!! After that, we decided to add to our family through foster/adoption. While not on birth control, just cautious timing wise, plus my PCOS seemed to be back in full swing and I had not conceived in 7 years, so I though I was done. Well, we've been waiting on a call for foster kiddos for the past six months and nothing coming of it. Then, over October and November, my mom became seriously ill and passed away. Sometime while all of that was going on, we got pregnant?! I'm not even sure of the date because of three trips home and dealing with mom....

On our last road trip home from my hometown, I felt carsick from the getgo. I asked DH to stop at a gas station so I could get a sprite. Well, I threw up at the gas station! Driving down the highway, I told DH that we should consider taking a test! He said he couldn't just chew on that for 10 hours of driving, so we found a Walmart in who-knows-where Indiana and found out there!

I don't know why I'm denying this. I have been sick for five weeks. I think I'm afraid to hope for this. I had an u/s last week, but they said it was too early to see, which makes me think we conceived the day before my mom died....which is kinda cool.

My first two births were at a hospital, attended by CNMs, though I ended up on pitocin and epidurals. I had wonderful births. This time, I am in a new state which has a new free standing birth center, so I'm going for it this time! my due date, I think is 8/3, but both my boys were late.

I've never been part of a DDC, but I think I might just need the support this time around.
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teapot2.GIF Good day ladies! This is my third pregnancy, ( hopefully a child will result this time). EDD Aug 29th 2014.
A lil bit about me: I am 27, living in Colorado, I love my animals ( dog, two cats, turtle,and salamander) with all my heart, and became engaged last Labor Day.
joy.gifjoy.gif was so happy planning our June wedding. Four days before Xmas I had my BFP. The day before that I had just put the finishing touches on my now perfect dress....greensad.gif That I now will be far to big to wear!
I know this pregnancy is a gift, one I hope sticks. I have had dark spotting nearly every day. When I told my DF he was and is excited. Me, happy but fearful and sad all at the same time. I did not wait to tell anyone due to the fact that after my last mc I became very depressed and had nowhere to turn, no one knew I was pregnant therefore had no reason to listen. So, I hope joining hear helps too.
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Hi there mamas,


My name is Laila and I'll be 10 weeks along tomorrow. I have a 3 and a half DS who we're raising vegan. This baby was definitely planned and took close to a year to conceive. I am 38 and my partner is in his mid forties. 


I am very excited to join you ladies on this journey and I am hoping to find some time online here and there to post, read and respond :)

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Hi, all...I'm Abbey. I'm due in early August with my fourth baby. We had a loss in October, so I'm feeling cautious but hopeful.

I'm a writer, a runner and SAHM to my 5 yo son and 2 yo twin daughters. We are in our 1st year of homeschooling.

Nice to meet you all!
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Hey, y'all.


I'm Marie. 36 years old. August 30 is my due date, so I'll have one toe here and one toe in September's DDC. :) I have two sons, 8 and 5, whom I homeschool. I work part-time in education, too, mostly from home. Homeschooling is one of the best things that I've ever done for myself and my family--I wake up (almost!) every day excited for what questions, adventures, conversations, and experiences await. I had two losses in '12, both around 7-8 weeks, so I am staying in the present moment with this pregnancy, grateful for each day that I go to bed still pregnant.


In big doses, I love gentle yoga, writing poetry, soup, bird watching, geeking-out over any number of new interests/obsessions, and walking in the woods. In small doses, I love knitting, traveling, NPR, creamy coffee, and social gatherings.


I'm married to a historian. Most of my close friends and both my sisters are Libras. And I make all the beds in the morning so that I have a few minutes of mindless activity in which I can try and gather the wily wool of my thoughts before officially beginning the day.


Thanks for reading. Looking forward to reading more! 

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I all! I'm a homeschooling mama to three boys and expecting #4 in August! It's been YEARS since I've been down this road, my "baby" is six, so I'm very nervous about so many things. It took us two years of TTC to actually get here and then when that second line showed up my nerves kicked in. I'm scared to death that something will go wrong, but I've seen two OB's and had three sonograms that say all is well so I'm very much trying to embrace this.  I recently settled on my provider and if all goes well I will be having this baby at home with a CNM.  I had my last one at home with a CPM and loved every minute of it...in fact, you can see his birth on youtube - http://youtu.be/uBy8jCHM6Ok


I look back and feel like I'm so much older now!  Anyhow, I know I'm going to need a lot of support and encouragement through this pregnancy.  I have a mother who is not so supportive of homebirth (until I asked if she would like to catch...then she started dictating how the birth will be done if she is going to catch...but it got her to stop "encouraging" me to find an OB...I do love my mom but we butt heads about many things).  Well, that's pretty much it, me in 100 words or less. ;o)  Thanks for letting me join the group...I look forward to getting to know everyone!

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Hello all! I'm a mama to three, ages 4, 3 and almost 2, pregnant with number four. I never really have time to get on here anymore but lately I've been needing time to rest and zone out so I thought joining a DDC would be fun smile.gif
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I feel like most of the Mothers to be on this site are mamas of many. It makes me feel like since all I have dealt with is loss in the past I don't really belong here. I want to hear from moms to be who have the same fears and doubts that I do. Those who complain about an unplanned pregnancy (especially if it not a first) should be rejoicing! Many people, like my self try for years and years. We (my DF and myself) know we will not be in a state of joy until our little one gets here due to my past history and family history of loss on both sides. All I have ever wanted was to be a mama. I really had given up until our surprise at Xmas time. I know that most people say you are eased after the first trimester, but I don't think my fears will lessen until at least week 29. We are only 1/2 way through 1st tri. And I have been to the ER due to heavy bleeding. For me, It is scary! I don't want to be a failed woman because I can't carry. Thanks for letting me rant!
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Oh mama! This is my 5th pregnancy and I only have one child. I know that it is still different, but we are a super supportive bunch of women who will listen to you rant and support you no matter what you decide. Complaining is perfectly fine by me and I understand. I'm full of fear and doubt. But everyone is allowed their feelings, I'm pregnant and it was very planned and I still have doubts about if this is the right time to be having another baby if I want to have more babies or if I want to foster/adopt a bunch of babies. I'm allowed those feelings because I'm human. Not everything is cut and dry. I'm sorry you're feeling this way and hope you find your place or your peace here.

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Originally Posted by Ladylynx View Post

I feel like most of the Mothers to be on this site are mamas of many. It makes me feel like since all I have dealt with is loss in the past I don't really belong here. I want to hear from moms to be who have the same fears and doubts that I do. Those who complain about an unplanned pregnancy (especially if it not a first) should be rejoicing! Many people, like my self try for years and years. We (my DF and myself) know we will not be in a state of joy until our little one gets here due to my past history and family history of loss on both sides. All I have ever wanted was to be a mama. I really had given up until our surprise at Xmas time. I know that most people say you are eased after the first trimester, but I don't think my fears will lessen until at least week 29. We are only 1/2 way through 1st tri. And I have been to the ER due to heavy bleeding. For me, It is scary! I don't want to be a failed woman because I can't carry. Thanks for letting me rant!

you totally belong here!  

my last DDC was mostly first time mamas.  IVF, AI, older moms, younger moms, everything.  i felt like a separate beasty sometimes.  and i know i'm here more than many other moms b/c i don't get out or have mama friends around to vent to/talk to/be honest w/.  parenting can be the loneliest thing in the world way more often than you'd ever expect.  even w/ a grateful heart.

this group DOES have a lot of larger families and i have to admit that made me very happy.  BUT there are a quite a few first time mamas and those w/ lots of losses.  i've had 2 losses.  and honestly, even w/ 5 LO on hand, i know i will not be at peace until this one arrives save and sound.  i fear up through labor that something could go wrong.  usually around 32 weeks i have a morbid spell, and struggle w/ realizing that my baby could just not make it, and even though i've had 5 live births, i may not make it.  cause there are no guarantees.  motherhood is intense that way.  


i didn't have my first til 25, after a loss, and had another loss.  and now am expecting a sixth at 33.  that could be YOU!!!  i had to got through a lot of physical healing to restore my fertility, so i don't take it lightly when i conceive.  it's truly a miracle every time.  

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I hope that you will find it a home anyway. It helps, a lot, to have a group of people dealing with your symptoms, fears etc.

I'm on the unplanned list. And ten years ago, I was on Fertility Friend tracking my cycles and desperately wishing I hadn't heard the MDs right about our chances of getting PG. And then four years ago I was on the loss side after a missed miscarriage over which I still cry. And I thought I would never have another chance, so worked hard to come to terms with that. And just as I did we had what should be medically impossible happen.

That's all just to say that we all have our own roads to motherhood, some short, some long, some with major potholes along the way. Whether there is a take home baby in your arms yet or not, you are a mother right now, and all my love and support goes to you on your own road, regardless of what mine has been.
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Hello and Congratulations to everyone!


I am 27, just over 10 weeks along and wildly excited about it as my first pregnancy ended last August after 8 weeks. My due date is Aug 8, but I fully expect to go later since I'm a first timer.

My very first appointment is in 2 weeks at a free standing Birth Center (covered by my insurance, yay MN!), and I'm really looking forward to hearing that heartbeat!

I was uptight and crazy with my first pregnancy and read waayyyy too many scary articles online. This time around I feel cool as a cucumber and a lot more laid back (like, a small glass wine on Christmas and eating fresh deli meat laid back.)

I have raised many babies as a nanny for the last 6 years of my life, so I think I know what I'm doing and how I want this all to go down... but I know how silly that idea is :)

And last but not least, I keep having dreams about breast feeding a baby that eventually turns into an animal, which means that I am breast feeding an animal. Last time it was a rat. Oof!

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